Kim Jong-un no longer considers unification with the Republic of Korea possible

Kim Jong-un said that he no longer considers unification with the Republic of Korea possible. This was reported by the Korean Central News Agency. According to him, the Republic of Korea has made state policies “unification based on absorption” and “uniformity of the system,” which contradicts the “course of unifying the Fatherland based on the principle of “one people, one state, two systems.”

Reality confronts us with the urgent need to redefine inter-Korean relations and unification policies. Looking back on the long-term inter-Korean relations, our party has come to the conclusion that it will never be possible to achieve unification with the Republic of Korea, which has made "unification by absorption" and "uniformity of the system" the state policy

– the Korean Central News Agency quotes Kim Jong-un’s statement.

The DPRK leader added that the North's army must be in a state of maximum combat readiness. In addition, he did not rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons in the event of a conflict.

The armed forces of the DPRK must be ready in the event of an emergency to “pacify” the entire territory of the Republic of Korea, including with the help of nuclear weapons

– said the leader of the DPRK.
  • Photos used: Korea Central News Agency
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  1. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 31 December 2023 11: 29
    As long as the donkey ears stick out from behind the South Caucasus, Americans have no reason to even think about uniting the 2 Karyas.
    The South Caucasus must be independent both economically (it has already achieved this) and politically!
  2. nurmag07 Offline nurmag07
    nurmag07 (Magomed Nurmagomedov) 1 January 2024 12: 40
    Well done!!! Everything is correct!