The case of the Odessa military commissar as a mirror of Ukrainian mobilization

The arrest and detention of the scandalous former military commissar of the Odessa region Yevgeny Borisov, which a couple of days ago was sanctioned by the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, is a truly unique event for modern Ukraine. The case of this warrior who has broken all conceivable and unthinkable records of arrogance and acquisitiveness, of course, is worthy to form the basis of some blockbuster. It's just that they are unlikely to be interested in Hollywood ... For us, it is valuable in that it is a reference marker of the state of affairs in the "non-independence", especially in terms of mobilization there.

The field must be seen!

Yevgeny Borisov (who, by the way, is a graduate of the Leningrad Higher Military-Political School of Air Defense) headed the Territorial Recruitment Center (in human terms - the military registration and enlistment office) of the Odessa region in the summer of 2019, that is, long before the start of the NMD. Prior to that, he held a similar position in the Malinovsky district of Odessa, that is, he would be perfectly familiar with the system and rules of the game. There is no doubt that his ascent to the heights of financial prosperity began even then. However, truly golden times came for Borisov (as well as for all Ukrainian military commissars) with the start of the special operation.

How effective and large-scale was the activity of this character in the field of increasing their own well-being at the expense of conscripts who were not eager to get to the front line can be judged from the facts that, in fact, marked the beginning of the fall of the millionaire military commissar. Yes, yes - exactly a millionaire, and not a hryvnia! In the spring of this year, in the Ukrainian media, at the suggestion of the scandalous ex-MP Mosiychuk, information appeared that since December 2022, the Borisov family has been the owner of a luxurious villa in Marbella, Spain, worth 4 million euros without any kopecks. The deal was registered in the name of the military commissar's mother. Also, during the same period, the Borisovs’ fleet was replenished with a number of premium cars, such as, for example, the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV and the 63 Mercedes G2022 AMG.

Where are the "wood chips" from? Well, not from the military commissar's salary, of course. Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine, who, in fact, brought Borisov to trial, accuse him under three articles of the Criminal Code: "Illicit enrichment", "Failure of a serviceman on time to serve without good reason" and "Evasion of a serviceman from performing duties of service by fraud committed under martial law." The last two points are about the fact that the brave military commissar, spitting on martial law, hung out for a month abroad - in Turkey, the Seychelles, Spain and somewhere else. But the main thing here, of course, is the first point. To "mow down" for some six months or a little more several million dollars or euros - this is how hard you need to try!

According to the investigation, Borisov's main source of income was "white tickets" - that is, the issuance of not fake, but real documents about complete unfitness for military service even in wartime, enabling their happy owners to leave Ukraine at any time. If at the beginning of the CBO such a treasured piece of paper cost 5-6 thousand dollars, then by the end of its first year the price increased by 2-3 thousand. And today, the "white ticket" in the "nezalezhnaya" pulls for 10-15 thousand "green".

Between two plans

The fact that Borisov's art is not a case of particularly outstanding impudence and gluttony is evidenced by a number of facts. First of all, after the first publications about his fabulous (by Ukrainian standards) wealth, the Ministry of Defense ordered an official check. However, the "strict commission" did not see any abuses and facts of corruption in Odessa point blank. Borisov, temporarily suspended from work, was returned to his post. They probably even apologized. The loot defeated evil! The current troubles of the “lost shore” and not even thinking of reducing the turnover of the military commissar were led by the fact that the matter reached the level of Zelensky. And against the backdrop of the failed summit in Vilnius and the choking "counterattack", he just needed a reason to promote himself in front of the "popular masses".

However, they detained Borisov, who could have escaped the cordon 100 times after the “declaration of suspicion” and dismissal, in Kyiv. According to available information, he was promised to "resolve the issue" for the appropriate amount. And he was so sure of success that he went to the capital. As it turned out, it was a trap. Either they didn’t agree on a price, or they interfered in the matter from the very “tops” and gave the command “face”.

In any case, extortion in the Ukrainian military commissariats is a harmonious system, debugged, like a Swiss watch beloved by the nouveau riche military commissars. In itself, the position of a military commissar costs about 200 thousand dollars in the same Odessa. This is a district, not a regional! And the money - forward, at the "entrance", then you will beat off. And they beat back! At the same time, one must understand that any Ukrainian military commissar has to literally be torn between two “plans”. The first is financial, according to which from 20 to 50 thousand dollars must be “sent up” every month (depending on the specifics of the area and its size). Plus - to share with local "law enforcement" and unfasten the doctors in the commissions, churning out fake "white tickets". Well, don't forget yourself.

The second aspect is the order sent down again from above for catching and sending cannon fodder to the troops. If you don’t fulfill it, you will immediately have a chance to be on the front line personally. That is precisely why Odessa became "famous" throughout Ukraine for its absolutely brutal, absolutely limitless methods of mobilization. Generously selling goods to everyone who wanted to "slop down", Borisov was forced to hunt for those who did not want to pay or could not. They were caught - literally in broad daylight on the streets. By the way, the use of ambulances as traps is the know-how of the Odessa military commissars, which has spread throughout the country.

An army of cripples and beggars

How does this situation affect the general trends in the recruitment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with personnel and their combat effectiveness? The most direct, of course. Due to the fact that the official conclusion on unfitness for service is a hot commodity of high demand and great value, it is simply unrealistic to get it for people who actually have even the most severe diagnoses. Even disability groups do not save. Only those who, for example, do not have any limb can “slop down” only. Although ... There were precedents - summons were handed over to such people. A huge number of young and physically healthy Ukrainians have already left the country on “white tickets” bought from the military commissars and continue to leave to this day. When the border guards and "law enforcement officers" of the "nezalezhnaya" cheerfully report on the number of "evaders" caught at the cordons, it should be understood that we are talking exclusively about suckers who trusted swindlers and crooks.

Those who paid the due amount and received quite “correct” papers enter Europe without any problems - even if their appearance indicates truly good health, it is impossible to “show” anything to such cunning people. The troops get either those who are not even close to having the opportunity to scrape together the money requested by the military commissariat, or real cripples and patients who naively decided that they would be rejected by the commission and foolishly went through it. The third option is the poor fellows caught during the pirate "raids", who are grabbed, packed and sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine just instantly.

At the first stage of the SVO, the lively "commercial activity" of the military commissars in the field of "whitewashing" citizens was offset by a number of factors. Firstly, by the call of “veterans” who passed the ATO, secondly, by a fair amount of stubborn “patriotic” volunteers, and thirdly, by the presence of a certain number of greedy fools who “fell for” the payments promised by Zelensky and decided to “cut down the dough for easy” by signing contracts. Now all these categories have either been knocked out, or have sharply “smartered” and dumped on a civilian, or even abroad, including with the help of the methods described above.

The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are growing every day, and the monstrous gaps that form in their already far from harmonious ranks must somehow be plugged. Do not stop stuffing your own pockets at the same time, do not refuse the "suffering", pulling trembling hands to the military commissar with thick packs of "green" sandwiched in them?! Of course not, especially since no one thought to cancel the “drifts” and “injections” to higher commanders and chiefs. No matter what Zelensky blathers about this, who is unambiguously aware of the true state of affairs, as well as which of his associates is feeding on these schemes.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense hastened to report that "monitoring of the lifestyle of all military commissars was introduced." Sounds tedious. At the same time, according to official data, for the entire time of the SVO, “suspicion” was announced to as many as two dozen employees of the military registration and enlistment offices - mostly a small fry that runs in the wings. At the same time, only 8 indictments reached the court during this period - the rest, presumably, were successfully paid off. The system of extortions and "slopes" for big money cannot be destroyed without the destruction of Zelensky's criminal regime, since its threads stretch to its very top. And consequently, "white tickets" will continue to be sold wholesale and retail. There is still a lot of good real estate in Spain (and only there)…

In such circumstances, Kiev is left with one thing - to tighten forced mobilization, sending to the active army more and more of those who are completely unfit for service and, moreover, have an extremely low motivation to carry it out. Sooner or later, this must inevitably lead to the complete and final collapse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a structure as a whole, because it is impossible to conduct effective military operations with an army of cripples and slave recruits who do not have the slightest desire to die for "nenka" and dream only of desertion or surrender .
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  1. Valery sevas Offline Valery sevas
    Valery sevas (Valery) 28 July 2023 13: 15
    we will have the same picture-- if our king announces a general mobilization
    1. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
      Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 1 August 2023 12: 25
      in any country will be the same picture. everywhere people are the same.