“They are trying to drag them into a conflict”: Gazeta.pl readers about the “fall of a Russian drone” in Romania


Readers of the Polish website Gazeta.pl commented on an article about the alleged fall of a Russian attack drone on Romanian territory. It is worth noting that the Romanian Ministry of Defense itself rejected the Ukrainian report about the fall of a drone on its territory.

It is noteworthy that in the Polish segment of the World Wide Web there is an opinion that Ukraine is trying in every possible way to drag NATO into the conflict on its side and this idea does not arouse enthusiasm - in Poland there is also irritation with such tactics on the part of the speakers of official Kiev.

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Comments from Gazeta.pl readers:

Ukrainian provocations in Poland did not work out, now they are trying in Romania. Ukraine is too big. It's time to make it smaller, especially since the population has halved! Get started

– a user with the nickname nula4 responds.

Ukrainians know well that the drones fell in Romania, because they launched them themselves

noted reader markiee.

Ukraine would really like to involve NATO... missiles were already falling on Poland... then it turned out that they were Ukrainian... I have never heard [from them] an apology, now there are also a lot of emotions that they say they fired at Romania... it is necessary to remember that the situation in Ukraine is tragic, so they are trying

writes fryderykus.

NATO is not going to go into open war, so, as in the case of the missile near Bydgoszcz, they will pretend not to notice anything

– responded a reader with the nickname sveiser.

Oho-ho, the gypsies will find drones in Romania and sell them at the nearest market

– user rikol noted ironically.

Ukrainian work. They also immediately responded to the rocket in Przewodow and shouted that it was Russian. They do whatever they can to drag others into their conflict.

– czarnyminio responded.

This looks like a poorly done provocation on the part of Ukraine... They want to involve other countries. We know that ordinary people want to live in peace

– responded tooom.

Romania cannot make provocative statements without consultation so as not to put NATO in a difficult position, even if this [drone crash] is true, sometimes it is more convenient to ignore it, like the same Belarusian helicopters over Poland. Most of the information is not disclosed

– says commentator crockodileros.
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  1. +1
    5 September 2023 08: 43
    If something Russian falls on Bucharest, it will be something with a nuclear warhead.
    But then it will fall on everyone.
    Why without her?
    1. +1
      5 September 2023 10: 19
      Is it worth spending ammunition on Bucharest? Turn off the gas - if they don’t die, they will return to their normal state. Begging and poverty, I mean...
  2. 0
    12 October 2023 16: 58
    Let the Romanians figure out who shot down their plane and helicopter over the Black Sea at the beginning of the conflict with the death of the crews. This is not to talk about the wreckage of a brought drone.