Israeli military found Palestinians possessing MANPADS with the mark of a Ukrainian unit


Israeli army soldiers, during an operation against Hamas militants, found in one of the vehicles Strela-2 portable anti-aircraft missile systems and RPG-7 ammunition with the mark of a Ukrainian Armed Forces unit from Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region.

It is still unknown where Hamas got the Ukrainian weapons systems from.

Meanwhile, the IDF continues to strike at radical positions. Thus, the day before, Hamas maritime targets were attacked, including the Khan Yunis and Gaza anchorages, which could be used by militants for a maritime invasion of Israel. They were fired upon from artillery guns and helicopters.

In addition, Israeli sources report the elimination of a Hamas diver who the day before tried to enter Israeli territory from Gaza. One of the functionaries of the militant movement, Zakariy Abu Maamar, who was involved in coordinating terrorist groups in the region, was also killed.

Meanwhile, the Joseph Biden administration's efforts are focused on evacuating civilians from the Gaza Strip to Egypt. According to US plans, civilians must leave the enclave before Islamists start crossfire or become homeless. At the same time, Washington warned the Israeli side against excessive cruelty against civilians in Gaza.
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    11 October 2023 14: 57
    Zelya the Drug Addict will soon be poked with this - like a naughty cat! Then a kick in the ass
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    11 October 2023 18: 53
    A good reason to hit Ukrainians in the face, but they don’t hit them
  3. +4
    11 October 2023 22: 52
    If there are MANPADS and RPGs, then you can expect hundreds of 155 mm shells dug into the ground with remote detonation. The Israeli army will suffer huge losses in the first days
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      14 October 2023 17: 25
      The anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in this picture would point to the fact that those Hamas members, never had time to bury those, yet along and IED's or the weight of a 155mm shell.
  4. +3
    12 October 2023 00: 08
    Author, why are you calling the Palestinians terrorists? This Jewish non-state has seized Palestinian lands, and Hamas is liberating its land from terrorists. Before writing and insulting the indigenous population, I would have taken an interest in the history of the Jewish nation, they never had their own territory, they... for 70 years... were driven through the desert during WWII, these creatures were the most notorious war criminals (they were the very first to enter concentration camps into the ranks of the "cleaners". In 1948, they were given a small piece of land so that no one would be accused of genocide. Now answer the question. Why was the entire Jewish team extinguished at the Olympics? Why were only them extinguished at the Mumbai hotel ? The answer lies in their own words, “We are God’s chosen nation, the rest are not worthy of existence.” The most interesting thing is that these idiots after WWII very enthusiastically read Mein Kampf. Remember how the victims of the Holocaust, with a minimum number of people, could defeat Egypt
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    13 October 2023 09: 37
    which is what needed to be proven! , and the fact that the Ukrofashis sell on the black market weapons everything they can carry away, that the so-called aid to them from the West is stolen before reaching Ukraine has been known for a long time and was even discussed in the US Senate.... and here is the result! Jews are being killed with weapons stolen by Ukrainian officials and sold on the black market for weapons... stop all help to Ukrainian fascists. RESPONSIBILITY of all countries of the world, otherwise it will clearly be seen that the rulers of these countries are Judeophobes and terrorists