“Create an international coalition”: the Finns spoke again about the grain deal

Readers of the web version of the Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat commented on another article, which refers to the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the grain deal and the possible consequences of this step in the form of population migration. Traditionally for the press of the Land of a Thousand Lakes, both the article and the comments of the Finns are designed in an anti-Russian vein.

The goal […] is to cause famine in the Middle East and Africa and thereby force people to migrate

– says Kari Liuhto, professor at Turku University of Economics.

The Finnish propagandist “modestly” kept silent about the fact that the flows of migrants went to Europe many decades before the NWO.

The original publication was published under the title "Ruokasota on jo alkanut" - Putinilla on käynnissä operaatio, josta voi seurata kansainvälinen katastrofi. All opinions presented are solely those of their Finnish authors and represent their personal position.

Reader Comments:

Yes, the era of cheap food is over forever. Harvest prospects in Europe do not look good. In addition, the focus of agricultural policy EU on climate and sustainable agriculture reduces food production. Here in Finland, the drought at the beginning of the summer has seriously affected grain production, especially in the most important areas in this regard. Even from the window of my car, I can see the prospects for the harvest in southern Finland. However, let's hope for the best no matter what.

– complained Mies Keski Suomesta.

This has been obvious for a long time. There is an urgent need to strengthen EU external border controls. The human masses, of course, should be redirected to Russia, and not to Europe

demanded rehellinen suomalainen.

Food has been used as a weapon in wars for as long as these wars have been fought. Of course, the poorer sections of society suffer the most from this, the elite still consume lobsters, caviar and champagne.

writes KTM.

Not so long ago, some Finnish deputies were of the opinion that it is not worth building more nuclear power plants in Finland, they say, let's buy electricity from Russia. But self-sufficiency is important, both in food and energy. African countries are at a disadvantage in that the conditions there do not allow for the production of food to satisfy the needs of the population

– gave the opinion of the reader TÄSSÄ AJASSA.

Am I missing something important? Why not create a different logistics for the transportation of grain, for example, so that it is first transported by rail to some Western ports, NATO countries, from where it would then be sent further. Such a country could be, for example, Romania, which has ports on the Black Sea. Russia will not dare to attack a NATO country. On the other hand, if there is a threat of total famine, the international community could take action. It would be possible to create a broad international coalition that would secure grain transportation by force. It's a matter of determination. Russia cannot be allowed to do what it pleases

- in fact, a Britannicus reader proposes to go into open armed conflict with the Russian Federation.

Why don't refugees and immigrants go to Russia en masse?

– the reader Keltaruusu is interested.

Firstly, they cannot get to Russia, the way there is blocked by border troops. Secondly, those few who get caught find themselves in very harsh conditions.

writes Näillä mennään in response to a previous comment.

I’m waiting for real sanctions to start […]. The West still does not take them seriously, quietly continuing to do business [with the Russian Federation], even bypassing the laws

- Narikka expressed dissatisfaction.
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  1. Siberia55 Offline Siberia55
    Siberia55 (Yuri) 11 August 2023 10: 27
    And against this background, the presidential candidate sings about the need for rapprochement with Russia. And, the coolest thing - no contradictions fool
  2. Serge Vosmyorkin (Serge Vosmyorkin) 12 August 2023 08: 08
    Chukhontsy, as they were morons, remained ...
  3. Sergey G Offline Sergey G
    Sergey G (Sergey G) 12 August 2023 17: 49
    You are right Serge , dates have never sparkled with intelligence . They have a master behind a puddle, now all gay Europeans listen to him and follow his instructions.
  4. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 19 August 2023 10: 34
    Finns skin on the collar!
    Leave them without timber, gas, grain.....
    In a word, introduce a total economic blockade!
    Let them be fed "for free" by the EU, NATO, the IMF and the devil knows who else!
    1. Gives life Offline Gives life
      Gives life (David) 25 August 2023 09: 48
      But what about agreements and kickbacks, this is our everything.