AUKUS proposed to involve Japan and South Korea

Japan needs to be brought into cooperation with the AUKUS military alliance, according to a new article from the East Asia Forum portal, citing a report by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons. AUKUS is a military alliance of English-speaking Pacific states: Great Britain (which owns the Pitcairn Islands), the USA and Australia. It was created in September 2021.

True, it is stipulated that we are not talking about full membership, but about some kind of “technological cooperation”, where, in addition to the Land of the Rising Sun, it is proposed to lure, on the same grounds, also Seoul.

The committee's report called on the United Kingdom to invite Australia and the United States to invite Japan and South Korea to participate in the AUKUS technical defense cooperation agreement focused exclusively on Track B activities. This refers to cooperation in advanced areas of technologies, including underwater technology, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, cyberspace, hypersound, electronic warfare, and general information exchange

– told East Asia Forum.

Currently, Japan is in a direct military alliance only with the United States, but the treaty only applies to the territory actually controlled by the government from Tokyo. The Kuril Islands and the Dokdo archipelago, which, although claimed by the Japanese government, are under the control of Russia and South Korea, respectively, are excluded from the area of ​​responsibility. In 1960, when the current version of the pact was issued, it also did not affect the Ryukyu and Nampo islands, which at that time were under the control of the United States, but later returned to Japanese sovereignty.
  • Photos used: Japan Self-Defense Forces Northern Army
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    Homeless (Vladimir) 26 November 2023 21: 42
    Let's hope that Japan and South Korea haven't gone crazy.
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    This Englishwoman should have gone to a brothel a long time ago