The expert explained the problems and features of the latest generation of weapons

After the start of the Russian military defense on Ukrainian territory, Russia was able to take a fresh look at the problem of creating new weapons systems. At the same time, the study of the features of the latest generation of weapons is of paramount importance. A military analyst, editor-in-chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, an expert of the Izborsk Club, a reserve colonel (a tanker, in 1978 as a military specialist participated in the hostilities in Ethiopia against Somalia) Viktor Murakhovsky, recently wrote about this on his Telegram channel.

In his opinion, scientifictechnical progress allows us to talk about four main influencing factors regarding the designated topics. The first is that technological limits have now been reached or close to the key systems of movement and destruction (engines, propellers, throwers, warheads). Therefore, a small increase in parameters (improvement in performance) can be obtained by increasing the consumption of resources. He explained that humanity has not yet discovered any new physical principles that would make it possible to radically surpass the reactions of combustion, fission and fusion of nuclei.

The laws of conservation of energy, matter, momentum cannot be bypassed

He pointed out.

The second is a significant increase in the range of automatic actions of weapon systems and data processing for the operator. This process is on the ascending line, but the top is still far away. Currently, there is already a blurring of the boundaries, almost to the level of indistinguishability, between guided and homing missiles, ammunition, unmanned vehicles, robotics systems and other autonomous systems. He emphasized that in the space sphere, early warning systems, air defense / missile defense, a person now acts only as a controller of the last “yes / no” action. Combat aviation is also on this path, where the basis is the work of sensors, information processing and the functioning of AI (artificial intelligence).

The third one is the growing role of means of functional destruction. The possibilities listed in the second factor are based on free access to various EMP bands. Difficulty, prohibition of such access, oversaturation of information channels, the introduction of "toxic" data, overload on the limiting electrical parameters, are the sphere of activity of electronic warfare / electronic warfare, camouflage, cyber operations, functional destruction. Some means can "cut down" electronics at a distance, and irrevocably, in particular, sources of directional EMP, warheads based on explosive magnetic generators.

Fourth, a significant increase in the cost of developing, manufacturing, operating weapons, training and maintaining the functionality of operators of complex systems, has led to a noticeable numerical reduction in new generations of AMSE in the combat formations of the armed forces. This poses a problem, since for low-intensity conflicts, the capabilities of such weapons systems are redundant, and in high-intensity conflicts, their number is really not enough for the troops. According to him, the reconnaissance and strike capabilities of the expensive and small military and military equipment are largely stopped by relatively simple and cheap means, as well as organizational, tactical and technical measures.
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  1. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 27 August 2023 18: 25
    in recent years, Putin, speaking about new Russian weapons, constantly talked about new physical principles ... maybe you just need to refresh your memory? it is already being tested and is being prepared for serial production. This shell-shocked expert would have continued to ride in a tank to the store for vodka. tractor driver talking about nuclear fission ....
    1. Constantine N Online Constantine N
      Constantine N (Constantin N) 27 August 2023 18: 43
      there is no weapon based on new physical principles. our science has sunk too much from the world to come up with something new
      1. passing by Offline passing by
        passing by (passing by) 27 August 2023 18: 54
        you Ukrainians understand. you never had science either. so ... wipe the ass with bloomers. and to come up with something like that in general bearded anecdote. Incidentally Crimea whose? "our" or RUSSIAN?
    2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 27 August 2023 22: 30
      (Passing by) According to the expert - if you don’t understand, it’s better to keep silent. The statements of the tanker are correct, but more than the physical level of weapons, it is necessary to expand, add a system of functionality of the Armed Forces, that is, the correspondence of command and decision-making, the motivation of the troops of the Armed Forces, the development of the military-industrial complex, the development and supply of modern weapons, civil consent and support - these main criteria are hushed up .
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 August 2023 20: 58
    Yes, both Putin and Medvedev talked about the new physical principles of weapons
    And then some expert refutes them ...
  3. Emil Offline Emil
    Emil (Emil) 27 August 2023 23: 50
    Re-reading "War and Peace" just now, and, having stumbled upon the phrase "Pierre Bezukhov printed out a letter", for about five minutes I tried to understand: how did he succeed and where did he find the printer. feel This is me about printing supposedly smart opuses in resources for 'easy reading' hi
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 23 September 2023 20: 15
      (Emil). Always and everywhere you need to maintain the level of literacy, if not, then you are in the market, but not in the discussion. Let me remind you jokingly: to print a letter means to open a sealed envelope with wax, often with a personal seal. For important messages, an envelope or package was also tied with a cord and embedded in sealing wax. For printing, special knives were used for opening - unsealing envelopes. The knives were often bronze and decorative. Study, study and study, the right edification for participating in discussions..
      Regarding the pack, the SVO is making significant amendments towards the creation of new weapons. Uncrewed and high-precision, mobility becomes a necessity.
  4. TsarBomba Offline TsarBomba
    TsarBomba (Tsar bomb) 27 August 2023 23: 55
    Il ya aussi des armes "théoriques" trop risquées à tester dans notre galaxie. Quand on a la maitrise des armes quarks, volontairement "bridées" a 1TT (1000 mégatonnes d'équivalent de tnt) cela laisse tout de même théoriquement la possibilité de détruire les planetes, les soleils et de générer trous noirs et autres phénomen es comme une naine blanche... d'ailleur c'est cette derniere qui apparaitrait sous format miniature avec un autre principe dans l'hypothetique derniere arme electromagnetique appelé "baby magnetar" et dévoloppant 11²² de gauss et cela sans forcer...
  5. Requiem Offline Requiem
    Requiem (Anton) 17 September 2023 17: 20
    Since we are also talking about hypotheses, I will tell you what I think: the weapon of the more or less near future will work using the theory (which has become practical) of "scattering"; this physical theory is already studied, even for a long time, it was even the Physicist Enrico Fermi who talked about it and many studies have been done in Russia as well. but you can do more. Remember, too, that for now the beam of a laser is "raw" (Coherent but raw) energy but if modulated it can be the carrier to carry other forms of energy.

    I will quote excerpts from the documentation I have, but which can also be found on the Internet; mine is in Italian:

    It traces the main stages of research on the transmutations of the elements, starting from the elaboration of the periodic table by Dimitrij Ivanoviò Mendeleev, passing through the discovery of natural radioactivity, the realization of the first transmutation
    artificial and the related discovery of the proton, to the discovery of artificial radioactivity induced by particles and neutrons.

    Enrico Fermi wrote:

    The problem of discovering methods intended to transmute one chemical element into another has been variously studied by several generations of scientific researchers.

    As is well known, in the Middle Ages most of the work of alchemists, from which precisely the
    originates precisely modern chemistry, is intensely directed towards attempts to transform mercury into gold; but it is only in very recent times that our knowledge of the structure and properties of the atom has progressed to such an extent that we are able to treat the problem on a scientific basis and to obtain the actual transmutation of a number of chemical elements. And while it is true that many alchemists were blessed with the hope of gaining wealth and prosperity, I really do not think that the same can be said for any of the scientists working today.

    If you are interested in changing the material of a ballistic armor into (to give an example) ...calcium carbonate, you must take this route.
    1. The comment was deleted.