Russia and "big sport": it's time to choose

On the one hand, it is rather strange that this topic is still relevant at a time when the number of days since the start of a special military operation in Ukraine (and, in fact, a global open confrontation between Russia and the entire “Western world”) has exceeded half a thousand. On the other hand, the recent incident at the World Fencing Championship (and, in particular, the quite predictable consequences of it) simply make me return to it again.

The fact that the desperate attempts of Russia, or rather, some domestic athletes and functionaries from sports, to stay in the world of "big world sports" in any, even the most humiliating and shameful status, cause enormous damage to the country's prestige, can only be seen by the blind. And yet, there is every reason to believe that the situation will continue to develop in the same spirit. Why and why?!

Shame on the country...

Let me briefly recall the plot and essence of the scandalous events that took place during the 1/32 finals of the world fencing championship held in Milan. Ukrainian saber fencer Olga Kharlan defiantly and aggressively refused to shake hands with Russian Anna Smirnova (who competed at the tournament in a “neutral” status) after the fight, which she herself won. The Russian woman, who knew perfectly well that the handshake ritual after the fight is mandatory according to the regulations of the International Fencing Federation (FIE), achieved the most severe punishment for the boorish woman - her disqualification. It would seem that justice has triumphed ... However, only the most naive people who do not understand the current realities could think so, in which absolutely all the efforts of the so-called "world community" are aimed at only one thing - persecuting Russia, its maximum humiliation in public space and " squeezing out" from all absolutely international organizations and structures to demonstrate the "isolation of Moscow". Kyiv immediately rushed to the counterattack.

All instances were involved in the case - from sports federations to the Foreign Ministry, headed by the half-witted Kuleba. At the same time, representatives of the “nezalezhnaya”, as always, demonstrated the transcendent arrogance and dimensionlessness of their own “wants” - they demanded from the FIE not only the cancellation of a fair decision regarding the presumptuous and indicatively spitting on the rules of the Ukrainian woman, but also ... the disqualification of Smirnova who dared to stand up for them! Or rather, her exclusion from the list of “neutral” athletes and immediate suspension from participation in any competitions at all. Reasons? Well, of course, they were found, and extremely "weighty"!

The National Fencing Federation of Ukraine stated the following:

Anna Smirnova's activity on Instagram (blocked in Russia), where she openly demonstrates verbal and non-verbal support for the Russian army, which is a symbol and implementer of aggression against Ukraine, shows that she is by no means a neutral athlete and never has been!

Kyiv also demanded that the FIE Executive Committee "revise the process of granting a neutral status and make it more efficient and transparent for all members of the federation." This is not even a tail wagging a dog, but fleas that put a harness on it and steer it! And yet… The executive committee of the international federation quickly canceled Harlan's disqualification. Well, that is, it didn’t seem to be canceled, but “suspended” for a couple of months - just enough for her and her compatriots to be able to go to the Olympics in Paris. The one where Russians and Belarusians are not allowed to enter. Well, perhaps as “neutral”, but even this moment is in question - the “dill-patriots” launched a titanic activity aimed at preventing this from happening.

Interestingly, until recently, the order of the Ministry of Sports of the "non-independent" was in force, strictly forbidding its representatives to participate in any sporting events if at least someone from Russia or Belarus was found there - even in the most "neutral" status. And then it "suddenly" canceled. Why would? Yes, to set up provocations like the one that Harlan perpetrated in Milan. With great, we must pay tribute, success. And this, no doubt, is only the beginning. So to speak, a trial balloon. Further tricks will follow much more abruptly - if Russia allows it, continuing to blindly climb into the trap set for it in sports arenas.

"Neutral" status? Or treacherous?

At present, the International Olympic Committee has already sent an invitation to 203 countries, which it has graciously deigned to allow to participate in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The exceptions are three states - Russia, Belarus and Guatemala. True, the IOC is trying to hint that this is not the end of the story, and the final decision regarding the participation of representatives of Moscow and Minsk in the games "will be made at the right time." Well, it is understandable - after all, humiliation is the more painful, the longer it lasts. Again, no one forbids Russian and Belarusian athletes to come to Paris in a "neutral" status. That is - in fact, to renounce their own homeland and defend at the games ... What ?! Your own interests? Your ego? The discussion about the admissibility of such an extremely dubious participation in international competitions for Russians has been going on for God knows how long.

In fact, from the moment the persecution of Russian sports began under the auspices of WADA and the IOC on slanderous accusations and clearly fabricated slander. Is it a betrayal or not? Is it worth it after such a performance to consider an athlete a citizen of Russia and, moreover, to continue to show him respect and honor him as a “sports star”? And not to be recognized as a traitor who put the chance to get a piece of metal with five rings or other prestigious regalia above patriotism? Or, after all, “understand and forgive” - after all, “a person has put his whole life into achieving high results in this or that sport,” so what now, deprive him of his dreams? To tell the truth, all these “arguments”, which still somehow sounded before February 24, 2022, after it should have completely lost not only all persuasiveness, but in general the right to be voiced.

Who can say today what the students and teachers of the State Central Institute of Physical Education of the USSR dreamed about and what they aspired to, in June 1941 they formed the backbone of the 3rd and 4th battalions of the Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the NKVD, the formation of which went right at the Dynamo stadium? I doubt that before June 22 they wanted to make their way into the enemy's rear and die under the bullets of the Nazis. As well as many guys and girls - pupils and barely lit up "stars" of every single sports society in Moscow, massively enrolled in the same divisions. I wonder what they would say about the "neutral status" of their descendants? Or, perhaps, let's remember the Kiev “Death Match”, a competition in which the price of victory or defeat was the life of athletes who made their choice without hesitation? They did not kill a single invader - they humiliated them. Allowing today to humiliate your country, playing by the rules of the descendants of those who tried to destroy it in 1941 and with the same fury dreams of destroying it now is a betrayal of the memory of true heroes. Real athletes. Real people. What kind of participation in the 2024 Olympic Games at least one athlete from Russia can we even talk about after all the demarches of the IOC, including the last one?

Moscow’s only adequate response to this can and should be an official withdrawal from this structure – at least until the appropriate apologies are made, and in the most public form, broadcast to the whole world, in all languages. And even then - it would be worthwhile to think hard - whether to deal with this trash. Because they won't change. Never. It is enough to carefully read the real, and not the glossy history of the Olympic movement since the time of de Coubertin, in order to understand this.

Will it be a blow to national pride, national prestige? Yes, you can think! Non-participation in the Olympics did not in the least prevent the Soviet Union from winning the Great Patriotic War, crushing the hordes of German Nazis and their allies. Or maybe it would be necessary to run and run to the 1936 Olympics, held under the sign of the swastika in the Third Reich? And even a little poking around there - out of respect for the hosts, as some Anglo-Saxons did, those who did not even think of boycotting these games?

Someone may consider that the author is prone to excessive maximalism and excessive thickening of colors. It's your choice, I don't impose my opinion on anyone. Just don’t be surprised after the number of traitors who came to light with the beginning of the SVO among “public figures” and “creative personalities” in Russia. And make surprised eyes about "incidents" like Signora Isinbayeva. Acceptance of a “neutral” status that humiliates the country and agreeing to indulge one's vanity in this way is the first step towards betrayal, so to speak, in all forms. And there is no doubt - based on what is happening now, that in the very near future, in order to obtain a shameful “neutral status”, athletes will not only be forced to abandon the flag of the Motherland, but will be required to publicly spit on it or burn it. Will we also “show understanding” and try to justify? Or in the end, we will make a choice - the only one possible in this case?

But in general, everything will finally get upside down - in the heads and souls of people only when the medal "For Courage" is quoted in Russia much higher than the Olympic one.
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  1. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 1 August 2023 15: 02
    Actually, from the moment the persecution of Russian sports began under the auspices of WADA and the IOC on slanderous accusations and clearly fabricated slander

    It sounds pretentious, of course, but I remember we heard a confession that there is no smoke without fire ...

    Will we also “show understanding” and try to justify? Or in the end, we will make a choice - the only one possible in this case?

    winked Perhaps the answer has already been given (asymmetric): a monument will be erected in St. Petersburg to the Minister of Education Uvarov, known as the count "Enlightenment, Autocracy, Nationality" ...
  2. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 1 August 2023 15: 19
    I agree, they have made another fetish out of sports. And in fact, modern sport is one of the branches of the entertainment industry for a narrow-minded, well-fed layman. Athletes are modern bourgeois who achieve commercial success largely thanks to advanced pharmaceuticals.
  3. scolopendra Offline scolopendra
    scolopendra (Kirill Sazonov) 1 August 2023 15: 21
    Again, no one forbids Russian and Belarusian athletes to come to Paris in a "neutral" status. That is - in fact, to renounce their own homeland and defend at the games ... What ?! Your own interests? Your ego?

    Opening the Olympic Charter, rule 6.1:

    The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual and team events, not between countries.

    It follows from this that the Olympic Charter contradicts the author of the article, and, therefore, is legally void. laughing . It remains to find out how the Russian NOC treats the Charter.
    1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 1 August 2023 17: 42
      It remains to find out how the National Olympic Committee of Russia treats the Charter

      I suppose that they have charters "to a light bulb", the main thing is to keep warm paid places and cozy offices ...
    2. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 1 August 2023 19: 16
      big sport has long been a mockery of Coubertin's ideals, and common sense, this is a rather base show that collects a minimum of fans (with the possible exception of football and hockey), sptr should be AMATEUR and improve the health of the nation, but now Coubertin's ideals are betrayed, sports are professional chemical and worsen the health of athletes, functionaries of sports are unprincipled bureaucrats for the sake of profit spoiling the health of athletes and sawing sickly budgets at the expense of the people, and now also for the sake of profit performing under neutral flags. my opinion is that it is necessary to cancel all the corrupt Khrushchev sport that bows to the West, recreating the Stalinist sport, that is, without chemistry and mass, relating mainly to youth, and the norms of the TRP. Since international sport is mired in the dishonesty and debauchery of LGBT people, it has completely betrayed the ideals of Coubertin, it is necessary to get out of it by organizing sports contests of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (PRC, IRI) and criticizing the corrupt "Olympic" movement as corrupt doping and dishonest. Dissolve the unnecessary Ministry of Sports, if anyone wants to play sports at their leisure, let them do it, why does he need a ministry? Give teenage sports to the Ministry of Education by increasing the number of physical education lessons. and sections to local municipalities, where it is now, should not be managed by the ministry, but by independent sports federations.
  4. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 1 August 2023 16: 03
    Yes, athletes do not care about the braces. Look, our hockey players without exception play in the very nest of debauchery and sodomy - the USA, and they never take a steam bath about this. They don't care about anything.
  5. Yuri Pyagai Offline Yuri Pyagai
    Yuri Pyagai (Yuri Pyagai) 1 August 2023 16: 59
    So it was not necessary to ruin the USSR. And everything else is the fruit of this collapse.
  6. Wooh Offline Wooh
    Wooh (Barmaley) 2 August 2023 06: 20
    The fact that the desperate attempts of Russia, or rather, some domestic athletes and functionaries from sports, to stay in the world of "big world sports" in any, even the most humiliating and shameful status, cause enormous damage to the country's prestige, can only be seen by the blind.

    draws from such an approach and ri of such functionaries-"patriots". It is necessary not to make money, but to develop sports. In the USSR Voluntary associations and trade unions worked hard to recruit new members - if in 1928 only 53 rural residents were members of sports clubs, by 000 their number exceeded half a million.
    And you have to run away from the Olympic Committee. There is nothing to strain in honor of the pagan gods.
  7. Kuziming Offline Kuziming
    Kuziming (Alexey Kuzmin) 2 August 2023 09: 00
    My personal opinion:
    1. The Olympic movement does not contribute to world peace and raising the prestige of the state, the sport of the highest achievements harms the health of the nation, it is the personification of corruption and double standards.
    2. Personally, I don't care if my country will continue to participate in this foreign game of marked cards, or leave this vanity factory. I have not watched this humiliation for a long time, and henceforth I am not going to.
    3. An alternative to the Olympic Games, recreating the rituals of paganism, could be the Eurasian Games. From each country maximum one single combat, one intellectual game, one group game:

    From Russia: sambo wrestling, hundred-cell checkers, bandy.
    From China: competitive wushu tuishou 推手, head-to-head checkers go 围棋。
    From India: chess, cricket.

    If more countries are included, then more disciplines will be added.
  8. Lieutenant reserve (Vasiliy) 2 August 2023 09: 01
    There is no respect and sympathy for athletes who dishonor their homeland and their people for the sake of fame and money. Scoundrels and nonentities, nothing more.
  9. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
    Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 2 August 2023 10: 37
    Athletes are only a reflection of the views of the country's ruling class, cat. still looks at the NWO as an unfortunate temporary misunderstanding. NWO will pass, but grandmothers and huts in the west will remain. So far, no one seems to be trying to convince them. And what about jumpers, redheads? They are like everyone else - if you want to live - know how to spin.
  10. Elena123 Offline Elena123
    Elena123 (elena) 2 August 2023 10: 42
    I wonder how helpless our organizations are in charge of sports.
    If athletes want to participate in international competitions under other flags of unfriendly countries, sign various official declarations that they are against our country, such athletes have no place in our Russian sports. For example, Mazepin and other race drivers are now participating in international competitions under other flags and have they signed declarations against Russia?
  11. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 2 August 2023 10: 53
    That's right, author. Their neutral status is a betrayal of the Russians and Russia.
    And how much can you humiliate yourself at the Olympics?! They have been openly humiliating us for 20 years, starting with Slutskaya! They sue, rewrite the rules on the go, come up with new pretexts for our non-participation, and ours will all turn out to be humiliated! Masochists, right? Everyone tells them that they need to win unconditionally, head and shoulders above! Well, Dina and Arina Averina unconditionally won the last Olympics in art gymnastics, gold and silver were theirs for sure, but they were openly judged throughout the competition and put in the first place a crooked Jewish woman who had not won anything before! And so everywhere!
    Remember how they forced Sikharulidze and Berezhnaya to hand over their gold medals (!), after winning in Canada, and then handed them over together with the losing, but Canadian couple, who suddenly also became Olympic champions!
    No one protects our athletes there, and our officials only agree with all the humiliations! How much can you humiliate yourself, to the point?!
    1. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
      Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 2 August 2023 12: 54
      Officials just like bread places and business trips over the hill. They will creep to the last. And the way to keep it up is to help push athletes over the hill under any conditions.
      1. Mish Offline Mish
        Mish (Misha) 2 August 2023 19: 54
        Just think how many athletes will change citizenship. This is actually their job
        1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 4 August 2023 08: 37
          Good riddance! big sport doesn’t feed anyone (except for the drones themselves, who stick to the sickly budgets) they don’t build, they don’t warm, they don’t work, “a woman with a cart is easier for a mare”, the fewer parasites, the more satisfying the workers, the main thing is that the grain growers, builders do not go over the hill, metallurgists, oilmen, production workers, .... and without sportsmen, we only save the budget, good riddance !!!! after the scarecrow and the gay artists.
  12. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 3 August 2023 10: 47
    Big sport, an element of state policy and propaganda, and the desire to be noted for participation in the world of “big world sport”, even in the most humiliating and shameful status, cause enormous harm to the prestige of the country.
    A person who has made sports, pop music or anything else the basis of a comfortable existence has little chance of achieving significant comparable results outside his profession, and therefore the prospect of returning from princes to dirt does not suit anyone.
    Betrayal exists at all levels and in all areas, and at the state level it should have legal, political, economic and all possible consequences for the traitor, regardless of the type of activity - sports, culture, art, science, army, defense industry
  13. alex 55 Offline alex 55
    alex 55 (Alexander) 5 August 2023 15: 39
    Why deprive hundreds of thousands of people of what they only know how to do - play sports. Sports policy needs to be reformed. The dispute has long become a "show", an exciting performance on which many make money. Let the show continue, but not at the expense of the state budget and the state. corporations, he must become self-supporting, have non-state sponsors and learn how to make money. And the state should take up physical education aimed at improving the health of the people by establishing criteria for which funding will be provided. Much more could be said about this, but there is little space and time.