The collision of the Ukrainian and Russian fleets: Kiev crossed the line

Soon in all cinemas of the country: “Pirates of the Sea of ​​Azov: drunk chest”.

No wonder they say what you call a ship, so it will sail. We are summing up the final results of the Ukrainian military’s unprecedented absurdity and impudence sortie in the Crimean Bridge waters by the forces of the heavy raid aircraft-carrying tugboat “Yana Kapu” and two armored air mattresses of the “Gyurza-M” class “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk” in their 12-hour confrontation superior to three times their Russian Black Sea squadron. A battle worthy of the brush of Ivan Aivazovsky or the feather of Novikov-Priboy, but which did not become one, since the valiant Ukrainian sailors could not repeat the feat of the cruiser Varyag and the gunboat Koreets. It didn’t succeed, although the commander in chief counted on it very much (Decrees on awarding the commanders the titles of Heroes of Ukraine (posthumously) had already been prepared, but, unfortunately, they were not useful) ...

I will not retell this epic battle, I’m still not Novikov Priboy, I will limit myself to only a comment left by one of the Russians under the video of the Russian PSKR “Don” ram of the enemy aircraft carrier tugboat “Yana Kapu”: “It was a shame for half a day for my country in the evening not anymore!". This story is notable for several points. The fact that it was of a purely provocative nature, aimed at obtaining, by its main beneficiary, Pan Commander-in-Chief of the entire Ukrainian army, conditions allowing him to postpone the upcoming elections (in which he was losing all polls at the moment without even getting into the 2nd round), at least in the summer, if not in the fall, everyone understood this, even his stubborn supporters. What he received as a result and whether he received, we will discuss below. Now I wanted to dwell on a few noteworthy details of the naval battle.

Firstly, the crew involved in it is notable. In addition to the two newest, 2016th and 2017th year of birth, armored boats of the Gyurza-M type, the heavy raid tugboat Yany Kapu, born in 1975, formerly known as Krasnoperekopsk, which fell in its time, took part in it. under decommunization and pre-communizing to the name “Yany Kapu” which is incomprehensible to the ordinary man in the street (now the Tartars name Krasnoperekopsk, Kherson region, in honor of which the tugboat got its name). The tugboat, I must say, is famous, was noted even in the Russian-Georgian war of 2008, when it was thrown by the beekeeper-president to intercept the Mirage MRK returning to its home port, which was noted by the sinking of the Georgian boat during the famous mosquito attack of Georgian boats. Then, however, a heavy aircraft-carrying tug was unlucky to ram our ship; it had to be propped up by another Ukrainian preservative - the Kakhovka MRK, the first beekeeper who was thrown into battle for being killed. At Kakhovka, for some reason, then, at the most inopportune moment, the engine stalled and it began to be demolished on a breakwater. The tugboat who came to the rescue, as always in such cases, did not have a tow rope, and there was nothing left for him but to support the ship in distress, so that the fate of the Titanic would not suffer, where the native shore was already acting as an iceberg. MRK Mirage then with surprise went around this sweet couple and proudly entered the Sevastopol Bay. And now this floating scrap metal is again thrown under the enemy tanks, already the president-confectioner. One can see his fate like this, they will not let him die his death, and the name is to blame for everything - if it says "Yana Kaput", it means KAPUT (in vain they changed their name!).

I must say that other animals, captured by us and now standing near the Kerch wall, are also of certain interest. It is worth noting that the armored boats of the project 58155 Gyurza-M have rather powerful weapons for their relatively small sizes. First of all, these are two Katran-M remotely operating combat modules, which were originally created for arming infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, with the optical electronic system SOVA controlling them. In addition, the boats are armed with a 30 mm ZTM1 gun, copied from the Russian 2A72, automatic grenade launchers of the same caliber and a 7,62 mm machine gun. However, the Barrier-VK missile systems with a tandem warhead are the most powerful and dangerous laser-guided missile systems. These are 130-mm 16-kg guided missiles with a length of 1360 mm, which can hit targets at a distance of 5 km. They are able to penetrate 800 mm of monolithic armor for dynamic protection. Each combat module should have two containers with such missiles. If such weapons came to Russia, then this is a great success. Poroshenko, in fact, provided us with the opportunity to study well those little modern weapons that his country is still capable of releasing. "Barriers" are now not only produced for the needs of the Armed Forces, but are also actively offered for export. If Poroshenko sacrificed the latest Ukrainian developments for his narrow self-interest, then he is not just a sucker and cattle, he is also a traitor, since he knew exactly what he was doing, starting this provocation.

We dealt with the ships, now we will deal with the heroes who came to us (the lists of the personnel who were captured by us have already been published by the Ukrainian side, there are 18 names of 23 detainees there, apparently the remaining 5 pass through another department - the SBU and the GRU their names are kept secret for now). So I must tell you that the seasoned mother came to us all the time, and patriots who noted themselves with famous statements and actions, believe me, there weren’t any random people there - everyone knew what they were doing (I hope the court will take into account their merits, and they risk to be released when the country that sent them to this matter is no longer on the world map). Further I quote TSN:

Small armored artillery boat "Berdyansk":

Commander - Senior Lieutenant Roman Mokryak (b. 1986)
Senior sailor Yuri Bezyazychny (born in 1990)
Senior sailor Andrei Artemenko (born 1994)
Sailor Andrey Eider (born 1999)
Senior sailor Bogdan Golovash (b. 1996)
Captain 2nd rank Denis Gritsenko (1984)

Small armored artillery boat "Nikopol":

Commander - Senior Lieutenant Bogdan Nebylitsa (born 1994)
Senior sailor Vyacheslav Zinchenko (born 1998)
Sailor Sergey Tsibizov (born in 1997)
Captain Lieutenant Sergey Popov (born in 1991)
Petty Officer 1 article Vladistav Kostyshin (born 1994)
Senior sailor Andrei Oprisko (born 1971)

Raid tug "Yany Kapu":

Commander - foreman of 1 article Oleg Melnichuk (born 1995)
Senior sailor Mikhail Vlasyuk (born 1984)
Senior sailor Viktor Bezpalchenko (b. 1987)
Senior sailor Vladimir Tereshchenko (born 1994)
Sailor Eugene Semidotsky (born in 1998)
Captain 3 ranks Vladimir Lisovoy (born 1984)

The last of these Vladimir Lisova has already managed to become a hero of television news - he gives testimony to the FSB camera, where he appears as the commander of the division of the support vessels of the VSMU. Another television hero, Andrei Drach, does not appear on these lists, which is understandable - the representative of the State Security Service of the Counterintelligence SBU (looking from the office, responsible for the operation). It only bothers me how the 2nd-rank captain Denis Gritsenko (born 1984) got there, how it wasn’t for him to stay on such a small craft. And note that he has the only one instead of "born" stands “gn.”, this is the “year of birth” in Ukrainian, the impression is that he was added to these lists from another base.

But the commanders of the captured air mattresses were all familiar faces. Roman Mokryak has already become famous for his statements on Ukrainian television and television to drown the Russian fleet using the tactics of a “wolf pack” (what the Georgians called a “mosquito attack”). But let’s leave it on the conscience of our hero, I really want to fight with the Muscovites, but nothing. A sailor named Mokryak, this is no longer a surname, this is a diagnosis. And such "mokryak" there are half the country. Another hero, with the equally speaking surname Nebylitsa, became famous back in 2014, when, together with other cadets of the ChVVMU im. Nakhimova refused to take the oath of allegiance to the Russian Federation and sang "I won’t die." I respect the principles. I speak without pathos. All the participants of that demarche were transferred to Odessa, where they successfully graduated from the National Naval Institute, and five of them, just, became the commanders of these air mattresses. What prevented him from singing "I'm Not Dead" this time, I don’t know. When his friend’s boat was knocked down and he scared the entire Black Sea with shouts: “I’m crawling on the outflow from the Kerch Channel to the Black Sea. Namiriv (intentions) zososuvannya zbroi not May. Zbroyu not stasis (not apply). Art settings do not wrap (do not rotate). I need help ... To all the ships ... I’m not stoning. I don’t have good aggression ... ”, his MBAK rushed at all times back to Odessa, leaving his wounded friend. And our patriot was silent on the air, like a partisan, and surrendered without a fight, without a single shot at him. And without landing the boarding team, he himself came to Kerch on his own. Yet the heroes do this, right? Because being a hero is better in this world than in that one. Now he cannot see the Hero for sure.

But with all the comic nature of the situation, it is by no means the case, since Pete was the first to manage to drive Vova into the zugzwang. Any way out of which promised problems for the Russian Federation. Because, whatever one may say, Ukraine was in its right to act as it acted. If she does not recognize the annexation of Crimea, then asking for permission to pass the Kerch Strait from the aggressor is somehow stupid, do not you? Moreover, on her side was international law, which we trample on the fact of our annexation of Crimea. Petya quite rightly counted on the support of the international community in his demarche. Why this did not happen and why the whole progressive world, except for our sworn friends of the Poles and the Balts, did not, closing its ranks, defend a sovereign democracy that once again suffered from a saber-toothed aggressor, this is a question. It must be attributed to the international status of the Russian Federation that changed after 2015 (after the Russian Federation entered the SAR).

There is such a concept in diplomacy as the right of the strong, and it is this right that we have won for ourselves with all the events that follow the state. coup in Ukraine. And it was precisely this that Poroshenko did not take into account, trying to sit on his chair with such a cunning maneuver, and bring Russia under the next sanctions, and rally the nation in front of the obvious external threat from its northern neighbor, which now threatens it not only from land but also from the sea. The plan was certainly good. Could Vova let the ships pass under the bridge without prejudice to himself and the subsequent inevitable reputation loss? Not! If he said "Crimea", then mine and stand your ground! And then what do you do with the ships of an insane neighbor? To drown? Who knows what's on his mind? The Crimean bridge is a strategic object, or maybe their rusty tugboat is packed full of explosives? What should they send him to the bridge support? About missiles armed with MBAK I have already said above. Agree, it was, why Vova ponder.

Passage under the Crimean bridge is permissive in nature, we did not give our permission for this, and the Ukrainians basically did not ask him this time. Although exactly 2 months ago, on September 23, two Ukrainian vessels followed the same route from Odessa to Berdyansk - the search and rescue vessel A500 Donbass and the sea tug A830 Korets, both are assigned to the Ukrainian Navy (again, I cannot but note the symbolism of the name is “Donbass” and “Korets”, which never became “Korean”, the famous gunboat that died with the “Varyag”). Then the politeness was observed, applications for passage were officially filed, the sequence of passage was established, pilotage support was provided. Why this time Ukraine decided to do otherwise, clearly. The degree of tolerances is consciously checked, if we skip now, it means that next time they will require more. And for the first time they taught it to themselves, like our slack, they say, Russia missed warships under her strategic bridge (two rusty coffins born in 1969 and 1973 with one anti-aircraft gun and one machine gun for two), and nothing, wiped off! The next one could already be some kind of American airbed, which could visit its Ukrainian friends in Berdyansk on a friendly visit. Why not ?! Sooner or later this had to be finished. Here Vova and finished! It’s good that there were no casualties.

I give a leak on the fact of the events, which arrived in time through closed channels: “All the teams are young, that is, they don’t remember the past, moreover, from the word “completely”, a source in the FSB reports to Nezavisimaya Gazeta. - At present, indeed, they are all in shock. Two curators from the SBU identified and isolated. They work with them separately. The ciphers, equipment of the ZAS (classified communications) are taken intact. The armored boat "Berdyansk" tried to resist - dangerous maneuvering, so they used force. Wounded (lightly) three. The Nikopol armored boat and the tugboat surrendered without resistance. Only 23 people. We went with the positioning devices turned off. They were still led from Odessa (there are enough sources in the city). The adventure of pure water is a tugboat portflot and he is 43 years old, and riverboats with seaworthiness are 3 points, so the auxiliary forces of the Black Sea Fleet were tasked with saving the poor fellow if the storm started. And in readiness were all the forces and means. As soon as they reached the closed square, they tried to exhort them, but without result. Like real Bandera people, when they realized that they would be taken, they applied for the passage under the bridge by radio. By the fact that they left Berdyansk (a couple of the same armored boats) - there was no problem to sink, the flight of two Alligators with a full body kit turned out to be sufficient - they rushed to the base at maximum speed. In tow, some members of the team had to change lingerie in the literal sense of the word. The cock was the most courageous of all - he offered hot tea and coffee. ” (from). Everything is clear here, I leave without comment. I can only say that there are actually three wounded, and only one of them is easy. Two others of moderate and greater severity - one was left without fingers, chopped up by splinters, the second has a lot of blood loss after being wounded in the thigh. But the guys knew what they were doing. It’s good that they stayed alive. Everything is clear with this.

But with Petya, clarity is not observed. His brilliant plan cracked at the very beginning. Moreover, in the place in which he clearly did not expect. His partners did not support him. Trump, in general, pretended not to notice anything (you just think about it, 9 tweets have already been published since the vile aggression of the Russian Federation, infection, but not a word about Ukraine!). But Merkel called Pete at night and gave him such a “martial law” that it was a pity to look at him the next morning. What is the martial law? What do you?! So a military position. No, no, not for 60 days, but only for 30. And that you, that you, are no longer on the whole territory of Ukraine, only in areas bordering the Russian Federation (I was particularly touched by the Vinnitsa region here, it turns out it borders on the Russian Federation, did not know!). In the parliament, specially assembled for this, the guarantor only languidly asked him not to swear, and he himself did not know how to leave the "pasta" (trap), into which he drove himself. Just think about this epic trash, the guarantor is sent in plain text right in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada, and he only says: “No need to swear, panov!”. But it all began so wonderful. Martial law. Ukrainian Pinochet. But the West does not like amateur performances in such things. And their own electorate and, in general, no longer bite on such a "bred". Immunity.

As a result, in a matter of hours, the president of a great nation turned into a clown who drove himself into a trap. An unexpected result of his initiative was that the Rada voted to hold the presidential election on March 31, 2019. This was definitely not included in the plans of the future Pinochet. On the contrary, he tried to delay his electoral end, doing everything to postpone the election, and here he himself was forced to propose to legalize this date. Date of expiration of their powers. It's like personally knocking out the inscription on a tombstone: “07.06.2014/31.03.2019/XNUMX - XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. And the last name is Petro Poroshenko. ”

If before the introduction of limited martial law, the chances of passing it into the 2nd round could still be regarded as fifties, then after that they began to asymptotically tend to zero. The option with 10 areas, in general, was considered in the AP as a spare. That is, it was planned to hold elections only in those regions where there is no martial law. After determining the election date - March 31 and the term of the EaP in 30 days, all these developments lost all meaning. On the contrary, they began to work against the guarantor. So in just a few hours, the great commander profiled the remnants of his rating. I’m not even sure that he will sit until the official deadline for his term. A case in point is how the son of a non-commissioned officer widow carved himself.

So the clash of Ukrainian and Russian navies in the Kerch Strait was a milestone in the confrontation between our two countries. Having crossed the line, Kiev showed its complete and suicidal inadequacy, its readiness to sacrifice anything for the sake of personal selfish interests, up to the pulling of two countries into an armed conflict. And Russia clearly marked the coast for which no one should swim. Those to whom it was addressed in the West understood this. As for Kiev, no one asked him, in general. A country that consciously of its own will in 2014 lost its subjectivity, becoming the object of external control, has no right to count on anything else. This is the result of the board of the confectioner president, who will be remembered by the people only for gas tariffs and the slogan: “Army-Vira-Mova. Geth view of Moscow! ".

That's all. Review completed.
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