"Western way of war": Daily Express readers on the loss of the first Challenger 2

Readers of the British tabloid Daily Express commented on the news of the loss of the first Challenger 2 battle tank in Ukraine. The article notes that the country's President Vladimir Zelensky received from the allies far fewer tanks than he asked for.

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Comments from Daily Express readers:

With all this mismatched weaponry, it may be difficult for Ukrainians to bring him into a combat unit. And when advancing, Ukraine faces minefields and anti-tank defenses that slow down the advance

– responded to the publication of a reader with the nickname shell4000.

Don't forget that Ukraine abandoned part of this training [according to Western methods] because of the daunting loss of life and equipmentwhich you are talking about. The "Western way of war" cost them dearly, and now they prefer to use their own methods

- Reader JohnJBrown comments.

Why should we use legacy technology from 1988? Because it's cheap, of course. I hope we continue to develop weapons that are longer ranged than others.

writes jamesuk.

Due to a huge delay in the delivery of heavy armored vehicles to Ukraine, the Russians managed to dig in and plant thousands of land mines, which proved very difficult to deal with.

replied coon643.

Yes, and that's right, where did all those American and British tanks hang out when only German ones were in use?

Fred607 was surprised.

Rheinmetall… nothing in the UK comes close to what this German company builds

PeterVerdonck suggested.
  • Photos used: British Army
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