The Chinese go to the "dark" side of the moon

The moon is a natural satellite of our planet. And despite the fact that this celestial body is located closer than all the others, scientists still have not been able to study it, because from the Earth we always see only one side of the moon. This is due to the fact that almost the same time is spent for the satellite to revolve around its axis and orbit.

And now, it seems that the "moment of truth." December 8 this year, China launched the Chang'e-4 autonomous space station, which is supposed to land on the uncharted side of the moon. Together with the landing module, a lunar rover landed on the satellite’s surface, equipped with research equipment: cameras, spectrometer, neutron dosimeter, radar and other instruments. All this will allow to collect maximum information about the "invisible" side of the celestial body.

If everything goes well, the station will “land” in early January 2019. In order to prevent signals coming from the module (the Moon is a solid body), in May China launched the Queqiao orbital satellite.

It is worth noting that this experiment is only part of the Chinese program for the development of our satellite. Already in 2019, the next mission is planned - Chang'e-5. Its essence lies in the collection and delivery to the Earth of lunar rock. And after the launch of the newest orbital station (tentatively in the 20s), the country plans to carry out several manned missions to the moon.
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  1. Chuvachok Offline
    Chuvachok (Dude) 25 December 2018 14: 56
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    What can I say, well done Chinese!
    Not possessing "top technologies" step by step, they are developing their space program.
    I will not be surprised at all that in the future, the Chinese will be the first to land on the moon! Not the fact that the United States landed on the moon, but the fact that the states of the master of cinema are a fact.

    Only one thing is frustrating: we, possessing such a reserve, such competence, are engaged in such nonsense ...

    If only a lot of oil and a lot of gas were found on the moon! Everything would be there in a year, and money for rockets and programs would be found, and after five RosLunaNefteKosmos and GazLunaProm had already opened an office, and then they threw the pipe into Europe, and so what to do there, let the Chinese fly empty.