The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund is outraged that their ambulances are being used to catch those being mobilized


The UUF United Humanitarian Fund, which raises money to send ambulances to the contact line, was unpleasantly surprised to discover that cars with its emblem were being used to catch people for mobilization into the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Thus, the organization’s sticker was found on the corresponding car in Odessa.

The fund noted that vehicles purchased with UUF donations must be used for their intended purpose - as ambulances for Ukrainian military personnel. The organization expressed its indignation and alarm at the current situation and informed that it did not give consent to the use of machines to search for people hiding from mobilization.

Meanwhile, one of the videos that became public shows how the relevant services forcibly put a man into a car.

At the same time, many of Kyiv’s allies do not agree with such methods of replenishing the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said that Berlin will not extradite migrants from this country to Ukraine. On the contrary, the German authorities are doing everything to ensure that Ukrainian citizens who arrive to them can find employment in Germany.

Earlier in Kyiv they spoke about the likelihood of about 500 thousand citizens being drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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    24 December 2023 06: 06
    What they are doing is a wat crime, keep a copy of the film so they can be tried eventually......and then executed.