Ukraine will send reservists to the border with Russia

Petro Poroshenko announced the redeployment of military units of the Armed Forces on the border with Russia. Reservists will also be sent to the border zone. Recall that after the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, Poroshenko called on the "reserve" for military training.

Ukraine will send reservists to the border with Russia

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine even created a special Coordination Center in case of ground invasion of Russia. Ukrainian reservists are mobilized for service in ten border regions of the country where martial law was introduced.

First of all, the mobilization of reservists will affect the so-called "Operational reserve of the first stage." According to Poroshenko, there are about 160 thousand people in it - these are male Ukrainian citizens under the age of 40, who have military training and have experience in participating in hostilities. For participation in the training camp “operational reservists” will be paid from 3 to 5 thousand hryvnias - depending on the rank and military specialty (110 to 180 dollars).

Reserves planned to equip brigades and battalions of territorial defense. Of course, the combat effectiveness of such units and subunits raises big questions, but for the Ukrainian leadership the main thing now is to rattle with arms.
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  1. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) 3 December 2018 16: 46
    President of Ukraine Poroshenko, according to the American plan of military aggression against the republics of Donbass, said that within the framework of martial law, units will be redeployed to "strengthen defense" on the border with the Russian Federation, and also announced exercises in the border areas.

    In fact, we see that training of Ukrainian PUNISHERS, to the beginning of the military aggression in December 2018 - attacks on the republics of Donbass, led by an American general with his military American instructors with the involvement of military instructors of the American NATO!

    The PLAN itself, military aggression against the republics of Donbass, developed the US military and now they launched it OPERATIVELY, under the cover of martial law, which, in turn, was introduced under the cover of a deliberate US border provocation of Ukrainians in the territorial waters of Russia.

    The Americans are preparing BLITZKRIG in the Donbass.

    US and Poroshenko want for the new year Grab Donbass and then scream to the whole world about their victory over the Donbass and Russia.
    To heroic defenders of Donbass need to prepare for the defense of their territoriesand then DAMAGE and COURAGELY defeat the aggressor.

    Ukrainian security officials plan to launch an offensive in the Novoazovsk region in December in order to reach the border with Russia, for this they are pulling artillery systems into the Donbass, including the Grad MLRS and transferring personnel to the demarcation line.
    DNR intelligence received reliable data that the US military, for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, developed a plan of military aggression and the offensive in December on the unrecognized republics of Donbass.
    The plan provides TWO directions for the main blow of punitive punishment in the republics.
    First strike of the offensive - Designed and supervised by British military instructors in the throat direction.
    Second strike offensive - developed and supervised by the US military in the Mariupol direction.

    Thereby, according to this plan, the US military aggression against the Donbass, the Americans plan on both sides to launch an offensive, to cut off unrecognized republics from the border with Russia!
    Further according to plan, deploy NATO troops in the occupied territories, under the guise of a "peacekeeping" mission, and then Atrocities and killings completely clean up the Donbass from militias and civilians.

    Glory to the HEROIC defenders of the Donbass! Hurrah!