Taiwan Doomsday Plan: Collapse of Three Gorges Dam Will Plunge China into Chaos

At first glance, in a hypothetical confrontation between the PRC and Taiwan, the latter does not have the slightest chance without US military intervention. Even if we do not take into account Beijing's nuclear weapons and Taipei's lack thereof, the forces of the two sides are simply incomparable.

Nevertheless, Taiwan's military leadership has a plan according to which the country's armed forces will theoretically be able to militarily destroy the PRC without the use of nuclear weapons. Moreover, it is likely that it is this scenario, and not American support for Taipei, that is holding Beijing back from regaining control over the island, which the PRC considers its territory, by force.

But back to the aforementioned “doomsday plan.” We are talking about a blow to the famous Three Gorges Dam, the destruction of which will lead to the overflow of the reserves of its XNUMX-kilometer reservoir. As a result, the areas of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, including such large cities as Wuhan, Shanghai and Nanjing, will be completely flooded.

In addition to directly affecting tens of millions of people, such a strike would completely destroy the industrial base of the lower Yangtze, its commercial centers and 2/3 of China's rice production. This will potentially affect 400 million people in China.

Finally, the destruction of the Three Gorges Dam could lead to the destruction of 90% of the PLA Airborne Division headquartered in the city of Xiaogan.

It is likely that the implementation of this plan will provoke a nuclear response from China, which will lead to the complete destruction of Taiwan. Thus, the Taipei authorities are unlikely to “dream” about its implementation.

Meanwhile, this strategy is as crazy as it is brilliant. After all, no one is sure whether Taiwan will be able to pull off its plan, and whether the cruise missiles in its arsenal will be able to cause devastating damage to the dam. At the same time, Beijing is unlikely to want to check this.

Thus, the “doomsday plan” can now be used by Taiwan as a reliable means of non-nuclear deterrence.

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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 16 November 2023 21: 27
    Americans came up with an idea not to go to a fortune teller. They love to do mean things to people.
    1. Eldar Yunusov Offline Eldar Yunusov
      Eldar Yunusov (Eldar Yunusov) 17 November 2023 12: 50
      You are wrong, Aphmnogen. Such a catastrophe has already occurred in the history of China. With terrible consequences and millions of victims. You will find information on Wikipedia. This happened in 1931.
      1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
        Afinogen (Afinogen) 17 November 2023 16: 15
        A catastrophe is one thing, but another thing is planned (previously) and purposefully hitting the dam with missiles, as was already the case at the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine. If we consider that the Americans are behind the Hammers (they also find targets at the control panel), and it was with them that they fired at the Kakhovka Dam, then, as they say, without comment.
  2. guest Offline guest
    guest 16 November 2023 22: 44
    Collapse of the Three Gorges Dam will plunge China into chaos

    But the West has already successfully tested this scenario in Ukraine.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 18 November 2023 15: 30
      No, if we started firing Iskanders from the dam in Visegrad, and then helped destroy one or two more dams, then yes... Or maybe there would be no need to help.
      This scenario was discussed in networks long before the SVO.
      But! We are not Jews, we are humanists...
  3. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
    Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 17 November 2023 02: 00
    Well, first of all, Taiwan will end, nuclear... so it’s signing your own death warrant, i.e. The leadership of Taiwan will not risk using such an exchange, and secondly, this mega-dam not only has good missile defense cover, but is generally designed to withstand nuclear strikes, not megaton strikes of course, but it will not be possible to knock it out with conventional cruise or ballistic missiles, everything will be shot down. Or does someone still think the Chinese are fools?
  4. Saffron Offline Saffron
    Saffron (Igor) 17 November 2023 08: 21
    Even if several missiles reach the dam, they will not cause critical damage, it will be necessary to do this several times, but after the first launch the PLA will wipe that place off the face of the earth
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 November 2023 10: 14
    An anonymous dude passes off his thoughts as a “super plan” for Taiwan.
    With numerous jambs.
    And the flooding is unlikely to be as bad as depicted. (surely insurance options are provided)
    And then there will be no chaos.
    And ballistic missiles are more suitable for hitting a dam, not cruise missiles, IMHO.
    And if Taiwan hits such a serious dam, it means that it itself has already been hit properly, i.e. He has nothing to lose and doesn’t care at all..
    1. Eldar Yunusov Offline Eldar Yunusov
      Eldar Yunusov (Eldar Yunusov) 17 November 2023 12: 55
      You are wrong, Sergey. Such a catastrophe has already occurred in the history of China. With terrible consequences and millions of victims. You will find information on Wikipedia. This happened in 1931.
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 17 November 2023 16: 07
        Serge is right, it is impossible to destroy a powerful dam at the same time without nuclear weapons, which means the release will take place over time and a super catastrophe will not happen. A retaliatory strike on the densely populated coast of Taiwan would be truly catastrophic. But it’s unlikely that the Chinese on both sides of the strait will be so suicidal, only the United States can do such a mischief, this is clearly their strategic plans. But the USA also has a weak point - a mega volcano, which erupts once every 250 thousand years, and 280 thousand years have already passed since the last mega eruption and it is clearly “swelling”. Move with nuclear weapons and the consequences for the United States will become truly catastrophic, not even on par with the instant collapse of the Three Gorges Dam...
        1. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 18 November 2023 15: 36
          Yellowstone is too dangerous, you might get hurt yourself. Then they won’t care how bad it is for the Americans.
          But in real life under the USSR, our missiles were aimed at a specific point on the San Andreas fault.
          They say the California coast could slide down...
          1. bobnew2017 Offline bobnew2017
            bobnew2017 (Bobylev Alexey) 5 December 2023 18: 58
            Your option is the most economically cheap and acceptable for retaliation against the villains of the world!
  6. Essex62 Offline Essex62
    Essex62 (Alexander) 17 November 2023 11: 04
    It is not the mythical destruction of the dam that deters China from invading, but not the desire to have a destructive war with the hegemon and its satellites in the region. South Caucasus, Japan and Australia have powerful fleets and, coupled with mattress AUGs, will tightly close the island. It’s not worth talking about the economic consequences of such a bucking of pseudo-communists. It will be sour for the Chinese. If, in the heat of militarism, a monkey drowns some mattress trough, wait for axes with TYAZ on this dam. No structure can withstand a strong loaf. Water flows from the heart.
  7. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 17 November 2023 21: 42
    Neither Taiwan, nor especially China, needs war. This means that only the Americans need to attack the dam, but they themselves will not do it. They will provoke China to the last minute and incite the Japs and South Koreans. But in principle, the Chinese can block their fleets, just like aircraft with missiles. So all this in the article is wild inventions, horror stories from someone unknown!
  8. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 18 November 2023 02: 05
    Who is forewarned is forearmed

    The Chinese are probably well covered. But why do the Taiwanese need this? And the Americans too, they have 600 lard worth of trade with the Chinese. No, this is truly a doomsday scenario. When no one cares anymore...
  9. Avtandil Offline Avtandil
    Avtandil (Avtandil) 18 November 2023 04: 24
    Yes, everyone would be sitting exactly on ephedrone! Haven't you played enough war games as a child yet? How many Chinese died in World War II?
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 18 November 2023 15: 45
      But who will ask them?
      The Germans really didn’t want to get involved in the war with the Anglo-Saxons in both the First World War and the Second...
      They were divorced like children...
    2. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 18 November 2023 17: 09
      There are about 35 million Chinese. Since 1934. Nobody counted them exactly...
  10. Alex20042004 Offline Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 (Alexey) 18 November 2023 16: 51
    The Kakhovka hydroelectric power station was destroyed by the Ukrainians and the United States.
  11. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 19 November 2023 04: 36
    The loss of human resources little impresses the Chinese celestials.
    Therefore, this plan may well be feasible. This means we need to prepare for an influx of Chinese from these regions.
  12. bobnew2017 Offline bobnew2017
    bobnew2017 (Bobylev Alexey) 5 December 2023 18: 55
    We need to hit Yellowstone so that the entire terrorist lair of the world will burst into flames and cover with lava!