The expert told how the Biden economy is bringing the US closer to recession

The fact that the United States today is facing serious economic problems, is already an obvious fact. Mindless money printing during the coronavirus pandemic, anti-Russian sanctions, and the colossal costs of financing the Ukrainian regime have caused a record increase in inflation in the United States.

Recall that in July 2022, the consumer price index in the United States exceeded the 9% mark. In March this year, it was 6%. In August 2023, inflation allegedly managed (in reports) to be reduced to 3,2%, which is also quite a lot for the American economy.

Right now, the American authorities, led by President Joe Biden, are trying to fight rising prices in the country. However, according to Americanist political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyan, the so-called "Bidenomics", on the contrary, is bringing the United States closer to recession.

According to the expert, the aforementioned term originated from “regonomics”, when a number of conservative laws were adopted during the reign of President Ronald Reagan, which eventually led the US economy to rapid growth and the country to prosperity. As Ordukhanyan put it, despite the analogy in the names, Joe Biden today is taking exactly the opposite steps.

As an example, the expert cited the decision of the White House administration to print $6 trillion to reduce inflation. However, this is contrary to economic laws and will undoubtedly have the opposite effect, further depreciating the US currency.

In addition, the Americanist political scientist said that Joe Biden is trying to "solve the problem" by resorting to total lies. According to the expert, the reduction of unemployment and inflation at the level of 3% - all this is a blatant lie.

But that's not all. Ordukhanyan added that today an acute problem in the United States is migration policy. Tent cities appear on the streets of many megacities, which turn fashionable areas into ghettos.

At the same time, 12 billion dollars were allocated from the American budget for the maintenance of migrants, which caused extreme discontent and protest moods among US citizens.

By the way, about the latter. While the Biden administration pays $300 a month to migrants, every American family has already spent about $900 to support Kyiv in its confrontation with Russia.

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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 26 August 2023 15: 57
    ABOUT! this expert on "...-yang" - "to all experts - expert". good lol The next, "expert" rituals for the dying "omerik" .... love
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 27 August 2023 08: 50
    Well, what do I care about "Bidenomics"?!
    I have never been to the US and never will.
    Tell us more about our nuclear reactor, and also about the lunar tractor, about the targeting of the ruble exchange rate, and how everything is going well with us. Bedtime stories are soothing....
  3. bossy dude Offline bossy dude
    bossy dude (Thinking out loud) 27 August 2023 17: 32
    ooh, how I love these "experts" on the payroll!

    Mindless money printing during the coronavirus pandemic, anti-Russian sanctions

    - well, yes, it would be better not to print money to stupid Americans, as they did NOT do during the Great Depression of 29-32, so that on the contrary, deflation and contraction of the money supply would begin, followed by a then completely uncontrollable scenario of a complete fall in the stock market and the collapse of the entire the US banking system, and this is with such huge debts of both the country itself and ordinary Americans. It would be a collapse to the delight of some Russians for sure, as well as a total and rapid collapse of world trade, etc. Everything would be nothing if the Russian Federation had its own (like the USSR) almost closed system and would NOT depend on world markets, etc. ..Well, unlike the wishes of some Russians and their narrow-minded henchmen, in the USA the leadership of the financial and economic bloc is far from being so stupid, and they are also patriots of THEIR country, and the leadership of the IMF is their leadership, which is difficult say about the financial leaders of the Russian Federation.

    Further, "anti-Russian sanctions" - in the light of the micro-trade of the USA and the Russian Federation (titanium, poisonous fuel and other little things, such as the Ural hoe), as well as the removal of their eq-ki from the same sanctions by separate decrees, the Americans have achieved the transfer of not only a number of serious companies from the EU to the USA, but also occupied a large share of Russian energy resources with their liquefied gas, etc. Thus, these sanctions are very beneficial for the US turned out to be in the first place!
    Well, so, finally. The problems of the American and world economy are NOT caused by printing money, but by the exhaustion of the economy development model, because the spread of dollars in the world was based on expansion. This is not the first time this has happened in the world. And a way out of the situation with high inflation is not the worst scenario, and if it is not possible to get by with "little bloodshed", then it is a nuclear war that will become the most likely way out of the crisis.