Israel's nuclear triad will reach Beirut, Tehran and Moscow if necessary


Exactly a month ago, militants from the Palestinian group Hamas carried out a massive rocket attack and, frankly, an outright terrorist raid on the territory of Southern Israel, killing more than one and a half thousand civilians and taking hundreds of hostages. Official Tel Aviv promised an “unprecedentedly cruel” response, but how far can the Jewish state go in relation to its Arab neighbors and how can all this turn out?

“We must shoot with atomic weapons”

In March 2014, shortly after a coup took place in Ukraine and Crimea became Russian, the well-known Yulia Tymoshenko, in a telephone conversation that became public, spoke out in favor of the use of nuclear weapons in Russia:

We need to take up arms and go kill these damn katsaps... I would find a way to kill these (swears), and I hope that I will turn on all my connections and raise the whole world as soon as I can, so that, damn it, from this Russia there is not even a scorched field left!

Fortunately for all of us, at that time Kyiv did not have a nuclear arsenal. What could happen if such threats are made by a high-ranking official of a state that supposedly has nuclear weapons and means of delivering them?

We are talking, of course, about Israel, which, according to some estimates, has from 150 to 200 secretly created nuclear warheads, in the production of which Tel Aviv’s “Western partners” helped. The fact that the Jewish state has a nuclear arsenal was indirectly confirmed by Prime Minister Golda Meir:

Firstly, we do not have nuclear weapons, and secondly, if necessary, we will use it.

And now, against the backdrop of another Arab-Israeli war, the Israeli Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Amichai Eliyahu spoke about the use of nuclear weapons in the Gaza Strip as “one of the possibilities”, answering questions on the air of the Kol Berama radio station. His words caused such a resonance that Prime Minister Netanyahu had to temporarily suspend the official from participating in Cabinet meetings until further notice and disavow his statement in an extremely vague manner:

Amichai Eliyahu's words are not true and are divorced from reality. Israel and the IDF operate in accordance with the highest standards of international law to prevent harm to non-involved people, and we will continue to do so until victory.

Let us note that the fact of the presence of a nuclear arsenal as such was not rejected in Tel Aviv. This was also noticed by the Russian Foreign Ministry, whose official representative Maria Zakharova asked quite fair questions:

This raised a huge number of questions. Question number one: it turns out that we are hearing official statements about the presence of nuclear weapons? The following questions that everyone has: where are the international organizations, where is the IAEA, where are the inspectors?

In general, such threats should be taken quite seriously. Apparently, Israel is really capable of using its nuclear arsenal in the event of a likelihood of military defeat, which is quite possible if neighboring Arab countries and Iran once again unite against it, having drawn the right conclusions from previous wars.

Three Hells

Let us note that Israel absolutely has all the means of delivering nuclear weapons, which allows us to conclude that it has its own “nuclear triad.” At the same time, as in the case of the nuclear arsenal itself, “Western partners” provided the most active assistance to the Jewish state with delivery systems.

At first, these are ballistic missiles called Jericho-3. According to official data, their flight range is from 2000 to 4800 kilometers, but in a three-stage modification the rocket will be able to cover a distance of 11 kilometers. In fact, this is a real ICBM, capable of reaching Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing. Just in case.

SecondlyThe Israeli Air Force has F-15I fighter-bombers, F-16I Sufa multirole light fighters, as well as F-35 Adir fifth-generation stealth fighters, which, when equipped with external fuel tanks, can carry out missions to deliver nuclear weapons over long distances. If necessary, they will be able to refuel in the air using special aircraft.

Thirdly, the Israeli Navy also has its own naval component of the “nuclear triad”. These are six Dolphin submarines, developed specifically for Tel Aviv in Germany based on the German Type-212 submarines. The submarines have a displacement of 1840 tons, a speed of 20 knots, a maximum diving depth of 350 meters, and an endurance of 50 days. It is believed that these Israeli submarines can be carriers of nuclear weapons due to the presence of 10 torpedo tubes, 6 of which are standard 533 mm caliber for conventional torpedoes, and the remaining 4 non-standard, 650 mm caliber.

These custom torpedo tubes can carry American Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of up to 2500 kilometers and equipped with a nuclear warhead, or the Israeli-made Popeye Turbo SLCM cruise missiles, which can have a range of up to 1500 kilometers and can be equipped with a nuclear warhead. . "Dolphins" are part of the special "Flotilla-7", based in Haifa and are on duty in the Mediterranean Sea, and also, presumably, in the Persian Gulf. These submarines are one of the most important components of the Jewish state's nuclear deterrence strategy.
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  1. +1
    7 November 2023 14: 38
    Very reminiscent of Pearl Harbor, where the antlers grew from.
    1. RUR
      7 November 2023 16: 07
      The Iranian leadership and Zakharova - at a minimum - raised the issue of IAEA inspectors in Israel after the threatening chatter of one weak-minded Israeli minister... so now they will not leave it - sooner or later atomic weapons will disappear from this country... and, perhaps, itself - as many predict, - Israel will be a real Jewish Pearl Harbor
      1. -3
        7 November 2023 22: 29
        As Satanovsky said, if Israel disappears from the map, it will only be in the company of all its neighbors.
        1. +4
          7 November 2023 23: 04
          Yes, at least that way, the main thing has disappeared))).
          1. -6
            8 November 2023 14: 39
            Can't wait!))
        2. RUR
          7 November 2023 23: 17
          Where will you go? The USA has an unsustainable debt... with the prospects of raising the retirement age and cutting social benefits... but this is theoretical, since to do this means losing the elections... China is slowly getting rid of treasuries, the Saudis, if need forces them, can also throw them away - The United States is a bankrupt country... Without subsidies and assistance from the United States, Israel is zero... i.e. the country will not be able to maintain its atom, and this is a huge amount of money... and even Russia and others have decided to sell oil not for dollars (the Federal Reserve will not forgive the Jews for this)... but IAEA inspectors will come.... and they will come anyway, sooner or later... and for a Jew, according to Judaism, the main thing is to survive... So there will be no collective suicide with neighbors
          1. RUR
            8 November 2023 00: 06

            For decades, the threat of exclusion from international trade due to US sanctions was a big stick that Washington used to threaten recalcitrant countries that were not small enough for a US invasion or fragile enough for a CIA-backed regime change operation. Over the past year, it turned out that this big stick was made of balsa wood and broke in Joe Biden's hand. As a result, around the world, countries that thought they had no choice but to use dollars in foreign trade switch to their own currencies or to those of rising powers Thus, the time of the US dollar as a global medium of exchange is coming to an end. .

            We are the authors of our decline

            It was interesting to watch the reaction of economic experts to this. As you might expect, many of them simply deny that this is happening - after all, past economic statistics do not yet show this. Some others have noted that no other currency is ready to take on the role of the dollar; it's true, but it doesn't matter. When the British pound lost a similar role in the early years of the Great Depression, no other currency was prepared to take on its role. It was not until 1970 or so that the US dollar finally established itself as the currency of world trade. During this time, international trade lumbered along, using whatever currencies or commodity swaps trading partners could agree on: that is, the same situation unfolding around us in free-for-all global trade, a situation that would define the post-dollar era.
            In short, America is bankrupt. Our governments at the federal level and below, our large corporations and a very large number of our wealthy citizens have accumulated gigantic debts that can only be serviced by having direct or indirect access to the streams of unearned wealth that the US has extracted from the rest. planets. These debts are impossible to pay off, and many of them cannot even be serviced for a long time. The only options are default on them or their disappearance entirely, and in either case mechanisms based on conventional spending levels will no longer be possible.
          2. -4
            8 November 2023 14: 41
            The hopes of young men feed
            they give them strength.

            Saw Shura, saw, they are golden!

            Look for Jews. They hide skillfully. Mainly in the turbines of Russian aircraft. )
          3. 0
            9 November 2023 18: 11
            There will be a new Babi Yar!
  2. +3
    7 November 2023 15: 14
    They are all suicidal. More like crazy...
    1. 0
      8 November 2023 14: 02
      They're just tired of laughing at our "red lines." Here is the result. This also includes the “grain deal” and “no one will dare to attack Crimea! WITH IMPUNITY”...
  3. -2
    7 November 2023 15: 17
    Israel can only use nuclear weapons against those who do not have nuclear weapons, otherwise a retaliatory strike will make densely populated, small Israel uninhabitable. That’s why they are so afraid of Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, although Saudi Arabia is also close to acquiring nuclear weapons through Pakistan. The Middle Eastern tangle of problems, as always, laid down by the departing British (like the Pakistani-Indian and others) is difficult to resolve, but it is necessary to achieve a certain balance. The solution to the Palestinian problem is possible in two ways: First, by integrating the Palestinians with their enclaves into a common state. Then Israel loses its status as a purely Jewish state. With a more developed Jewish component, the state will be led by the Jewish population. There will be contradictions and clashes, but most problems can be resolved peacefully. The second option is to provide the Palestinians with land outside of Palestine, that is, new lands for colonization. This requires global efforts for such a course of events. At some point the Arab-Israeli wars must be completely ended.
    1. +5
      7 November 2023 20: 24
      There will be no Israel.
      1. -1
        8 November 2023 14: 43
        I'm sure it will happen on Thursday!
    2. +2
      7 November 2023 22: 31
      Yeah, who will give them new lands for a new Palestna?
      1. 0
        8 November 2023 14: 03
        Lunarians... In debt.
  4. +1
    7 November 2023 16: 56
    All this... a bunch of "maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe." Or maybe they “can’t”, who knows.

    But in real life, you can write about almost anyone - “if necessary, it will reach Beirut, Tehran and Moscow” India? - yes for sure. But why does she need this? She has unfriendly Pakistan and China at her side.
  5. +1
    7 November 2023 18: 42
    How to feel about this. Don't know. But I remember a year, or maybe two, one respectable politician asked a question about Israel and China. Why does Israel need missiles with a range of 12 thousand kilometers? I don’t know how to feel about this, but since such questions arise, it’s not without reason.
  6. +7
    7 November 2023 19: 50
    When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is mentioned, “this” abbreviation evokes the image of a “three-year-old child”. Satanovsky was right in his assessment of the Foreign Ministry, only in a very “straightforward” way. In these circles one must evaluate gracefully, masterfully. I don’t know who taught Lavrov, but, in my opinion, he would not have been worthy of tying the laces on A. Gromyko’s shoes. But he raised a student worthy of him (Zakharova). In general, the Kremlin’s policy after the collapse of the USSR became a failure in all respects. The Kremlin is “playing” with a sharpie and a gangster rolled into one. And he believes in his winnings. Clinical case. Moreover, “the day before yesterday” it was necessary to forget all international laws, except one! ONLY WHAT IS BENEFITABLE FOR RUSSIA!! In this fight you have to be ruthless and merciless to your enemies! They will ruin Mother, sure enough, they will ruin her. If only we could create a “healthy core” among the people, unite and crush the parasites on the body of Russia.
    1. -4
      7 November 2023 20: 13
      Adam, the same reaction as you, many Zionists. Don’t worry, the Russian Foreign Ministry hasn’t seen anything like this. laughing
      1. +4
        7 November 2023 20: 52
        Quote: isofat
        Adam, the same reaction as you, many Zionists. Don’t worry, the Russian Foreign Ministry hasn’t seen anything like this. laughing

        I don’t have the honor of being a Zionist, you and I are of “different blood,” and I also developed the conviction that there will be a “Second Exodus of the Children of Israel.” Foresight, it didn’t deceive me, those who don’t understand, and don’t..
        1. +5
          7 November 2023 21: 28
          Quote from Adam
          and also “I became convinced that there would be a “Second Exodus of the Children of Israel”

          If there is anyone left to go, with such show-offs...
          1. 0
            8 November 2023 14: 46
            Many tailors throughout human history have tried to sew suits for Jews and Israel. But they burst at the first fitting...)
        2. +1
          8 November 2023 01: 16
          This means that it is not only the Zionists who are allergic to our Foreign Ministry. And the “sons” of Israel needed to think earlier. Let them ask Kedmi. smile
      2. +1
        7 November 2023 22: 33
        Yes, there has never been and never will be a cooler foreign minister than Judas Kozyrev in the world.
      3. 0
        8 November 2023 14: 05
        Don't pull the blanket over yourself! It will simply crack.
    2. -1
      9 November 2023 18: 16
      This is a really sensible proposal, the parasites need to be crushed, and there are already entire colonies of them on the body of Russia!
  7. +3
    7 November 2023 19: 58
    “To Moscow”!!! - maybe wipe out Israel with a racket - instead of a training launch - so that such thoughts don’t come to mind?
    1. +3
      7 November 2023 20: 18
      This is the land of the Palestinians. They will still need it. laughing
    2. 0
      7 November 2023 22: 34
      Not a bad idea.
  8. -2
    7 November 2023 20: 19
    Why does Israel need ballistic missiles of such range? And by the way, I don’t remember that Jews tested such things, as they did in the USSR and the USA. Without tests, the CEP of such missiles will be plus or minus 100 km
    1. RUR
      7 November 2023 21: 05
      this is for world domination - what’s not clear here, Colonel... like, the super-dwarf decided that he was a match - to become a superpower... but if the United States stops funding, the bubble will burst - and this will inevitably happen - the debt has become too large. ... and I thought that you were a real colonel...
      1. 0
        9 November 2023 18: 18
        He turned out to be a privateer, he gives out long johns in the warehouse and mutters a little on the Internet!
    2. 0
      8 November 2023 08: 17
      ...Most likely they will rush at the start!..
      1. RUR
        8 November 2023 12: 35
        There seemed to be an agreement between China, the United States and the Russian Federation not to use the atom... perhaps it was only about Ukraine - I’m not aware of the details... And if Israel dares to use it, the consequences for the Jews will be unpredictable on a global scale. .. The atom is a doomsday weapon... the last argument... although now everything is possible...
        1. 0
          9 November 2023 18: 20
          There are no treaties or agreements now, no one fulfills them except our government!
    3. -6
      8 November 2023 15: 01
      Firstly, Israel does not have nuclear weapons. Secondly, no one will allow IAEA inspectors into Dimona. Because Israel did not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Thirdly, and without nuclear weapons, tiny Israel is able to cope with any enemy. What was convincingly demonstrated by the Yom Kippur War. In which the armies of 22 states fought against Israel, including the DPRK, the GDR, Cuba, and Pakistan. Moreover, the enemies managed to take Israel by surprise. They lasted three weeks. The IDF overthrew the enemy in Syria, simultaneously defeating the Iraqi, Jordanian, Algerian and Moroccan tank armies on the march, and reached the outskirts of Damascus. Which was fired from howitzers. And on the Southern Front, the IDF, having defeated the Egyptians in the largest tank battle in the Sinai (the second largest number of tanks after the Battle of Prokhorovka), crossed the Suez Canal, suppressed air defense and moved to Cairo. I remember very well how the USSR implored Israel to cease fire...
      Now the war against the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel is being waged in a completely new way. During the week of ground operations in Gaza, 33 Israeli soldiers were killed. This is, of course, a lot, but the losses for the mobilized 560 thousand Israeli army are still not critical. And the enemies of Israel remain silent in silence. Unless they look for Jews in airplane turbines.
      1. RUR
        8 November 2023 15: 21
        Your wars are extremely short-term conflicts of low intensity... with the then peasant Arab countries... with Israel's significant advantage in the air... with Iran, and it is possible that with Turkey and the Russian Federation, everything will be completely different and the United States will not help. ..

        PS Meir Golda wanted to use atoms in that war, since the front was broken, but emergency help arrived from the USA - this is your victory
        1. -1
          8 November 2023 16: 04
          Golda Meir did not intend to use nuclear weapons in 1973. The United States was dragging its feet on arms supplies to Israel, and the moment was critical. Therefore, as a psychological technique, Golda dated the command to uncover... The states understood the hint and the weapons went off without delay.
          1. RUR
            8 November 2023 16: 23
            Firstly, Israel does not have nuclear weapons.

            Golda date team uncover

            Write just one thing... it’s clear that the rest of your presentation of events is very, very different from the facts...
            1. -2
              8 November 2023 18: 22
              After the revelations of the traitor Vanunu, who presented the corresponding and numerous photographs, it is possible to deny the presence of nuclear weapons in Israel only as a matter of sarcasm. By the way, experts found traces of a “lidochka” in these photos, which allows us to speak not only about the presence of nuclear, but also thermonuclear weapons. And note, this is in the early 90s.
              Today we are talking about the entry into the war in the north of the Iranian proxy - Hezbollah. Israel directly warned both Hezbal and Iran against this step. Stressing that after this, Lebanon will be of interest only to archaeologists. So I am aware of the presence or absence of nuclear weapons in Israel.
              1. RUR
                8 November 2023 18: 51
                Bombing Lebanon is almost like bombing Israel - the distances are miniscule, radiation does not recognize borders... and the IDF, like, temporarily stopped reporting the number of losses. - here everything is absolutely clear what this is about...
      2. 0
        9 November 2023 18: 24
        Look how lucky the Jews are, but this is not a diagnosis, soon everything may turn in the other direction and then Jews will definitely be hiding in airplane turbines and not only there, but also in public toilets!
  9. +8
    7 November 2023 22: 25
    And then there won’t even be ashes left of Israel.
    1. 0
      8 November 2023 15: 03
      Will the sofa underneath you crack? From tension and overload with ammunition.
  10. +4
    8 November 2023 01: 06
    Why does the author scare us with Jews, we are not at war with them yet. Although these are already jumping on the outskirts against us.
    1. RUR
      8 November 2023 12: 32
      So the Russian Federation refuses the dollar, and the US Federal Reserve System is, to a large extent, Jewish banks - such things are not forgiven, although the USA is to blame for its stupidity - many countries see that the dollar is a weapon of coercion, so they refuse it ... if there is a dollar as a world currency, the USA is a superpower, therefore a war to preserve the dollar world payment system is inevitable... otherwise the shameful bankruptcy of at least 2 countries - the USA and Israel....
  11. 0
    8 November 2023 04: 05
    Quote: isofat
    There will be no Israel.

    Instead there will be a mighty Jewish Autonomous Region
    1. +1
      8 November 2023 14: 07
      ...and the Stalin Strait.
  12. 0
    8 November 2023 08: 24
    In fact, this is a real ICBM, capable of reaching Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing. Just in case.

    Is the author out of his mind? After this, Israel will cease to exist not only as a state, but even as a territory. fool
  13. +3
    8 November 2023 13: 59
    Will they have time to pray for the last time during the flight?
    1. -3
      8 November 2023 15: 11
      The Houthis are launching a rocket and hundreds of drones (there is a video on the Internet, it looks menacing. Almost like your post.) 1600 km away. Israel thought so too. The rocket was destroyed in space, 900 km short of reaching Israel. Drones were shot down even earlier. You will be surprised, but it was the air defense of Saudi Arabia that did this. "From here we will threaten the Swedes!" From the sofa, as I understand it. But this will not be enough to destroy Israel!))
    2. -2
      8 November 2023 15: 13
      For saving the souls of Israel's enemies? Is it necessary?))
  14. +1
    8 November 2023 14: 43
    There are too many speculations "praising" Israel's military nuclear capabilities.
    Israel's behavior is similar to a "show-off" to scare its neighbors. And so we can “break” you, and so on.
    Most likely there are American weapons there, which are controlled by the Americans. But under the guise of an Israeli one, which doesn’t seem to exist, but if something happens, we’ll “use it.” To calm down the neighbors, otherwise the Jews would have been torn apart there long ago with their hands, killing them with a hammer and sickle.
    I think that Israel has no more than two types of nuclear weapons, which are made according to American patterns, perhaps by the Americans themselves, perhaps in Israeli factories, but from American materials. These are bombs and cruise missiles. No one will give ICBMs to Israel; the risks are too high. Equipping submarines is also too risky for Israel's Western friends. Therefore, the radius of application is 1.5-2 thousand km, no more. And most likely less. Nuclear weapons on Israeli territory are not intended for waving a nuclear baton towards China, the Russian Federation and EU countries. Only as a sedative for hot Arab heads.
    And yes. As a result... not today and not tomorrow, but in the foreseeable future - Jews are guaranteed to be slaughtered completely in the Middle East. Because no nuclear weapons will save them, the territory is too small. They won't have time to react. Therefore, I would recommend that they leave. There are so many places on earth where you can live in safety, relative safety, of course, on the eve of the Third World War. But the state of the Jews will cease to exist until 2050 for sure.
    1. +1
      9 November 2023 18: 36
      I think so too, they need to go, but there’s nowhere to go, no one will accept them except our cuteness! But will the Russian people be happy about this, there is too much stench and evil from those who have already dug in here for gold and currency!
    2. +1
      9 November 2023 19: 08
      Of course you can dump it, but there’s nowhere to dump it! If only to Russia, to the sister oligarchs, who are entrenched here in gold and currency and there is no way to save the stink! There is also the idea that the “golden billion” is being prepared for them by Ukraine, which is why now they are putting Ukrainian dunces on the compost to account for future harvests for the rootless and impoverished EU! Well, it's really bad!
  15. DO
    8 November 2023 19: 18
    ballistic missiles called Jericho-3. ... In fact, this is a real ICBM, capable of reaching both Tehran and to Moscow

    Author, one gets the impression that in the article you are arguing for someone from the Russian elite not to participate in a hypothetical big Arab war against Israel. So, did Russia already have an incident belle for this?
  16. 0
    8 November 2023 20: 34
    Israel wants to destroy the Hamaz and Hezbollah terrorists, and Israel must do this, and it will definitely do it.
    1. 0
      9 November 2023 19: 12
      He will do this and a full Babi Yar will come for Israel! Israel is the territory of one Russian region and it is not entirely safe to threaten someone, even from behind the backs of the Americans!
  17. 0
    15 November 2023 01: 56
    Les systèmes d'armes qui utilisent "la désintégration du noyau atomique" sont d'un autre âge. Toutefois, c'est interiors de toujours retrouver ces termes dans les contrats bancaires, assurances, etc.
    Maintenant, vous attendez simplement le faux drapeau habituel qui justifiera une attaque sur l'Iran. La suite, sera un conflit mondiale avec des systèmes d'armes principalement aux quarks. L'Iran n'utilise pas la désintégration du noyau et ne possède pas d'arme de destruction de masse dépassée, d'un autre âge. Par contre, il est sans doute possible qu'elle sache jouer avec la matière au niveau atomique voir bien en dessous... A propos de dessous, imaginons une "torpille" des terres, sous la terre. Un robot tunnelier en somme, et qui attend bien sagement sous Dimona par exemple, et genre à 40 km de profondeur soit au début de la croute terrestre dans le secteur. Imaginons cela. Un truc aux quarks dans le ventre, cette torpille attend... Puis viens le faux drapeau et sans attendre l'attaque, plus de croute terrestre sous Dimona... Voulez-vous continuer?
  18. 0
    15 November 2023 13: 21
    Quote: Rogue1812
    Will the sofa underneath you crack? From tension and overload with ammunition.

    There will only be one tramp left with a sofa, for such God's chosen ones do not die and live forever.