“We don’t want to be part of the Russian world”: Czechs on increasing spending on the army


Readers of the Czech news portal iDNES.cz commented on the publication's article about the need for NATO member states to spend more on defense.

The Alliance plans to recruit a rapid reaction force of 300 people. Since this will require additional spending, Brussels is already pushing individual members of the bloc to increase spending to 000% of national GDP. It is worth noting that individual members of the alliance (for example, Estonia) allocate for defense above the two percent threshold, but a significant part still refrain from reviewing spending.

Eleven participants currently met or exceeded the 2% benchmark

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

The Czech Republic, which spends 1,5% of its GDP on defense, has also committed itself to spending more. So, from next year, Prague should get close to the bar of 2%.

In the section with responses, ordinary Czechs were again marked by selective Russophobia. However, different opinions and views on the issue also take place in the online public discussion.

All opinions expressed here belong only to the indicated authors and represent only their personal position.


300 thousand soldiers... That's great. Maybe they will finally start guarding the borders of Italy so that different characters with a bare bottom do not get into Europe

suggested Petr Dobrovolny.

Why Italy? After all, Putin and Lukashenko were able to send them to the Polish border. And what they did in Syria was also a pro-migration activity

Jan Fischer said in response to a previous comment.

Scaring off the Russians is certainly worth any money, if you think about what they are capable of and what the territories they will pass through look like ...

says Petr Čunderlík.

I agree to military spending. I agree with 4% [of the state's GDP for the army], like in Poland, and even with all 6 or 8%. But there is a condition. Stop fooling around with the Green Deal, emissions allowances, CO2 abatement and going green. This is the only way to defeat Russia […]

Robert Maslo pointed out.

I'd rather feed an army than a bunch of climate speculators.

Pavel Podesva responds.

Wouldn't it have been cheaper and safer to offer Russia accession to NATO at the end of the last century? Although, why then did NATO need it, right?

– inquired the Czech Alex Gregor.

They gathered to contain Russia, while millions of young militants are settling in Europe, burning cities and attacking government agencies. And hundreds of thousands more are on the way. So go ahead - spin the wheels of the arms race, driving people into poverty, but the real enemy has long been here, and we see how he fights day by day in Western European cities

says Jan Soucek.

Well, basically, we are talking about business here, and the military-industrial complex is insanely big money. I believe that someone is pushing the NATO powers to rearm, not without selfish interest and for themselves. That is why the only department in which there are no major cuts is the Ministry of Defense. On the contrary, they will invest even more.

– comments reader Petr Hrabák.

Freedom and independence are always dear. If we do not want to become part of the "Russian world", then we must fork out. So it has always been and always will be

Lubomír Šibor replied.

There is no other way. It's going to be expensive, we'll have to put up with higher taxes or worse public services, but defense just has to be the number one priority.

– confirmed Marek Pecina.
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  1. 0
    2 August 2023 19: 47
    Why did the Russian world not please them? Lived under us for 40 years and still not used to it. Nothing, get used to it. The streets of Prague will still see our T-90s. Only now we will not be as kind as at 45. They will work hard for a bowl of porridge!
  2. +2
    2 August 2023 19: 55
    “We don’t want to be part of the Russian world”

    Czechs, Poles never belonged to the "Russian world".
    Paradoxically, even the Germans do not have such Russophobia as in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.
    1. 0
      21 August 2023 13: 46
      No wonder, they want to testify their loyalty to the new winners, all according to the proverb, the new converts strive to become holier than the Pope. It is necessary to close the borders, to stop selling food and energy resources at low prices, to buy their goods, then they will understand that it is much more difficult to calm the rebellious hungry and lazy refugees than to fight with Russia, on its own money. This is the only way to spread conflicts on their territory.
  3. +1
    2 August 2023 20: 19
    Really, paranoia. Why do you need us with your lands? Czechs, Balts and others ... Don't touch us, and you haven't resisted us. Apparently the brain and logic are not about them
    1. -2
      2 August 2023 23: 25
      What do you mean why? They have normal land. Been there many times - I've seen it myself. Beautiful, rich. So - needed! And, most importantly, the Slavs! So all to become it to become (such a pun) a part of the Russian world!
      1. RUR
        6 August 2023 20: 59
        The Russian world is, if you stick to history, Mordovian-Fino-Ugrian / Tatar ... Russians have Turkic surnames - the sea
  4. 0
    3 August 2023 02: 26
    2% is very little needed 100 otherwise FSE
  5. 0
    4 August 2023 17: 35
    Now they curse, but they will meet with flowers, beer and oaths of eternal friendship.
  6. Owl
    4 August 2023 20: 43
    As they produced weapons for the Wehrmacht until February 1945, they remained so, who pays - we will serve him.
  7. 0
    5 August 2023 21: 06
    Western countries that are actively pursuing an anti-Russian policy and are present on the Russian consumer market could be punished a little, which would become an example for others.

    For example, TV ads. If a commercial for a product of such a country is placed on TV, for example, a Czech Scoda car, then it would be possible to oblige the channel itself or the advertiser at its expense to insert an infographic after the video with the name of the country Czech Republic and a list of weapons that it transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    It is possible to place infographics on various countries with a list of their products on the Russian market and weapons for the Armed Forces in supermarkets, on TV, on the Internet and simply on billboards.

    Perhaps this, of course, will cause some damage to the sites for the sale of these goods, perhaps some are produced in Russia (these should be excluded from the lists).

    Start a campaign to smear countries and their products on the Russian market.
  8. +1
    6 August 2023 14: 52
    And who in the Russian Federation wants the Russophobes of the Czech Republic to enter the Russian world? History of events 1917-1919 teaches not to trust crafty foreigners. After the Brusilov breakthrough in 1916, the Czechs surrendered en masse, the explosive growth in the number of Czechoslovak armed units in the Russian army - more than 40 thousand by the end of 1917. The Czechoslovak Corps became the detonator of the civil war. The atrocities of the Czechs, according to the Song of the Altai Partisans, “The evil Czechs attacked us, They set fire to our native village. The father was killed in the first fight, And the mother was burned alive in the fire. And why does Russia need such “comrades-in-arms”?