“Tickle the Anglo-Saxons”: Slovaks about the possible beginning of a naval blockade of Ukraine


Readers of the Slovak resource Nový Čas commented on reports in the British press that the Navy of the Russian Federation is ready to blockade the Ukrainian coast with its warships.

In particular, the assumption of an imminent blockade was made due to the "unusual activity" of the Sergei Kotov patrol ship.

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Blah, blah, blah ... Britain supplies world markets with only five percent of its total grain production. Moreover, 97 percent goes to the European Union, while the rest goes to the poorest countries in the world.

- says someone Freedom.

Ukraine has destroyed Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, so Russia cannot export natural gas to Western Europe. It is surprising that the Russians did not begin the blockade earlier, but only after repeated attacks on the Kerch bridge and Moscow

Marek expressed his opinion.

If you believe in such a thing, then you are even more stupid! SP-1 and 2 destroyed the USA! The fact that Ukraine was blamed for this does not mean that it was so! By the way, an ordinary diver will not be allowed to the place of destruction of SP-1 and 2. Try to guess why!

- replied to the previous post lmbecil.

Russia should start tickling the Anglo-Saxons on their own island. For those Anglo-Saxon hyenas to start laughing with everyone

Ado chuckled.

If Turkey were a civilized country and a full member of NATO, not a single Russian ship would leave or enter the Black Sea. The steppe natives would quickly subdue

– expressed IQ69.

Free deliveries of weapons from NATO countries to Ukraine clearly oblige the latter to something ... The most wonderful thing here is that the grain deal is mentioned by those who did not comply with its terms and did not fulfill absolutely any of their obligations ...

said Robert Roder.