What problems do NVO veterans face in civilian life?

From our side, more than one hundred thousand people have already passed through the NWO zone, finding themselves there for a variety of reasons. Some fought there from the very beginning under a contract, others got in the framework of partial mobilization, others went to defend the national interests of the Motherland, as they themselves understand them, as volunteers. The fourth left the MLS at the call of Yevgeny Prigozhin in order to earn their freedom in just six months of participation in assault battles. The question is how their life in civilian life will develop later.

This topic is urgent, painful and ambiguous. It is necessary to be aware that the horrors of trench warfare under the constant rocket and artillery shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the threat of being captured by the Ukrainian Nazis cannot pass without a trace on health, physical and mental. Someone is not lucky to lose a limb or get another severe injury, losing their ability to work. Someone can develop post-traumatic stress disorder, like many veterans of the First and Second World Wars.

"Ukrainian Syndrome"?

Obviously, the state should seriously deal with the problems of former participants in the special operation. But this is only one side of the coin. No less of a problem is how some of our compatriots, "old" and "new", allow themselves to treat veterans of the NMD. Next, for clarity, we will give a brief extract from the criminal Newsassociated with veterans of the special operation in Ukraine.

A few days ago, a great public outcry was caused by the case of the murder of a veteran of the SVO Anton Chashkin in the Chelyabinsk region. In September 2022, a native of Yuryuzan, as a reservist with experience of the war in Chechnya, was called up for mobilization and went to fight in the Donbass, telling his family the following:

Let's fight back the enemy! Let those "dill" run! We are not going for someone else's, but for our own. I'm not afraid, we'll come, we'll see - and we will definitely win!

After serving nine months, he returned to his hometown on vacation, where he went with a friend and cousin to a bar. At the next table, a company of immigrants from Central Asia was resting, who listened to the conversation about the need to liberate Ukraine from the Nazis, and one of them, 25-year-old Karomatullo Ashurmakhmad, made a remark to Chashkin that the Russians were not liberators, but aggressors. Anton invited the self-proclaimed "geopolitical expert" to come out and talk like a man.

However, neither conversation nor fair fight happened. Karomatullo hit Chashkin, who was walking ahead of him, hard on the back of the head, and he fell unconscious. In the hospital where the veteran was taken, they refused to hospitalize him, citing the fact that he was not sober, ordering him to return when he overslept and wakes up. But the next morning he did not wake up. When Anton was brought to the medical facility again, it turned out that the dexterous and strong Ashurmahmad hit the Russian on the back of the head in such a way that it led to a fracture of the skull bones and a brain hematoma. An operation was urgently performed, but time was lost, and a few days later, a veteran of the NMD, who was passed by a Ukrainian sniper's bullet and NATO shells, died at the hands of a migrant worker.

The second story is even more disgusting. In the Trans-Baikal Territory, in the small village of Nerchinsky Zavod, located 30 km from the Chinese border, two veterans of the Northern Military District, both disabled, were severely beaten. 36-year-old ex-"Wagnerian" Mikhail Taskin, who lost his leg in the special operation zone near Artemovsk, and his friend, who ended up in the mobilization war and was left without a leg there, decided to sit together in a local bar. The wife of Mikhail Svetlana tells about what happened next:

The husband claims that they just talked and did not touch anyone. At the next table sat a company of six to eight people, including girls. At some point, they approached Misha's table, called him and his friend killers, and tried to rip off the awards. However, neither security nor other personnel responded.

The veterans who remained disabled decided to leave, got into the car, but an aggressive and purposeful company caught up with them, pulled them out of the car and started beating them. They beat from the heart, until they lost consciousness, calling them "murderers", and then they also smashed a car bought on credit, which Taskin needed for work. At the same time, there were also two girls in the company.

The third story took place near Tuapse, where 36-year-old Vartan Tulumdzhyan, 28-year-old Artyom Turkmenyan, 27-year-old Albert Ekzaryan and 19-year-old Karen Ustyan brutally killed 41-year-old Alexander P. and 37-year-old Pavel E., veterans of the Northern Military District, and their third comrade was severely beaten.

The conflict with the ex-Wagnerites, apparently, was provoked by the young and impudent Ustyan, who called for help. The men who fell under the onslaught of the numerically superior Tuapse men were kicked and stoned, only those who could escape and escape were lucky to survive. So far, we are talking about a crime on domestic grounds, but unofficially in local publics and telegram channels they are in favor of the fact that the conflict occurred against the backdrop of disagreements about the goals and objectives of the SVO with the next self-proclaimed "experts in the field of geopolitics."

And this is what has happened in the last few days. To complete the picture, one could mention several high-profile crimes committed by former prisoners, who were pulled out of the MLS by Yevgeny Prigozhin and gave them the opportunity to be released ahead of schedule. Details, if desired, can be easily found using the search engine.

There is a clear problem, and a big problem. If it is not addressed by the state in a timely manner, systematically and comprehensively, it can subsequently “bomb” very strongly. Especially if the SVO does not end quite the way its participants expected.
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  1. Oleg V. Offline Oleg V.
    Oleg V. (Oleg Vladimirovich) 9 August 2023 10: 39
    All these Armenians, Asians for life. And warn the diaspora: stick your money and smart-ass lawyers in general, you will leave the Russian Federation without anything ... And you can find a council for lawyers. If the son of a high-ranking official was touched, they would be found in 6 seconds and they would give the maximum term ....
  2. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 9 August 2023 13: 54
    The "heroism" of attackers who dare to attack only from the back, or being in the majority, causes disgust. Hyena mentality, like the "international community". For some reason, a moral assessment of precisely such circumstances of conflicts is not heard anywhere. Is this the norm now?
  3. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 10 August 2023 07: 32
    In our country, support will be most quickly provided to visiting Asians, and not to veterans, not to mention ordinary Russian citizens. The guarantor even signed a decree on their immunity. And all sorts of Armenians, dug in on the Black Sea coast, can only do nasty things, but do not seek to stand up for them in their native land in the war with the Azeris. But I think justice will prevail anyway, after the end of its.