Rolls-Royce tests the world's largest eco-fuel jet engine

Rolls-Royce has tested the world's largest jet engine, the UltraFan, at full power. The unit runs on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), reports New Atlas.

The engine is equipped with a cooler with a diameter of 365 centimeters and produces a maximum power of 64 MV. In laboratory conditions, the unit generated a maximum thrust of more than 85 thousand pounds (approximately 38,5 tons). The company said this could be increased to 110 pounds, or 49,9 tons, for narrow-body or wide-body aircraft planned for production in the next decade.

UltraFan is equipped with a geared turbofan and a variable pitch cooler system. This allows the engine to operate at optimal speed and the carbon composite blades to vary their pitch for each flight.

The use of composites allowed the unit to become lighter than its analogues made of titanium alloy. It is 10% more efficient than the previous record holder - the Trent XWB engine. The tests also showed that all civil engines currently produced by the company are also compatible with SAF fuel.
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  1. Vladimir80 Online Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 20 November 2023 10: 02
    And what kind of 100% environmentally friendly “saf” fuel did they not say? Who determined its environmental friendliness - the “supervisors” from the West?
    1. strange guest Offline strange guest
      strange guest (Strange Guest) 20 November 2023 10: 17
      Whatever you say, Rolls-Royce is technologically ahead of the rest. And a lot. Anglo-Saxon engineering in all its beauty. Almost 50 tons of thrust from an engineering point of view - the result is simply brilliant. Not even discussed. Minus. But it's awesome. For those who understand.
      1. JD1979 Offline JD1979
        JD1979 (Dmitriy) 20 November 2023 18: 08
        Well, no matter how much it burns, GE and RR are world leaders in engine manufacturing, that’s a fact. And what interested me here was not the fuel, but the “carbon composite blades”, which are now not only on the “main” fan? And adjustable pitch. This is truly the major league in engine building. Russia, unfortunately, for known reasons, is at least 20 years behind.
        1. strange guest Offline strange guest
          strange guest (Strange Guest) 20 November 2023 20: 19
          You can immediately see a person who understands hi Fuel - screw it) bio, as one of the components - they talk a lot about this. But the step and the shoulder blades. It's strong. Very, very strong.