The West calls on Ukraine for the total mobilization of millions of men


At present, the Ukrainian army simply does not have free resources (reserves) to organize "frontal" attacks, for which the West has long been "begging" Kyiv. This is reported by the British edition of The Economist, citing a source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The interlocutor noted that Kyiv received only 60 units of Leopard tanks from Western partners, although they promised to transfer "hundreds of vehicles." Wherein equipment The Armed Forces of Ukraine also do not have enough mine-clearing vehicles to counter mine threats.

Thus, the West has not fulfilled its own obligations. In addition, according to the statement of the representative of the Office of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Leshchenko, the absence of the weapons promised by the West “frustrates and demotivates”.

At the same time, according to the German newspaper Die Welt, Ukraine has only one option left to win the war against Russia. The first major confrontation of the millennium will not be completed with the help of sanctions, drones and missiles. The main resource is people, or rather, men. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities need to mobilize 3 million people. With such a large UAF, Kyiv could have won and regained control over the lost territories in the old-fashioned way - by fighting at attrition. The publication noted that the population of Ukraine exceeds 30 million, so the total number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may well reach the figures mentioned. 10% is the same percentage of mobilization that Israel spent in 1947-1948, and thus defended its statehood.

Continuing the topic, a source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a commentary to the Ukrainian Military Pages that Ukraine needs to call up at least 10 thousand people for military service every month. This is the number that the Ukrainian army needs to maintain the strength available at this moment.

Only in order to compensate for the losses in the dead and wounded, as well as to replace military personnel released from service for health reasons, age and family circumstances, it is necessary to call up about 10 thousand people to the Defense Forces every month.

he explained.

He clarified that the indicated number is without taking into account new parts (connections) or the preparation of reserves. Now the total strength of the Defense Forces exceeds 1 million people, of which there are about 800 thousand "bayonets" in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andrey Yusov, said at a briefing on August 18 that “Russia mobilizes about 20 thousand people every month,” so all Ukrainian men or the state will not go to the front.
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  1. +7
    20 August 2023 20: 19
    10%? Well, it's a lie. 30 million in total, but in reality no more than 20 million. Of the 20 million men, only 8 - 9 million. Of these 9 million, 5 million are the elderly, children, the disabled, the wounded and those who are already in the army. Of the remaining 4 million, 3 million are employed in critical positions such as doctors, electricians, plumbers, truckers, railway employees, shepherds, farmers, telecommunications, firefighters, police, movers and professionals employed in real production. And the remaining million are students.

    An attempt to call at least another 200 thousand will lead to the fact that either the infrastructure will crumble, or the economy, or students and their parents will assemble a new Maidan.

    So where do they plan to find 3 million bayonets? Storytellers.
    1. +2
      20 August 2023 21: 54
      they will find bayonets, but there are no men ... males, males, wild boars, perhaps.
    2. -3
      21 August 2023 01: 07
      10%? Well, it's a lie. 30 million in total, but in reality no more than 20 million.

      As of January 1, 2022, the estimate is 41 million i.e. Since the beginning of the NWO, the population of Ukraine has decreased by 11 million people. 20 million is probably too much.
    3. 0
      21 August 2023 11: 30
      I doubt about the Maidan. There are no revolutions, Maidans without organization. These are naive people who think about the spontaneity of events. Someone must organize everything ...
  2. +2
    20 August 2023 20: 35
    There will be no state, it's time for the remaining Ukrainian men to come to terms with these prophetic Yusov words
    1. +1
      20 August 2023 21: 09
      The West urges Ukraine to do exactly this - until the last Ukrainian, and then the state will not be the dream of the West will come true, but what kind of West is this a very interrogative question!
    2. 0
      20 August 2023 21: 54
      men with children and women do not fight. they are not there.
  3. +1
    20 August 2023 21: 30
    Zelensky and his gang exist as long as they can wage war (panic foreboding makes them now promote various laws prohibiting the assignment of territories to the Russian Federation, etc.). The West cannot force Kyiv to start negotiations, and it cannot allow them to begin either.

    In such cases, how else can the West end the conflict? Sharp cuts in aid? This is not an option, because the whole world will watch as the West drains its ally. Bang a clown? Same thing, the whole world will know.

    Therefore, one option remains, to beat the APU with all its might against the Russian armor in order to cause gigantic losses, at the same time causing damage to Russia. Launch a total mobilization with the expectation that either the Ukrainians will eat it up and fight en masse and die at the front, or the ukroreich will explode from the inside. This is essentially the only way for the West, because it is hard to imagine how the US and the West as a whole bury their geopolitical influence by starting "negotiations", especially by forcing an ally to negotiate, which they previously forced to abandon the agreements in Istanbul.

    The end of the Kyiv regime is already inevitable, the only question is when and how. Either the Ukrainians themselves eliminate it, or (if time is already too tight, and it is already running out), the United States and Western Europe will speed up this process, perhaps physically, if other options do not work (for example, new corruption scandals are already with Zelensky, reduction in funding and arms supplies covered by the supply of F-16s, work with all potential contenders for the presidency to disperse the anti-green zrada, etc.).
    1. +1
      20 August 2023 21: 56
      and there was ever a normal regime and a smart ruler? oranges will not be born from an aspen ... an idiot PENKO can only choose a weak-minded person.
  4. +1
    20 August 2023 22: 27
    But who needs Israel, a bunch of noobs, such as Galkin, Nevzlin, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky and others. Soon they themselves will fall apart, especially since the Almighty did not just scatter the Jews around the world, only before the end of the world He told them to come to the promised land. Is the end of the world on the way.
  5. 0
    20 August 2023 22: 34
    The Kremlin can slip the idea of ​​leaving at least a piece of 404 to the West under any kind of control. And he will again get a thorn in the opera. But to take the whole 404 in bulk, as it exists in its current state, this is still a problem ... My opinion is that this NWO will last long enough for at least something to crystallize in this territory, which can become a prototype of the Ukrainian regions within Russia . Basically it depends on the state of mind. And a war of annihilation is a good means of reaching these minds. Well, let them try total mobilization there... How many will be scraped together, I doubt that 3 million. And, probably, they will drive the herd.
  6. +4
    21 August 2023 06: 16
    I understood the idea of ​​the bloody west and the United States. They want to rely on excessive mercy, the kindness and humanity of both the Russian soldier and Putin personally, that is, the calculation that when this untrained 3 million herd will go in waves to our positions, throwing Russian troops with mountains of corpses and meat on a grandiose scale (as in the movie 300 Spartans ) then the hand of the Russian soldiers and the leadership will tremble and they will allegedly refuse to stupidly turn these idiots into meat and, trembling from this horror, the alleged Russian defense will tremble and crumble and these bloody waves of meat will rush further and sweep away our defense. Conclusion - you can not dissolve the snot and destroy everyone to the end under zero who went with weapons against the Russian soldier. You can't be sorry. Already regretted after the Second World War.
  7. +1
    21 August 2023 06: 55
    In short, to the last crest.
  8. +1
    21 August 2023 08: 32
    In reality, they will collect 200-300 thousand, which will be relocated to Bandera over the winter.
    We must get together, the war will drag on for another year!
  9. 0
    21 August 2023 08: 59
    Ukrainian opinion polls paint Zelensky with 81% support. It is impossible to rely on this figure, since the SBU are fierce, and people are afraid. But if you look at the comments on YouTube, you can see. that society is divided in relation to the war. And it is impossible to determine what percentage of those who "left" for the continuation of the war.
    But 3 million men, as I think, Zele and Co. have nowhere to recruit.
  10. +1
    21 August 2023 15: 31
    These western analysts have completely lost their minds. They think Russia will standby idly while NATO gathers 3 million brainwashed Ukrainians armed with the latest weapons.