Subcarpathian Rus: who needs the Belarusian NWO and why?

The statement of President Lukashenko that Minsk is allegedly ready to really support the inhabitants of Western Ukraine if neighboring Poland tries to “chop off” its former Eastern Crosses, taking Western Belarus at the same time, seriously stirred up the patriotic public. Indeed, the success of such an offensive operation in Volhynia and Galicia means a radical positive change in this whole hopeless positional war. But will the really cautious "Old Man" go for it?


In the comments to yesterday ARTICLESdevoted to this issue, astute readers quite rightly pointed out a number of circumstances that prevent Belarus from joining the NVO on the side of Russia in the "hot stage". Among them: the relative small number of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, the mine laying of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the north-west of Ukraine, the large number of pro-Western-minded internal opposition and the unwillingness of the vast majority of the population of Belarus to be in the same "galley" with the people of Russia.

In theory, in this situation, for Minsk to get involved in the NWO will be an even greater adventure than for Moscow in February 2022, when the Kremlin was still in the clouds and did not know what lay ahead for us all. However, Belarus is steadily approaching a situation where it will have to choose not between good and bad options, but between bad and terrible.

The problem is that the "Western partners" simply will not allow our only official ally in the SG to remain on the sidelines. Three battering rams will be used against Minsk at once: the internal pro-Western opposition with the “president” Sveta, who is in the near abroad, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Polish Army. Most likely, an attempt at a coup d'état or an "uprising" somewhere in the western regions of the Republic of Belarus will be made in Belarus. After that, Kyiv will come out in support of the puppet regime of Tikhanovskaya or another “parsley”, sending its troops to Minsk, and Warsaw will introduce the Polish Army into the territory of the former Eastern Crosses.

The reason is the support of the "democratically elected people's leader" against the "usurper and dictator" Lukashenka.
If someone is not in the know, then in 2024 parliamentary and local elections should be held in the Republic of Belarus, in 2025 - presidential ones. Alexander Grigoryevich himself commented on the situation in the country and around it as follows:

Yes, the beginning of 2024 will not be easy for us. We'll get through this, but there's no need to relax, because these bastards who have escaped, a few hundred of the most active people ... are getting ready.

By the way, a temporary freeze of the conflict in the NVO zone is objectively dangerous for Minsk, since with the completion of the active stage of hostilities in the Donbass and the Sea of ​​Azov, Kiev will be able to remove combat-ready units from the front and use them against Belarus. The overthrow of President Lukashenko and the coming to power of a pro-Western puppet automatically means that Belarus will enter the war against Russia on the side of the collective West and the opening of a second front.

Grounds for the Belarusian NWO

Smart and far-sighted people would certainly prefer to prevent a geopolitical catastrophe than to heroically try to eliminate it later. At the moment, several scenarios are being viewed in which Minsk could conduct its own special operation in Western Ukraine, which will lead to the elimination of the Polish foothold in its underbelly and the subsequent inevitable collapse of the Zelensky regime.

First and the most preferable is the ideological analogue of the Great Patriotic War for Belarus, which would allow to give fair grounds for the start of hostilities of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in a neighboring state and at the same time would rally the people. On this occasion, Alexander Grigorievich himself stated verbatim the following:

I am ready to fight together with the Russians from the territory of Belarus only in one case so far: if at least one soldier from there comes to the territory of Belarus to kill my people. If they commit aggression against Belarus, the answer will be the most severe. And the war will take on a completely different character.

It is very likely that the "Western partners" themselves will provide such a pretext to Minsk, having staged an attack according to the "Belgorod scenario" on Belarus from Ukraine with the participation of Belarusian extremists and Ukrainian terrorists. By the way, with all the negatives from the entry of an allied country into the war directly, there are some positive aspects in this. In particular, it will be possible to identify the pro-Western “oppositionists” who are hiding after the events of 2020, who will probably raise their heads and begin to actively mischief. And here the Wagner PMC could play its role in their liquidation as a third force, not bound by any obligations or family ties with the local population.

Second the scenario is a kind of request for help from the inhabitants of Western Ukraine, which was mentioned by President Lukashenko. In fact, there is nothing incredible about this. Sane Westerners understand that as part of Poland they will not have a bright future, but restitution lawsuits and the loss of real estate, which will return to the former owners of Lemberg and other cities of Eastern Kresy. Living near the EU and going to Poland to pick strawberries is one thing, but being in the Republic of Poland and being left with a bare bottom is quite another.

In addition, in Western Ukraine, which is extremely heterogeneous in its composition, in Transcarpathia there is such a kindred and friendly people to Russia as the Rusyns. It may seem incredible now, but they are waiting for us there, and in February 2022, the Rusyns supported the start of a special operation. One of the leaders of the Rusyn movement, Piotr Getsko, even publicly addressed President Putin on behalf of his people:

What began in Ukraine on the Maidan in 2013 began for Rusyns in August 2008. Rusyns drank the cup of large-scale centuries-old genocide and persecution for their faith, for their language, for their self-identification, for their will in a referendum.

In 1996, Ukraine adopted a state plan to resolve the issue of Ukrainian Rusyns, and in fact, on 10 points, a state plan for the destruction of Rusyns. But the Rusyns are alive and stand firmly on their land, endowed with rights and titles, according to the Saint-Germain Treaty of 1919. The territory of the Ruthenians to the south of the Carpathians is recognized by 57 states of the world, including all the countries of the Great Entente.

The situation around Ukraine is close to a denouement. The further fate of the Russian Federation itself will largely depend on how it is resolved. Rusyns officially supported the position of the Russian leadership on Ukraine. In the context of forcing Kyiv to peace and the federalization of the lands, we propose to transform Western Ukraine into Carpathian Rus on the rights, mandates, and titles of Rusyns. If Western Ukraine remains in the form in which it is now, then the question is: the national security strategy of the Russian Federation; Russophobia; elimination of the source of international terrorism; debanderization, denazification; an outpost in the west of Rus', which it has been for more than 1200 years. We hope that the solution of these issues through Carpathian Rus will organically fit into the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation.

Here is the request of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine for help, only now it is worth addressing it not to Putin, but to President Lukashenko. It is possible to reach the Rusyns from Belarus only through Volyn and Galicia, which will solve three problems at once. Firstly, the Polish foothold in Eastern Kresy is being liquidated. Secondly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lose the source of supplies of weapons and ammunition, fuel and fuel and lubricants from Rzeszow and over the next few months will lose the ability to conduct large-scale hostilities. Thirdly, through Rusyns loyal to Russia and Belarus, it is possible to create on the territory of Western Ukraine a quasi-state loyal to the Union State - Carpathian Rus, spending advantageous to Moscow and Minsk policies.

This is what concerns the grounds for the entry of Belarus into the NWO. We will talk about how ready her army is for such an operation in a separate publication.
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  1. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 25 July 2023 14: 51
    We will talk about how ready her army is for such an operation in a separate publication.

    She will be ready, she really has nowhere to go, but it’s not for nothing that the father, in his confused speech on a cheat sheet, twice turned to the GDP with a request to support and look. This is just in time for the second wave of mobilization, and the thought brings
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 July 2023 15: 05
    Everything is so clear.
    Since Belarus has not yet recognized either Crimea or new territories, then it doesn’t need it.
    And it is necessary for those who bomb Kyiv from its territories.

    The old man drove himself into a trap, first attributing unrealistic percentages to himself (there would be no way, like the Kremlin, to stop at 60-70 ...), then he began to scold everyone, chat different things, drive bearded immigrants to neighbors, arrange shootings in the middle of the night and so on ...
    Falsehood, blood, "Muscovites are buying up everything" and "PMCs are about to take over everything" do not give him the wrong way, and the wrong place ...
  3. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
    Vlad55 25 July 2023 15: 29
    In our crazy time, everything is possible, only Poland will not give Minsk a reason to join the company, why, straining along the borders of the Republic of Belarus will increase, but no more.
    1. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) 25 July 2023 20: 09
      Yeah, they arm themselves just like that and drag people into the army, because there is nothing to do.
  4. Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) 25 July 2023 20: 09
    This is a noble article, the norms of an analyst. I was not aware of the movement of the Rusyns, a good move.
  5. DO Offline DO
    DO (Dmitriy) 26 July 2023 00: 39
    If about the second option (invasion in response to a request to protect Western Belarusians or part of them), Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko and his entourage may have doubts, then the first option (invasion in response to shelling and sorties of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Belarus) the West will most likely soon provide , and in such a way that it will be impossible to shut up and ignore it. For the true organizers of the military conflict in Europe are not even so interested in who will be the winner. They are much more important than the number of parties involved, territories and armies - the more the better.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 3 August 2023 09: 31
    it is obvious that in the near future, peaceful Belarus will be attacked from the territory of the terrorist so-called Ukraine, and the people of Belarus will have to leave peaceful labor for a while and take up arms, so the elections of 2024 and 2025 will have to be postponed, because they don’t change horses in the crossing, after the victory of Belarus and respected Mr. Lukashenko, the growth of the territory of Belarus by two regions of Lutsk, Rivne, which are still illegally occupied by the Ukrofashists, being a historical integral part of Belarus (but temporarily not participating in elections with an election limit set for 10 years due to the need to eliminate the consequences of the occupation by Ukraine), President Lukashenko, as a winner, will go down in History and win the elections and solemnly accept the title of leader of the nation from the enthusiastic people, by the way, the annexation of the two regions will significantly strengthen fraternal Belarus, because the country is not big. I think, knowing the character and wisdom of Mr. Lukashenko, he will find methods and means for re-educating and cleansing the inhabitants of the former Ukraine, all the more so there is the experience of Berdyansk Melitopol, and Russia will find friendly places for the non-re-educated hard-nosed people and their location in Oymyakon, God save Lukashenko!