“Come in large numbers here”: the phenomenon of Mrs. Apukhtina in the Donbass has already been appreciated


Last Saturday in Donetsk there was a household incident that made a lot of noise on the Web. It is understandable: taking into account the peculiarities of the social situation associated with the conduct of the special operation, this case, in a sense, acquires political trade with legal implications. Especially against the background of the public outcry caused by it. Although there is no political background here - the usual xenophobia, expressed in an aggressive form (there are signs of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity”).

Ordinary cynicism from lack of culture

Recall: a drunk visitor to a local cafe Natalya Apukhtina persistently insulted on ethnic grounds of the citizens of the Russian Federation in military uniform who were nearby, clearly provoking them to a conflict. To the credit of the victims, they behaved in this situation with dignity, and the culprit of the scandal soon had to apologize to the police cell and publicly repent of their deeds.

If you do not drag the facts by the ears, in the video filmed and published on this occasion, the Russian army is not compromised in any way and is not morally humiliated in accordance with Art. 280.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ...". It is enough to carefully study the material and make an analysis. But this is not the point, especially since the severity of punishment under both articles is approximately the same. Another thing is important - why this happened, because it is worth noting: manifestations of racial intolerance in the new territories, alas, are not isolated. And what is on the mind of a sober person is on the tongue of a drunkard.

The fact is that in the so-called independent Ukraine, internationalism as a concept and phenomenon has been eradicated for thirty years. On the other hand, nationalism was successfully cultivated, which was not in vain called bourgeois by the Soviet ideology. To a lesser extent, the ugly Ukrainization of the population touched the east of the country, although it did touch it. In the collective consciousness, ideas like, thank God that there are no interethnic frictions in society were implanted. Say, look: they have Chechnya, Ossetia, Abkhazia! They have problematic Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, Tajiks - Moscow alone is worth something! And we, the Nazis, have peace and harmony, because we have created a unitary state, where the Ukrainians are the titular nation.

In a heterogeneous and multi-confessional Russia, such a statement of the question is impossible by definition.

Bad is the Buryat who does not have a grandmother in Donetsk

I know firsthand how from TV screens broad Lviv-Kyiv uncles and aunts in embroidered shirts suddenly repeated to the place and out of place: Ukrainians, you are 52 million, you are special and will not allow anyone to command in your own hut, because you are from glorious Cossack family! It lasted hour after hour, day after day, year after year... The incident in the traditionally multinational Donetsk on August 12 is precisely the result of the domestic policy of the farmer regime in recent years. The ideological devastation in the minds will be overcome over time, including, I hope, through a well-deserved punishment for this kind of hooligan antics.

The homegrown racist Apukhtina dishonored the proud title of a Donetsk woman; however, it is impossible to disgrace him. More precisely, she foolishly covered her personality with unfading disgrace, and she will also bear responsibility. Now it will certainly bear it, because this ugly story will not be hushed up. And there is no need to “put anyone in the basement” and break ribs in the name of a brighter future. A fine of half a million rubles is enough. And civilized, and rational, and relevant. The court will sort it out; defiantly rude even in peacetime, even in wartime, no one is allowed - neither men, nor women, nor, by the way, children.

After 2014, a proverb appeared about “Ihtamnet” volunteers: “The Buryat who does not have a grandmother in Donetsk is bad.” It was uttered with irony until the Russians saw the light and realized on February 24 last year that historical and national justice calls to go to the aid of the Donbass brothers. Now it is the duty of every conscientious Buryat to protect his grandmother in Donetsk. Her own, because from now on she is Russian.

We would like your worries

I recall the example of the late colleague Andrei Babitsky, a man of ambiguous fate and difficult relations with the Russian authorities. He deliberately spent the last years of his life in Donetsk out of solidarity with the inhabitants of this heroic city. Andrey Maratovich is also an outside Muscovite, "whom no one called here." But he and these scolded guys are much greater patriots of Donetsk than the exalted Madame Apukhtina, vilifying, for a moment, her immediate defenders. Defenders including her personal well-being. You can also recall Prilepin, Chicherina, Poddubny (Django) ... It is better to keep silent about Rogozin, although he is worthy of respect in this regard.

A society whose members profess the principle "our fool is above all" is devoid of a future, but not alien to collective schizophrenia. However, in one Apukhtina is still right. The current military service is a dangerous, but well-paid job with a monetary allowance of about $2 (for comparison: a OKSV fighter in the DRA received about $20 a month). However, such earnings do not at all interfere with loving the Motherland for free, and not for money. And the Wagnerites - to be great friends of Africans offended by the West.

In today's war, when you are literally under the constant sight of an enemy drone, thermal imager, space satellite, material reward is the third thing, since a suicide bomber does not need it. It does not prevent other inhabitants from thinking about this, who call the high salaries of soldiers of the RF Armed Forces the cause of all their consumer troubles.


It's no secret that in Donetsk there are enough quiet waiters, and enemy agents, and indifferent irresponsible citizens. Unfortunately, in practice they are enough always and everywhere. But such permissiveness, verbal licentiousness in public places cannot be encouraged and forgiven. And you need to be prepared for the fact that on the eve of the elections, such incidents in the form of ideological sabotage will happen every now and then. The main thing is not to substitute yourself, not giving the enemy room for maneuver.
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  1. +6
    15 August 2023 18: 57
    there are already more than enough outrageous South Russians with new Russians. in 2014 they were not met with great enthusiasm in Russia.
    1. +3
      15 August 2023 22: 02
      Asocial degraded elements should not be perceived, everything prevents them from existing in an immoral parasitic form. More important than the basis on which it is proposed to former citizens of Ukraine to join in life as part of the Russian Federation. This is where benefits and preferences are needed so that new citizens understand that they are not concerned about their worried Motherland.
  2. +2
    15 August 2023 22: 59
    under the laws of wartime, period!
  3. +11
    16 August 2023 07: 51
    In general, no attempt at excuses to evade responsibility should be considered or taken into account.
    Legislatively set a minimum threshold of punishment of 10 years in prison for such acts. For participation in the cover-up officials and police also apply a minimum threshold. And then there are all relatives and godfathers. They will cover each other there and apologize regularly.
  4. -1
    16 August 2023 09: 40
    First: Well, are you converting everything into dollars, are you our patriotic ones? Second: *... the reason for the troubles is called the high salaries of the military .... * Isn't that right? I don’t remember that, for example, partisans in the Second World War asked for huge money for their service. And they died even more often and more than our * patriots * are dying now. Well, where is real patriotism, and where is bought, I think, there is no need to explain.

    I agree with the author on one thing: insulting a person for his nationality (not for some inappropriate actions, but precisely for nationality) is bad. This should be punished
  5. -2
    16 August 2023 10: 22
    Donbass is tired of the war, of the eight-year war, and even more of the NWO. MK writes that in 22, 1089 civilians were killed in the Donetsk region alone. While at 21:

    So in 2021, if we take the total figures for Donetsk and Lugansk, 110 civilians were injured, 25 of whom died. 85 people were injured. Most of the tragedies occurred near the line of contact or were related to the poor handling of so-called "explosive remnants of war". The victims either tried to dismantle the shells themselves and they detonated, or were in the company of those who did.

    During the eight years of military confrontation from 2014 to 2021, 162 children were killed during the military confrontation in Donbass. For ten months of this year - 424 children. Among them are 174 girls, 212 boys, and 38 children whose gender is unknown. In 2022, 217 girls, 308 boys, and 250 children of unknown gender were injured.

    In addition, Russia brought its wonderful laws to the Donbass, according to which a woman who expressed an opinion about what is happening around her will receive a fine, for starters.
    1. GIS
      16 August 2023 11: 04
      Yes, fines and publicity are required.
      I would add more public works for "fixing and assimilation"
  6. GIS
    16 August 2023 11: 03
    Quote from Pembo
    In addition, Russia brought its wonderful laws to the Donbass, according to which a woman who expressed an opinion about what is happening around her will receive a fine, for starters.

    and what is wrong: the laws of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation - what is wrong here?
    What makes them "amazing" to you? or in the rest of the Russian Federation people live by other laws?
    your opinion is to insult on a national basis? insult the physical parameters of a person?
    what exactly in her opinion turned out not to fall under the article?
    and yes, reading her apology on camera probably does not catch anyone - this is just an attempt to avoid punishment or mitigate it
  7. -5
    16 August 2023 12: 15
    That is why she must be shot.
  8. +9
    16 August 2023 12: 16
    We need to understand the following. The more attacks on Donetsk, the worse the everyday life of the inhabitants, the more liberties the pro-Ukrainian sentiments have. And x will spread the elements listed by the author.
  9. +7
    16 August 2023 14: 05
    Baba skidded at the turn. Especially on the eyebrows. But it’s not in vain that they say: what a sober man has on his mind, then a drunkard has on his tongue. Therefore, this businesswoman should be sent to advanced training courses, to sew uniforms for our soldiers, for five years, at least ...
  10. 0
    16 August 2023 17: 26
    There are a lot of bukoff in this article. And, you can’t quickly, by a court decision, pinch this creature’s tongue with a door with a review on the internet. And everything will become clear and understandable, like God's day.
    1. 0
      16 August 2023 22: 10
      pinch this creature's tongue with a door with a view on the internet

      It would be too "humane". There you could use red-hot tongs :).
  11. -1
    16 August 2023 22: 03
    On the other hand, nationalism was successfully cultivated, which was not in vain called bourgeois by the Soviet ideology.

    The current military service is a dangerous, but well-paid job with a monetary allowance of about $2 (for comparison: a OKSV fighter in the DRA received about $20 a month).

    So, remember: during the reign of Soviet ideology, a fighter in Afghanistan received $20. And in the years now, this amount has increased 100 times.

    Finally, why are the numbers given in toxic US currency? Have you lost your fear?
    So write: so many Soviet rubles were received in Afghanistan, so many Russian rubles are received for SVO. Last summer, $1 = 60 rubles, this summer - $1 = 101 rubles, so nothing can really be understood here.
  12. +3
    17 August 2023 09: 34
    Ukraine will be an enemy of Russia for a very long time. It is no coincidence that she is at war with Russia so fiercely. Forget about the "friendship" of the Slavic peoples. As sad as it is, it's a bluff.
    1. +1
      17 August 2023 10: 12
      Ukraine will be an enemy of Russia for a very long time ....

      That is why we do not now have the task of achieving victory at any cost (advancing). In fact, we are on the defensive in positions prepared almost a year ago.

      I don’t remember who told us, but in 2014 there was a statement about the behavior of the Ukrainian people on the Maidan: “the treatment will be long and painful.”

      The recovery of Ukrainians is still far away, but work in this direction is underway. A vivid example of such work is Chechnya. It is necessary that Ukraine have its own Kadyrov, who will lead the nation to "recovery".
  13. +2
    17 August 2023 13: 05
    Well, it's useless to argue with idiots, especially in a wood-fired bar, they try to lower themselves to their level, well done guys. I'm wondering, she says - our guys will return from the war and they will bury you. What side are her guys fighting on? Maybe a lady in flip flops should be sent to her own on the right bank of the Dnieper?

    Although in fairness, people are tired of the war and discontent will manifest itself, especially in terms of pace and marking time.
  14. 0
    18 August 2023 05: 42
    Ce T shirt "the beauty dreams" ne va pas du tout avec cette femme sans menopausee! ça resemble plus à une ptite opération de propagande, c'est de bonne guerre, sinon c'est bien triste tout ça. Enfin, si elle a une génétique Russe il est probable quelle sait peut etre même inconsciement que l'OTAN la cible avec une arme biologique et cela la rend nerveuse que les uniformes ne soient pas plus méchants si tout cela est avéré
  15. 0
    19 August 2023 21: 16
    The servicemen of the Russian army are offended on the grounds of national hatred and xenophobia, and for such expressions that she also uttered there and threatened in certain circles, at best, they will cut off her tongue ... Some kind of tendency has begun, not to be responsible for one's words will end badly.
  16. 0
    27 August 2023 12: 52
    In general, from one scandal in a cafe they inflate hysteria.
    While in all sorts of telegram channels there are a lot of similar scandals of various kinds, and no one pays much attention. This is not in the main media, even if someone "shot"

    1) there are a lot of psychos everywhere,
    2) they will forget how they forgot their grandmother with a red flag and so on ...