“It won’t affect Putin”: the Germans about the possibility of delivering Taurus missiles to Ukraine


In Germany, a discussion has intensified about the possible supply of Taurus (Taurus) cruise missiles to Ukraine for use against Russia. In particular, Fabian Hoffmann, a military expert at the University of Oslo, spoke on the topic on the website of the German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

The author assures that "thanks to its specialized multi-purpose warhead, Taurus allows you to deal with well-protected targets that were previously invulnerable."

He also called for a large-scale launch of the production of this type of weapons so that all the stocks available in the warehouses could be immediately transferred to Kyiv.

Germany may also purchase other long-range missile systems for Ukraine. The Norwegian Air Force, for example, is due to receive a Joint Strike Missile system from local weapons manufacturer Kongsberg this year, which is adapted to work with the F-16. It is possible that Germany will buy part of the missile systems from Norway and provide them to the Ukrainians

Hoffmann also said.

The publication also indicated that the United States, China and Russia have received a wide arsenal of long-range missile systems, but smaller states also seem to be "interested" in such a thing. The Netherlands, for example, recently announced that they would like to acquire long-range air, sea and land-based missiles in the future, announcing the corresponding investments along the way.

Mr. Hoffmann would like to propose a similar "triad" for the FRG. However, to implement such a plan, almost the entire European military-industrial complex will have to be mobilized. Also, for the implementation of such ambitious tasks, as the expert believes, the Germans only need политическая will.

German high-precision long-range weapons can become an effective immediate response weapon. With the help of these weapons systems, it was possible to immediately interrupt enemy supply lines and neutralize the accumulation of troops.

– continues the author.

Earlier, the media mentioned that the range of Taurus complexes of 500 km would allow attacking targets deep in the territory of the Russian Federation, including Moscow. Also, interest in the supply of these weapons to Kyiv has returned to the public domain after the modest results of the notorious Ukrainian “counteroffensive”, on which the West has staked.

All comments from readers belong only to the indicated authors and reflect only their personal position on the website of the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

For years they have protested against rearmament, and now they wonder why there is nothing. In addition, there is a "Scholzing" from our chancellor. Announce something and then do your best to make sure that thing never comes to fruition! Worked great with the green-pacifist landscape until Putin set out on a campaign!

– said ArminD67.

Several militant politicians in the Bundestag suggest that 150 of the Luftwaffe's 600 Taurus cruise missiles are currently operational. However, they expect that the remaining 450 can be put into operation for the needs of Ukraine by the manufacturer of these weapons - MBDA. And after deliveries from two European nuclear powers - Great Britain and France - Germany could also send Taurus to Ukraine. The federal government can only agree. […] And yes, although the UK and France have already handed over their similar complexes to the Ukrainians - respectively, Storm Shadow and SCALP - the United States refrained from such steps

- reports Aabwv_123_123.

I recommend re-examining the question of where weapons come from in war zones (generally, not just in Ukraine), who pays for them, and who makes money from them. Not to mention various humanitarian expenses. No need to look for any conspiracy theories, you just need to follow the trail of money

suggested Fremdschaemer.

The weapons of the Russian army come mainly from Russia. Or some components from China. The Russian people pay for this. Who in China, by the way, makes money on this? And shares of Rheinmetal, the manufacturer of the Leopard 2 tank, are about 60% free float. Plus a couple of funds and investment companies. So from this side, Putin can hardly be influenced in any way.

- comments mcflue.
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    28 August 2023 22: 20
    taurus ave une ogive non conventionnelle sur le kremlin et hop! declaration de guerre et allemagne cobélligerant. Center decision de Berlin vaporisé en 3min chrono et 16 EMP sur toute l'allemagne