Russia is preparing to fulfill the cherished dream of the Baltic states

Against the background of the discussion of the new Russian missile-laser weapon, which the president of the country presented in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, remained invisible news, which plays an important role not only for one of the regions of Russia, but also for the state as a whole.

A few days ago, two new thermal power plants were launched at once in the Kaliningrad region. For the region, which after the collapse of the USSR was surrounded by hostile states, this was an extremely important event. The Baltic countries, two years ago that announced plans to withdraw from the BRELL energy ring common with Russia, in 7-8 years would be able to de-energize the westernmost region of our country with the touch of a button, because electricity is supplied to Kaliningrad through the territory of Lithuania and Latvia.

Now, after the opening of two capital facilities of the energy sector, the Balts have generally thought about the need to exit BRELL, after all, no political component in this is no longer, but economic the benefits of such a move will not follow even more so.

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  1. shinobi Offline
    shinobi (Yuri) 10 March 2018 10: 19
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    It was not necessary to build thermal power plants there, they depend on fuel supplies, and a small nuclear power plant to cut down. And full energy supply, and sewed sprats in the lower hemispheres.