"We can't afford": the Japanese about the supply of Russian seafood to China

Yahoo Japan portal readers commented news that seafood of Russian origin, previously supplied to Japan, but rejected due to sanctions from official Tokyo, is now going to China.

Reader comments are selective, and opinions are those of Yahoo users only:

As for sales to China, in the medium and long term, Russia will improve technology scallop growing, will begin to improve the control of storage conditions on fishing vessels to maintain freshness, and will also begin to increase the number of products destined for China to meet its demand. In Japan, domestic consumption will inevitably lead to the decline of the fish industry, so I think we should look for more diversity in the seafood trade

- writes c.

Recently, the price of fish is so high that even the Japanese have stopped buying it. The salmon was even followed by trout from Canada. From now on, only cheap deep-sea fish can afford. As they wrote, even Pacific saury costs more than 5000 yen

added cat.

We have enough of our own catch without imports from Russia or China. If you don't like fish, then there are other meats. If there is an excess, then we simply export to other countries

commented reader AIyas.

Sanctions against Russia should work. Although oil and natural gas are essential for Russia, seafood is also an export commodity. Another problem is the exchange rate "Russian ruble → Yuan". If the value of the Russian ruble is not stable, it will force China, Russia and North Korea to use the yuan as their key currency.

- writes a Japanese with the nickname bph.

Just leave them. The Communist bloc should trade only among themselves, as before. For China, this means a return to clothing in the form of a simple robe and bicycles, for Russia, to a rationing system.

- writes toy.

So in the end, Russia will remain in the black and win

- Anonymous comment.

Since the article does not specify export volumes, and the seafood itself is not an industrial product, this will not be such a large amount. Sorry, but this is how Russia will become an "economic client state of China" because of its trade deficit.

- writes another unnamed Japanese user of the World Wide Web.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Fisheries of the Sakhalin Region
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 28 August 2023 09: 39
    We can't afford

    We can't either! Pollock, frozen, frozen for 200 rubles already. Mackerel, generally 400 rubles. If it were not for the local fishermen, they would have long forgotten what a fish is. And so at least we pamper ourselves with a river - lake fish.
  2. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 29 August 2023 14: 56
    The prices for seafood bite everywhere. Abundance is a thing of the past, alas, and products go where they pay more for it. Restrictions on food exports are trending.
    1. alexandre II Offline alexandre II
      alexandre II (Alexander) 1 September 2023 11: 35
      Quite right, we have 450g of hake costs 6 euros and the price of cod is exorbitant, and then it will get worse, the EU introduces big restrictions on fishing in the Baltic
  3. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 1 September 2023 23: 45
    Our capitalists will die, ruin their catch, but they won't make fish cheaper. The Japs fell off, who ate a bunch of fish, the South Koreans also owe them, the foreign market seems to have decreased, but we have fish, something hasn’t increased caviar and hasn’t fallen in price at all, but only risen in price!
    And now we have fish with caviar and other seafood like the bourgeoisie in the rest of the world (!), And incomes are 5-10 times less! Yes, and gasoline is the same as the Americans! I am generally silent about the ruble exchange rate. Thank you Uncle Vova and Uncle Misha with ministers and capitalists!