Russia accelerates production of small missile ships "Karakurt"


Last week, two new Project 22800 Karakurt small missile ships were launched in Russia. This is important, since the latter are in great demand today on the Black Sea.

Let us recall that with a length of 67 meters, the above-mentioned ship carries very serious weapons: Caliber missiles, a 76-mm cannon, six-barreled 30 mm mounts and Kord machine gun mounts, as well as a naval version of the Pantsir-M air defense system. Moreover, the Karakurt’s power plant is entirely Russian, which makes the ship completely independent of Western supplies.

The Karakurt power plant consists of three M-507D-1 diesel engines and three DGAS-315 diesel generators produced by Zvezda PJSC. This is a very good engine, but in the early stages there were problems with it.

It is worth noting that it was decided to build the Karakurts in 2015 in order to quickly replace three frigates of Project 11356R Burevestnik, which had to be abandoned due to Kiev blocking the supply of Ukrainian-made gas turbine engines in 2014. Russia was able to complete construction of three more frigates of this project, laid down before 2014.

But let's get back to the problems. And this is not due to any technical flaws, the engine is truly excellent. Meanwhile, as of 2018, Zvezda PJSC could produce about 3 such power plants per year.

“Karakurt” 18 units were ordered at once. At the same time, in addition to engines for small rocket ships, the company also produces other models of units that are equipped with about 90% of high-speed ships of the Navy and border troops.

However, taking into account the fact that out of the 18 ordered, 16 ships have been built or are being completed, the capacity problem has been solved. Consequently, in the foreseeable future we can expect reports about the continuation of the Karakurt series, which will probably be able to carry anti-submarine weapons, as well as a promising smaller modification of the Zircon hypersonic missile.

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    2 October 2023 19: 55
    18 MRK karakurts are enough, we now need to establish air defense karakurts, etc.
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      3 October 2023 10: 33
      now to establish air defense karakurts, pl

      - laughing , thank you, I laughed for a long time. With their seaworthiness and autonomy, what kind of air defense and anti-aircraft defense? This RTO can shoot right from the pier or from a closed bay, and hunt for submarines and air targets...
      1. -1
        3 October 2023 14: 19
        Well, it will do for the Black Sea Fleet.
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          3 October 2023 15: 59
          Well, yes, will we build three multi-functional Karakurts instead of one normal corvette?
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    2 October 2023 21: 23
    We need one hull and a project with a displacement of up to 2000 tons with a gas turbine and an economical diesel engine, so that it would be MRK and MPK and URO and patrol units and so that it would be stamped and stamped like the Burevestniks.
    And it’s time to put the Piranha T submarine into production. We won’t be able to set up a dozen Varshavyankas for the fleet now, we need a compact submarine with lithium batteries.
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      2 October 2023 22: 10
      Quote: Dmitry Volkov
      We need one hull and a project with a displacement of up to 2000 tons

      These are Project 22380 corvettes.
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    2 October 2023 21: 59
    c'est plus gros qu'une torpille poseïdon? Dans ce cas ce petit bateau doit être capable surement d'effacer l'Angleterre!
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    2 October 2023 22: 10
    The time has come to return to projects of large surface ships and helicopter carriers and drone carriers.
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      4 October 2023 22: 31
      If, specifically in the Black Sea, then the Crimean Peninsula is an unsinkable aircraft carrier and this must be used to the fullest. All long-range weapons, including long-range air defense, can be placed in caves and areas of the Crimean Mountains or serious protected shelters such as a shelter for nuclear submarines in Sevastopol:

      Submarine base or 825 object briefly:
      construction began in 1957, completed in 1961; built first by the military, then metro builders joined;
      plant and arsenal first category anti-nuclear shelter for 3000 people and autonomy for 30 days The thickness of the rocky soil above the object is 126 meters at the highest point; in shelter mode, 9 (8 one in the dock) boats of project 613 and 633 were based in the canal;
      Channel length 505m; width of the water surface from 6 to 8,5; depth from 6 to 8,5 the complex was abandoned in 1995, the museum was opened on June 3, 2003, the plant and the mine-torpedo unit are closed to the public.
      Exit to the Black Sea, portals, the city and just a beautiful view... In the center there is a mountain, under which there is an arsenal, a canal and a plant for the repair, maintenance and equipment of submarines.
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    3 October 2023 03: 29
    How are single ships protected from attacks by, say, 10 missiles at once, which cost several orders of magnitude cheaper?
    1. -1
      3 October 2023 06: 56
      a single American aircraft carrier would sink if hit by 10 missiles at once. and from "Poseidon" the entire fleet
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    3 October 2023 08: 16
    The Iranians have taken a sensible approach to assessing military events today.
    And they are planning to create something similar to a container ship, with a powerful air defense system and systems for detecting and combating sea drones in the form of automatic and semi-automatic artillery, large-caliber machine gun optical-electronic guidance systems.
    Where the containers are launch modules, again, of various types of combat reconnaissance and attack drones, and short-range missiles...etc.
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    3 October 2023 08: 48
    Ukraine knows how and can make gas turbine units for ships, but we cannot? The USSR acted stupidly when all the important components of aircraft construction, shipbuilding and rocketry were concentrated in Ukraine, now we are reaping the benefits.
    1. 0
      3 October 2023 10: 26
      The USSR acted stupidly

      - Who among the leadership of the USSR in the 50s could have imagined that their children and grandchildren would sleep through the state....
      1. 0
        3 October 2023 10: 39
        The leadership of the USSR in the 50s was Khrushchev... he didn’t even know how to think. not to mention guessing. I just grabbed more for my farm, to the delight of my godfathers.
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      3 October 2023 10: 29
      who said that Ukraine can and does now? laughing
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    3 October 2023 08: 52
    I just don’t understand why Russia has such a small navy? Why aren't there hundreds of different types of military capital ships? Why aren't they being built? And not only military, civilian and bulk carriers and tankers?
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      3 October 2023 10: 31
      Arrestovich said that they are not building? so he claimed that Russia had run out of missiles long ago...
    2. 0
      13 October 2023 16: 42
      Because too much money was and is being spent on the Chelsea club and other toys for the oligarchs, whom no one has ever put in their place... on embezzlers like Chubais, whom no one is imprisoning with the confiscation of what they stole beyond their means...
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    3 October 2023 10: 46
    Last week, two new Project 22800 Karakurt small missile ships were launched in Russia. This is important, since the latter are in great demand today on the Black Sea.

    They were launched on the Amur. How long will it take these ships "Udomlya" and "Rzhev" to reach the Black Sea?
    1. -1
      4 October 2023 22: 42
      Firstly, they launched it into the water, which means they will complete the construction at the quay wall. And this is a lot of work. Secondly, why are they in the Black Sea? What should they do? Missiles can be launched from the shore and from other ships. There would be the missiles themselves and suitable targets. The distance from Sevastopol to Kherson is 250 km, to Odessa 300. Iskander covers this perfectly. And it’s even closer from Cape Tarakhankut. The best way to conquer Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson and there will be no headaches.
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        5 October 2023 11: 14
        About the Black Sea - this is what the article says:

        This is important, since the latter are in great demand today on the Black Sea.
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    3 October 2023 10: 56
    Quote from Elena123
    Why does Russia have such a small navy?

    Because our country is a typical raw materials colony.
    It will be beneficial for a business to receive its 300% from the construction of ships, and it will build.
    But now this is not a profitable event for oligarchs. Little money is allocated from the budget, only enough for “karakurts”.
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    3 October 2023 13: 33
    and how does it speed up construction? This year the Black Sea Fleet should receive 3 of them.....God forbid if they bring in one.....the most belligerent fleet without karakurts.....
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    4 October 2023 11: 18
    Why isn't Russia developing armored trains with cruise missile launchers?
    Such a train drove up to the front line, fired back with Calibers and went back deep into Russia to reload.
    And there is no need to swim anywhere. And you can take an order of magnitude more missiles. And no drone will reach the port. We have enough expensive iron. You can get anywhere. Shells or TORs can be loaded onto platforms for protection. The train can easily include carriages for any purpose, a headquarters, a hospital, or anything.
    We came to a dead end where there were no electrical wires in the way and I didn’t want to fall.
    And what mobility! While the missiles reach the target, you can travel tens of kilometers.
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      13 October 2023 16: 48
      Because in the government of the Russian Federation there are too many of those who do not need a strong Russian Federation...Narusova alone is worth it, because she is the birth mother of Bandera’s Sobchak...and Medinsky is the same Chubais...and this one is sent to negotiations, which he will obviously conduct not in favor of the Russian Federation...When the Alkashcenter is closed and people like Chubais are removed to logging, under the supervision of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation, then it will be possible to say that - Things have moved in favor of the Russian Federation...
      1. 0
        14 October 2023 15: 20
        So this is a direct call for revolution! What about the Darkest? whoever you are named under his guarantees, he is the Guarantor of them and not the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. 0
          19 March 2024 02: 54
          The revolution is inevitable and it would be good if it were carried out from above, as in 1964, and not from below, as in 1917...Walking around the stinking Yeltsin swamp of the Russian Federation will not bring any good... Maybe the Supreme Commander will still mature enough to understand this, not in vain he left the party, essentially drawing a line between himself and these