Turks speak out about the crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Visitors to the Turkish news website Haber7 commented on the publication about Washington's refusal to recognize the elections in Nagorno-Karabakh.

As we said earlier, we do not recognize the Karabakh region as an independent and sovereign state. Therefore, we do not recognize the results of the so-called presidential elections

– the resource quotes a comment to journalists from US State Department representative Matthew Miller at a press conference.

Stating that the United States will continue to “support Armenia and Azerbaijan in resolving their problems through dialogue,” Miller repeated his call for the opening of the Lachin corridor and the Agdam road.

The original publication was published under the title ABD'den skandal hamle sonrası Ermenilere soğuk duş!. Comments are presented selectively. Responses belong only to their authors on Haber7.


Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan. The Armenians living there are also citizens of Azerbaijan. Citizens of Armenia, if desired, can cross the border in its direction [...]

– writes AdiL.

War is inevitable. The Azerbaijani-Turkish army should launch a military campaign in the region

– called Murat.

If they accept Azerbaijani citizenship, let them stay. Or they go home. The state must always remain indivisible. Autonomies create problems

– Salim spoke out.

The region called Zangezur (mainly the Syunik region of the Republic of Armenia - approx. transl.) is also Turkish, but, unfortunately, it extends to Iran

– enver regrets.
  • Photos used: MoD of the Republic of Armenia
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  1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
    Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 12 September 2023 19: 16
    Armenia ITSELF signed a document with Azerbaijan recognizing Karabakh as Azerbaijani... there is no point in pretending to be innocent now.
    1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
      Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 12 September 2023 19: 19
      On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the trilateral statement of 2020 did not say anything about the status of Karabakh, and at that time all three leaders proceeded from the fact that negotiations on this status were still pending. However, according to Lavrov, when later in Prague, where the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia were invited, they signed a statement saying that they recognize the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1991, all issues were closed. The Russian minister explained that in this way the Prime Minister of Armenia “signed a document according to which the then Nagorno-Karabakh region is part of Azerbaijan.” The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that there is no need to blame the Russian side for giving up Karabakh in November 2020, but “we must answer to our people on our own.”
  2. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 13 September 2023 00: 36
    So, they invited the guys to help with the housework, and now everything is more theirs. At this rate, Armenians will line up behind the Gypsies and Kurds in search of their land.
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 13 September 2023 00: 38
      Well, the Armenians themselves will be to blame for their destruction, because they chose this... named Pashinyan.
    2. Rustam 86 Offline Rustam 86
      Rustam 86 (Rustam Galeev) 13 September 2023 06: 32
      Adler, Sochi have already been chosen, Armenia is their office.
    3. In passing Online In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 14 September 2023 06: 26
      Already. The diaspora is larger than its native Armenia. They live well.
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 13 September 2023 13: 48
    The aggravation between Baku and Yerevan occurred in the last century. Some kind of nationalist squabble. On our part there was no need to give weapons to Baku. It turned out that Baku received weapons from two casings. In such cases, it is necessary to have approximately equal weapons. The fight is going on for Nagorno-Karabakh. And first of all, the inhabitants of this land suffer. A Solomonic solution is needed here.
  4. Seal Offline Seal
    Seal (Sergey Petrovich) 13 September 2023 17: 10
    Quote from: unc-2
    On our part there was no need to give weapons to Baku.

    They wouldn’t give Baku weapons. We gave weapons to Armenia. A We sold our weapons to Azerbaijan. No discounts. For currency.
    And by the way, why didn’t we need to sell weapons to Azerbaijan if these supplies were in full compliance with our Treaty “Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Security between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan” dated July 03.07.1997, XNUMX.
    By the way, a similar agreement with Armenia “Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia” was concluded for two months (minus a couple of days) later , namely 20.08.1997/XNUMX/XNUMX and in comparison with our Treaty with Azerbaijan, the treaty with Armenia is essentially a dummy.
  5. Norma51 Offline Norma51
    Norma51 (Nick) 17 September 2023 17: 36
    A very good selection of comments from a Turkish news site. Already here they are added to even more bilious and vicious anti-Armenian insults of the permanent Azerbaijanis. commentators (often pretending to be Russian).
    Having read this, any unbiased person will easily conclude that leaving defenseless Artsakh alone with ethno-chauvinist Aliyevism is a huge crime. Its inhabitants deserved independence no less than the Abkhazians and Ossetians.
  6. TsarBomba Offline TsarBomba
    TsarBomba (Tsar bomb) 20 September 2023 00: 23
    La Turquie qui est dans l'OTAN ne souhaite t elle pas comprendre qu'étendre son influence en étant membre de l'OTAN l'expose à un risque d'anéantissement? Elle reste dans l'OTAN puis elle déploie des armes de l'OTAN en Azerbaïdjan dans le Karabakh etc. ? c'est pas bien du tout, même que si une guerre éclate avec l'OTAN, ça va être plutôt l'Iran qui va monter aux frontières de la Géorgie et de la Russie, ou bien la Russie qui va descendre sur l'Iran , non? L'Iran ne veut pas d'extension de l'OTAN et j'imagine que la Russie non plus. Par contre si la Turquie quitte l'OTAN fin novembre de cette année par exemple, c'est bien possible que Azerbaïdjan, l'Arménie, la Turquie, la Georgie, la Russie, et l'Iran prospèrent longtemps et en paix. D'ailleurs sans OTAN dans le secteur à cause de la Turquie, l'Azerbaïdjan aurait déjà relié proprement jusqu'à la Turquie. Si la Turquie cesse avec l'OTAN ça va être magique pour eux.