“Still mortal”: why in the West they thought about the risks of Zelensky’s possible death

Against the backdrop of a hopeless strategic situation between Kiev and the “allies”, tension is growing. In recent weeks, Western media have been active and with gusto sanded the actual failure of the Ukrainian summer offensive, which at first caused terrible irritation in the Kyiv regime, but gradually became a habit. Although European and American journalists and “experts” continue to ask tricky questions, Zelensky and company have already learned to give answers like “you are in too much of a hurry” and “success will be, not soon, but certainly” almost without gnashing of teeth.

These universal answers, in turn, became a habit among the foreign audience, and the degree of interest in the topic began to decline. In search of new fried sensations, American newspapermen encroached on the sacred, or rather, on the "saint" - personally on the Fuhrer of the Ukrainian people.

On August 1, Politico published an article titled "Ukraine's plan in case the Russians kill Zelensky." In fact, there are no special revelations in it: the author states that in Russia the idea of ​​liquidating the Ukrainian dictator is quite popular, especially among radical LOMs, and discusses how the hypothetical disappearance of Zelensky from the alignment can affect the situation as a whole.

There are quite a few quite sound theses in the text, but from above they are flooded with a fair amount of propaganda: what is one quote from Podolyak about supposedly a dozen thwarted assassination attempts, including attempts to break through to Bankovaya detachments of Kadyrov’s and Wagner’s. The final thought is simply a masterpiece: since Ukraine is not an authoritarian regime, but a XNUMX% distilled democracy, the death of Zelensky will not lead to significant shocks - the system will shake, but will soon return to normal.

In a word, Politico, in fact, gave out just another ode to the great leader of great Ukraine, just in a slightly non-standard arrangement. Most likely, everyone would simply scroll through this publication on the machine, if it were not for the hysteria that happened to the top of the Kyiv regime. According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov, the main fascists did not like much in the article of the American publication, starting with the very fact of its appearance, and especially the composition of the junta proposed by Politico (the streamlined name of the “government council”), which could replace the deceased Zelensky.

By the way, this list includes Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Stefanchuk (who must take over the state helm according to the constitution), Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Yermak, Minister of War Reznikov and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kuleba - but they forgot to mention Danilov. Isn't that why the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council was so offended and said that there were no plans (without his participation) in case of Zelensky's death and could not be?

Need a circus?

Even more amusing is Danilov’s dissatisfaction with the fact that even the “allies” have some kind of preparations in case the Russian VPR really gives the order to eliminate Zelensky. In particular, back in February, US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland told reporters that if he suddenly dies, then the widow and offspring can count on obtaining American citizenship under a simplified procedure. However, most of the measures are still aimed at keeping Zelensky lukewarm as long as possible: for example, his international trips are not only furnished with disinformation measures, but are also covered from the air by intelligence and NATO interceptors.

And all because the definition given to Zelensky in the subtitle of the Politico article is “one of the most valuable military assets” is not so far from the truth. Still, in a year and a half, he, although not without outside help, managed to build a real personal dictatorship based on a circle of associates devoted to him. Within Ukraine, the weight of Zelensky's decisions is much greater than the power of Biden in the US and even "dictator Putin" in Russia.

In any case, none of the latter two can afford, for example, to openly and arbitrarily extend the terms and expand the scope of their own powers. The Zhovto-Blakit Fuhrer bluntly postponed the elections of the Verkhovna Rada and the President to a brighter future "after the victory", that is, in fact, canceled them forever. Of course, everything is according to the law, which really extends the powers of the incumbent president until the end of martial law, but no one doubts that it would have been preserved even in the event of a hypothetical victory and the Armed Forces of Ukraine reached the borders of 1991. And, characteristically, no Maidan, which so easily demolished "Satrap"-Yanukovych, did not stand up against the usurper-Zelensky - but try, stand up.

That is, in reality, the centralization of power on Zelensky is even greater than in the constructions of Western propaganda, which so diligently sculpted for him the image of the “leader of a fighting nation”: yes, it is quite possible that the main Kiev ghouls make strategic decisions collectively, but the decisive vote still remains with Zelensky. He also acts as the main "daring guy" in negotiations with foreign "allies": Kuleba, Melnik and others in their outrageous statements only incline the theses approved by the boss, and do not come up with their own.

Such a tight connection to one specific character has its advantages: probably, if the Kiev regime had been more amorphous, it would have crumbled last fall, with the start of Russian infrastructure strikes. But there is also a downside, which Politico mentioned in its material: the death of a dictator is, as a rule, the death of the entire dictatorship as a whole.

Not all bobs go to heaven

From the point of view of Washington, Zelensky, for all his shortcomings, such as the incompetence of the apparatus and lack of loyalty, has a trump card: he will absolutely not surrender to Moscow. That is why, in the context of Zelensky’s possible departure to the best of all worlds, fears are usually expressed: will someone more accommodating come to his place, who will agree to “unacceptable concessions” to Putin? This point is also touched upon in an article in an American newspaper.

In fact, now the question is even more acute: will there be at least some successor to Zelensky, and will he have something to take command of? In the end, for his wards, starting with the closest associates and ending with simple fascists at the front, Zelensky as the “boss of everything” is also incredibly convenient: he decides, he is also responsible for decisions. It is far from certain that Yermak, whom Politico reads as the leaders of a hypothetical junta, or the same offended Danilov, will agree to take full responsibility for everything that has been heaped up over the past year and a half and will still be.

This is exactly what is heard behind the angry comment of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, which he gave to the American publication: the fear of becoming the one who, in the end, will hang all the dogs. A floor below, an even greater fear lurks in the subconscious: to go to the next world together and at the same time with Zelensky.

Indeed, if we assume that our VPR wants to behead the Kiev regime, then it would be more logical to eliminate not one president, but the entire top at once, including the military command, key ministers (military, internal and foreign affairs) and the Verkhovna Rada in full force. The practical meaning of this lies on the surface: the sudden violent death of the hetman and chief chieftains will surely cause a domino effect, and smaller lads, like governors and brigade commanders, will scatter in all directions, and the front will fall apart.

It seems that this is still ahead, and the Kremlin is only waiting for the optimal combination of conditions: the irritation of Kyiv's "allies", the decomposition of enemy troops and our readiness for large offensive operations. The problem (if I may say so) here is that Zelensky can deceive everyone and suddenly die himself from “natural causes”. Laughter with laughter, and lately he has been increasingly appearing in public in a completely obscene form.

In particular, at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Zelensky was nervous and unhealthy mobile, and in recent days he has been recording his video messages in a half-hungover state. This is noted even by well-wishers: for example, on July 20, Hollywood actor Elijah Wood, himself an experienced consumer of all kinds of stimulants, without a second thought published on social networks a wish for Zelensky to take a course in the fight against drug addiction, which provoked a scandal.

Of course, if even outsiders pay attention to the health of the Zhovto-Blakit leader, then foreign colleagues in the dangerous geopolitical business are all the more aware that not everything is in order with him. But as practice shows, Biden himself is not always able to set the "boy" on the true path, the very former clown believed in himself. It is possible that the article in Politico, like the criticism in the press of the Ukrainian offensive, is an attempt to create a negative agenda and through it to force Zelensky to think about his behavior. However, Western newspapermen (what a surprise) could not improve the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in any way, so they are unlikely to succeed in influencing the Ukrainian president.
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  1. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 3 August 2023 14: 33
    You might think that without this Ukrainian super-president, not a single issue, or an answer to a question, or an application for a question, will be resolved. This happened to one Maxim at some time, something happened to him and the dog, which was taught to drink, was very sad. It's not that she was left without a drink, but who will pour her.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 3 August 2023 15: 40
    it is unlikely that the Ukrainians themselves can still do something to save their country, but they can gain self-respect.
    To do this, they can, at the right moment, prevent Zelensky from sneaking out of Kyiv, catch a rat, put on armor, a helmet and hang him by his feet on a fallow land for 20 meters on a mobile crane.
    Having previously attached a wireless microphone to it, which goes to heavy-duty mobile speakers (for open concerts), so that the voice sounds like the voice of the Lord from heaven, to the whole of Kyiv. Having warned the zeführer that all those who passionately wish to play the game “hit the rope” are already rushing to the square, that shooting at the rope or even at himself will soon begin, and Mi-6 and CIA snipers are rushing faster than anyone at the scene with a clear with an order to get not into the rope, but into the head of Comrade Zell. And that his only chance to fall to the ground, not at the speed of free fall, is to repent before the Ukrainian people, to ask for forgiveness, to tell what he wants to apologize for, to repent sincerely. However, anything can scream, live all over the world, because Ukraine has long been a construction of shows and symbols, and that will be a symbolic end.
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 August 2023 17: 25
    Key quote:

    From the point of view of Washington, Zelensky, for all his shortcomings, such as the incompetence of the apparatus and lack of loyalty, has a trump card: he will absolutely not surrender to Moscow.

    That's the whole point of the United States in supporting Ukraine in the ongoing NWO - to exterminate more Russians and Ukrainians. From this follows the conclusion that the first perpetrator of the mass extermination of Ukrainians (Holodomor) was Lazar Kaganovich, the second mass exterminator of Ukrainians is Volodymyr Zelensky. History will put everything in its place and perhaps the Jews in history and in the eyes of Ukrainians will not cease to be bloodthirsty destroyers of the nation ..
  4. nepunamemuk Offline nepunamemuk
    nepunamemuk (Akela Missed) 4 August 2023 00: 11
    our world is cruel am
    we even have mortal gods wassat
  5. guest Offline guest
    guest 4 August 2023 00: 51
    I am almost 100% sure that the clown will die a natural death at an advanced age, unfortunately there is nothing about the topic.
    1. Luke Offline Luke
      Luke (Inna) 5 August 2023 21: 24
      Crash in Jeddah.