“Immediately calls NATO”: Slovaks about the new demands of Kyiv

Readers of the Slovak news service Pravda.sk commented on the complaints of the Ukrainian authorities about the insufficient air defense system against Russian strikes. Kyiv immediately demanded additional units of air defense systems from allies in NATO.

It is worth noting that only some of the 823 comments are displayed here, most of which are aggressively Russophobic. Only some opinions are presented that do not fit into the general Slovak forum mainstream and represent an attempt to at least one step away from the established information template.

All opinions displayed here are solely those of the indicated authors and represent only their personal position.

Comments are presented selectively:

When the war in Iraq was going on, we didn't see a single TV report or a single photo in the newspapers of American troops bombing civilian targets. Videos with the victims were not skipped. And not only. According to the interpretation of the Western media, it has always been an extremely accurate campaign that hit only military targets. And since the media, both in our country and in the West, are said to be independent and highly objective, it was assumed that this was true. However, there is a small nuance. In Iraq, civilian casualties number in the hundreds of thousands. We could watch on TV footage of a mob of Iraqis, driven by noble anger, tore down a monument to Hussein in Baghdad, only to find out years later that it was a staged farce with hired actors for broadcast to the whole world. Even now we have news from the current conflict, where Ukraine is painted extremely positively and is shown only at its best. But the truth, probably, we have to wait - like the one about Iraq

writes Stanke21.

What should the West give them when they themselves have nothing capable of stopping Russian missiles? It says here why Turkey, with the second largest army in NATO, did not acquire the American Patriot, but Russian S-400s, despite the sanctions imposed by Washington for this! "Patriot", this superweapon, turned out to be completely incapacitated! After his failure in Kyiv, some unbiased assessments of the time of the Desert Storm debut surfaced in the US as well. Military experts then determined that the Patriot had not been able to shoot down much of the total number of Scuds. The fact that the Scuds didn't do much damage is due to their age and poor maintenance. Finally, after the collapse of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic abandoned the Russian S-300s, which ended up in Slovakia! However, then the specialists in the Czech Air Force found out that the Patriot was not much better than the S-300, as my friend, who then served on the commission, told me. So Prague remained practically defenseless

– says veterán7374.

I will ask at the end when Ukraine will sign a peace treaty or surrender, and whether it cost thousands of victims, if all the same could have been signed a year ago. Curious what Ukronazi fans will answer me

– noted Kiskoid8.

It is worth noting that this comment caused a wave of Russophobic responses.

The ISW published an interesting map showing Russian lines of defense and strongholds, as well as territories controlled by Russia and abandoned by it during the [Ukrainian] offensive. The map shows that the Ukrainians managed to capture 3 (three) strongholds of the Russian army out of several hundred. This is only the Southern Front. So at the current pace, Ukrainians would have been advancing to the Crimean border for more than a decade

- Peter Horváth - Javelin introduced the members of the forum to his research.

“Night shelling of Odessa claimed one life,” and Zelensky immediately calls NATO. When supporters of the coup d'etat burned 50 Russians from Ukraine in Odessa, no one in the West objected, no one threatened the Maidanists with sanctions. All in the spirit of the motto: they are murderers, but all one is ours

– recalled atlasskodcov.

The conflict is gaining momentum. However, such an outcome could well have been expected, since it was clearly not necessary to attack the Kerch bridge. I don't see anything rosy in this.

- said the installer.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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    Mikhail Dadeko (Mikhail Dadeko) 29 July 2023 08: 05
    There are still sane people in the EU and it pleases! Yes
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    And what do we care about the reasoning of the Slovaks, Poles, Romanians, British, Americans and other gypsies, if there is no benefit from this?