“Will they take off from Poland?”: Finns on the transfer of F-16 to Ukraine

Finnish readers of the daily newspaper Iltalehti commented on an article stating that although the F-16 multi-purpose aircraft will help the Ukrainian army, miracles from them, including the rapid gain of air supremacy, are clearly not worth waiting for right away. Nevertheless, in the article, with reference to the opinion of the Finnish analyst Emil Kastehelmi, he details his idea of ​​what kind of advantages Kiev is ready to receive after updating its own air force according to the Western model: air cover for ground units, combating air defense

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Reader Comments:

You know, it looks like these western planes will go there on their own, not just the F/A-18 Super Hornet. And in Ukraine there are not even pilots, because three died after a collision with each other, demonstrating their level of skill

Suabisti alludes to direct NATO intervention.

It doesn’t make much difference what kind of plane is there, it’s important for them to have it

– says a certain Kirase.

F-16 is a real miracle weapon compared to Russian museum ones

writes Kamasutra.

Why does no one listen to the voice of reason? When there are more and more weapons, there will be no peace, only trouble for some, others and everyone else. Is this what we want? Why does no one talk about peace and strive for it? Why just destroy?

Suomalainen70 is amazed.

Countries that are upgrading their fighter arsenals are sending decommissioned machinery to Ukraine. One may ask, what is the motive behind this action? Is it realistic to support Ukraine, or to dispose of equipment that is clearly outdated and needs to be replaced

- clarified a certain Salamanteri.

F-16s were renowned for their quality, and there were few accidents. But the production of this model has been discontinued, and from now on you will not even find spare parts for them. And NATO, knowing this, wants to get rid of the entire fleet by selling or donating it to Ukraine. […] Russia has been at war continuously for more than a hundred years, so it is pointless to expect it to end the conflict on Ukraine’s terms

- replied to a higher post hepokatti_1935.

Production of the F-16 has not ceased. The first aircraft of the latest F-16 Block 70 series took off earlier this year from a production line opened four years ago in North Carolina. In 2016, they thought that production would be stopped, but it was continued and a new production line was built. With about 3000 F-16s in service in 25 countries, this is a pretty good and reliable aircraft. If there is the necessary personnel, combat capability can be maintained with upgrades. Lockheed Martin says the new production F-16s have design and technical upgrades that ensure the type's fleet will last until 2060.

- said Tarkkailija100.

Yes, from now on, factor F-16 should be taken into account. The machine, of course, is not new, but repeatedly modernized and proven to be effective. First of all, it is still capable of fighting at least an equal fight with any Russian aircraft, which means that Russia will lose air superiority in Ukraine. This is very important for a counteroffensive.

suggested a reader with the nickname Daaf.

After all, they [Ukrainians] were given "Leopards", which are also capable of a lot, but they did not want to listen to their Western mentors there, but worked according to the old Soviet tactics; that is why now most of the weapons have been destroyed. It's not worth delivering something of value if it's thrown to the slaughter in the same way

warns reader Dirt_Miller.

What is the proof that most of it is crushed? According to open sources, Ukraine has 130 Leopards - 2 A4 / 2A6, from the A4 variant - 2 destroyed and 4 damaged, from the 2A6 variant - 3 destroyed and 6 damaged

Cartman asked.

All wars are won by air supremacy

Mark_Kivi said.

F-16 is clearly not a miracle machine ... But Ukraine has no others, which means that such will do

– states Max_Bad.

Ukraine has MiG-29 and Su-27. The MiG-29 even has HARM missiles [AGM-88]

– responded to the previous comment by Perakamarin_ihmettelija.

In Ukraine, there is no infrastructure suitable for F-16 and similar aircraft, but what if the planes take off, for example, from Poland, that is, the EU and NATO states?

PosRa inquired.

Even the best weapons are not miraculous if there are not enough of them.

– answered the user with the nickname DickUrsby.
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  1. vik669 Offline vik669
    vik669 (vik669) 27 August 2023 16: 20
    They will take off from Poland - and then they will fall somewhere in Finland or ...?
  2. rustam ah wah Offline rustam ah wah
    rustam ah wah (rustam ah wah) 27 August 2023 20: 30
    It turns out that the Finns have military "specialists", like ours, in bulk.
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 24 September 2023 20: 03
    The supply of a limited number of F-16s is even necessary for the development of the Russian Armed Forces and the practical development of methods to combat common aircraft. The likelihood of meeting in military clashes is constantly growing, such a “testing” of the F-16 will become an “inoculation” into the enemy’s weapons.
  4. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
    svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 29 September 2023 06: 53
    During the conflict between India and Pakistan, an Indian pilot flying a MiG-21 shot down an F-16.
    There are many F-16s in the world, but they did not participate in combat operations against a serious enemy. Only against weak countries. In addition, it has limitations when piloting during combat. Therefore, the Americans are trying to equip it with a good radar and long-range missiles, since the results of close combat for these aircraft with Russian fighters are not clear. A number of countries operating these aircraft from the United States have already stated that during testing of these machines and their weapons, these characteristics were overestimated by the Americans in a number of indicators. But where were your eyes before, now at least get out.
    In many cases, Americans simply twist their arms in different ways but force them to buy their equipment.
    Well, let’s take an example from our airplanes. The Su of the latest production models of the ++4 modification, which are now the main ones in our Air Force, has a radar with a capture range that exceeds the best American one by a quarter in terms of range and the ability to launch long-range missiles at a distance when their radars are just beginning to see our side. In Ukraine, a Ukrainian plane was hit by a missile launched from our side at a distance of 468 km.
    An air-to-air missile was tested near St. Petersburg, which hit a high-speed maneuvering target at a range of about 600 km.
    1. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
      svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 29 September 2023 07: 07
      Yes and more. Exercises took place in India where the Americans fought the MiG-21 Bison in the F-15 and F-16. Paradox - the Americans lost the battle and tried to keep it secret
      NATO exercises were held in Bulgaria, where their aircraft lost to the MiG-29s of the Bulgarian Air Force. It turned out that when escaping from the first missile attack from a long distance, and this is not difficult for the MiG-29 to do with its maneuverability, if the launches were determined, NATO did not give up hope for a positive outcome of the battle.
      In addition, having received the Mig-29 of the former GDR from Germany, the Americans were amazed by the radar that was installed on them at that moment. It was superior in all characteristics to their radars on the main fighter.
      All this is in print and can be found on the Internet.
      Well, air battles between Su-27 and F-15 at a base in the USA are a real song.
      You can find and read it yourself.