Deadly Flu Epidemic Kills US Population

American media report that the country's flu epidemic has forced 11 states to cancel school classes indefinitely - “until the situation improves.” According to available information, educational institutions in Idaho, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Florida will be closed on Monday.

Deadly Flu Epidemic Kills US Population

None of the officials are currently ready to predict when it will be possible to resume the lessons. Everything will depend on how quickly the level of epidemiological danger decreases.

According to Brenda Fitzgerald, the head of the federal Centers for Desease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are currently 37 cases of children dying from this infectious disease in the United States. A number of experts believe that by the end of the winter season the number of flu victims in the country could be double.

American doctors insist that flu shots should be done without fail - both six-month-old babies and the elderly, who are also at risk.

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