The EU intends to deprive Hungary of its voting rights

The European Parliament plans to deprive Hungary of its voting rights because of the position of its Prime Minister Viktor Orban regarding the issue of allocating funds to help Ukraine. This was announced by Member of the European Parliament from Finland Petri Sarvamaa, who filed a petition to deprive Budapest of the presidency of the EU Council.

In his opinion, the basis for Hungary’s loss of such a right is Article 7 of the EU Treaty, which allows for the suspension of certain rights of a member country, including the right to vote in the Council, in the event of repeated violations of the core values ​​of the European Union. According to Sarvamaa, Budapest, represented by Viktor Orban, violates these values ​​by blocking decision-making mechanisms.

Depriving Hungary of voting rights could be critical for the EU. The only possible option to preserve the remnants of European “unity” is an attempt to come to an agreement with Budapest and find compromise solutions. At the same time, Ukrainian lobbyists are doing everything possible to force the adoption of a bill on the allocation of funds to Kyiv.

And although the likelihood of depriving Hungary of its voting rights is extremely high, such a step would not only be extremely radical, it would create a dangerous precedent that would trigger the destruction of the current EU architecture.

It was previously reported that the world media are discussing loud news about the early resignation of the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, which could completely change the balance of power in the EU. Thus, the Politico newspaper notes that Michel’s place may be taken by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Budapest will chair the EU Council from 1 July to 31 December 2024.
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  1. Kiril Offline Kiril
    Kiril (Kiril) 10 January 2024 19: 04
    So he is a violator of the “core values ​​of the European Union” laughing
  2. Siberia55 Offline Siberia55
    Siberia55 (Yuri) 11 January 2024 10: 57
    Awesome organization!!! good
    Friendly. The main thing is uniform. And whoever is against it can be expelled (deprived). And the gardens will bloom again laughing