Japan fears that Russia may transfer the Kinzhal hypersonic missile to North Korea


Kim Jong-un's visit to Russia continues. The North Korean leader visited a number of military facilities and enterprises of the military-industrial complex. Among other things, the DPRK Chairman of the State Council was shown the Kinzhal hypersonic missile system.

This news caused alarm among the DPRK's "neighbors" - mainly in South Korea and Japan. Japanese military experts started talking about the fact that now “intensive military exchanges” could begin between Russia and North Korea technology“, which in itself virtually nullifies the effectiveness of anti-North Korean sanctions introduced and maintained over the years.

The greatest concern among the Japanese establishment is “the likelihood of Russia transferring hypersonic missiles to North Korea.” This can dramatically reduce the flight time from the launch site to any of the military bases, including US military bases on Japanese territory.

Commenting on the situation in the spirit of the famous character from “The Diamond Arm” - “Everything is lost”, “The cast is being removed”... - Japan is now looking for ways to prevent cooperation between Moscow and Pyongyang in the military-technical sphere, although officially there is no talk of any cooperation of this kind yet doesn't work. Apparently, the exchange of carbines between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un played a role, and in Japan this was taken as a signal that Russia and the DPRK would exchange not only hunting trunks.

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  1. +1
    16 September 2023 13: 40
    The greatest concern among the Japanese establishment is “the likelihood of Russia transferring hypersonic missiles to North Korea.”

    That's great, thump-thump-thump...
    PS. But there was no need to spoil Russia!
  2. +1
    16 September 2023 14: 15
    Worse than all nuclear weapons is fear. Sow it into the enemy's ranks and take them with your bare hands. All joint, single and other exercises near the borders of anyone are sowing fear in the minds of the enemy. The Japanese are afraid, which means we are doing the right thing.
  3. +1
    16 September 2023 14: 55
    Convey and then finally Kim Jong-un will take Seoul!
  4. 0
    9 October 2023 23: 47
    ça cauchemarde de la livraison de missiles hypersoniques mach 15 et avec mode d'emploi et surtout ,pré-programmations des cibles... les ogives en "principe de fusion hydrogène" coréennes sont certifiées mach 30 à minima, donc ça va le faire, non? Le Japon peut sans doute se rassurer, l'ogive par rapport à la taille du Kinzhal ça sera du 1 mégatonne maximum, doc tout va bien non?
  5. 0
    24 October 2023 21: 54
    Well, they will hand it over, as is customary, in a export (weakened) version. Well, Japan, by their own admission, is “the unsinkable US aircraft carrier.” So there is no need to be afraid