A large-scale project "Breakthrough" in the field of nuclear energy is being implemented in Russia


In Russia, the implementation of the Proryv project is in full swing, the main goal of which is the transition to a new qualitative level of domestic nuclear energy. The core of the project is ODEK - a pilot demonstration energy complex - with unique equipment.

The BREST-OD-300 nuclear reactor, which will operate on the basis of a lead coolant, will become the key element of the ODEC.

A large-scale project "Breakthrough" in the field of nuclear energy is being implemented in Russia

Using the latest equipment, power-grade plutonium and depleted uranium will be involved in the nuclear fuel cycle. This will increase the efficiency of nuclear energy in the future and expand its capabilities.

One of the most important tasks to be solved during the implementation of the Proryv project is to completely eliminate serious accidents at nuclear power plants. This is an ambitious task, the solution of which will bring the domestic nuclear power industry to a new level of safety and leave competitors far behind.

One of the points of the project is the technological management of the non-proliferation regime at all stages with a reduction in the transportation of nuclear materials.

Also among the points of the project "Breakthrough" the following is noted:

Ensuring the competitiveness of nuclear energy in comparison with alternative generation, primarily with combined cycle plants, but also with solar and wind stations, taking into account all the costs of fuel cycles.

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    23 August 2023 19: 56
    Well, why do we need this moon? This is where we need to invest our money. On Earth, "the field is not plowed", work and work. The main thing is that from this work, the well-being of the country and the people grows, and not the number of billionaires in Russia increases.
  2. +3
    24 August 2023 05: 24
    Breakthrough word is what. Putin's favorite phrase is breakthrough technologies. And he went out into the street in Tomsk and realized that the emperor meant flying to the moon. He is not up to us with our everyday life.
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    24 August 2023 16: 49
    bruleur de semoule de cristaux de quarks generant cette semoule
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    3 October 2023 14: 40
    After the words breakthrough and jerk, perspiration appears on my forehead. Be careful with these words. They are usually pronounced only on direct lines and forums with girls, with a smart look.
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    16 October 2023 14: 42
    Very impressive!!!...Still, how little we know about the achievements of our scientists and builders. It is a fact. But...These great achievements, their implementation, are a rather distant prospect for our future. And many of us will not see or feel these achievements. It's a shame?!...Very!!! We would like our generation, which has experienced so much suffering in this world, to now experience the joy of life and prosperity...