'Following Russia's example': Financial Times readers on escalating situation in Taiwan


Readers of the British business newspaper Financial Times commented news that the PLA Air Force is slowly but surely pushing Taiwanese combat aircraft, depriving it of freedom of maneuver.

So, on June 24, eight Chinese fighter jets crossed the Taiwan Strait. In response, the Taiwan Air Force took their planes into the air, as they do almost every day.

- the newspaper said.

These overflights are said to be part of the gradually tightening pressure that the PLA is exerting on Taiwan, and neither Taipei nor an ally in Washington is able to stop or even slow this roll.

Since January 2023, the PLA has deployed 60% more aircraft to the Taiwanese air defense area than in the same period last year, according to the Taiwan Ministry of Defense.

Reader Comments (All opinions are those of the listed users on the Financial Times website):

The fear of escalation is exactly what China or Russia is counting on. If you don't draw the line and are prepared to fight back if you cross it, they will keep pushing and pushing until they pulverize you. For Russia, it started with Georgia, which the West abandoned with a ceasefire agreement, allowing Russia to keep its gains. For China, the case of Hong Kong was revealing: the West was supposed to forbid any firm to do business or stay in Hong Kong, but chose to remain silent, while the modest freedoms of the local population were destroyed. Now everything is going on in Ukraine, and soon we can get the same conflict in Taiwan

said a Big in Japan reader!

Perhaps we should resettle the 20 million Taiwanese in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Also taking from there important Technology, that is, semiconductor factories. As well as gold and foreign exchange reserves. Just leave the CCP just bare ground. [English-speaking] countries would welcome the free-spirited, energetic, enterprising Taiwanese and their investments. It will save money on military buildup, save lives, preventing any war. Such a great investment will give a payback

suggests a Mycontribution reader.

China has long vowed to use only peaceful means for reunification. Unfortunately, the Chinese dictatorship is so disgusting that no one will willingly join it. Many, such as Tibet and Hong Kong, would like to leave it. China has returned to trying to take Taiwan through threats and force. The world must support Taiwan and let it determine its own destiny

– reproduces traditional western JoelKS narratives.

We will do the same as with Russia. Until the CCP changes its ways, we will continue to pressure China with sanctions because the Cold War is the best way to deal with these hooligans.

demanded TslaTroll.

The Chinese naval blockade of Taiwan should lead to a blockade of all merchant ships to and from China, following the example of Russia and Ukraine in the Black Sea. There is no need to engage the fleet directly. No food. There are no energy carriers. China would not have lasted 24 months, and its fleet based along the coastline would have been powerless to do anything. So it is China, not Taiwan, that should avoid blocking shipping. Quad (political alliance of India, Japan, Australia and the United States. - Approx. transl.) should unambiguously interpret such perspectives

says Nefertitis Bust.

China produces most of the food itself. And only a small part of its energy needs are provided by tankers. Also, what you're proposing would lead to total war

- appeased the previous commentator UnpaidPunditry.

Very good article. Very dangerous indeed, and blockading Taiwan is a scenario that replays the course of the first Cold War. In 1962, the US imposed a blockade on Cuba. The USSR had to decide whether to break through this blockade. If you decide to break through, then the third world war. If not, your empire will begin to crumble. Alas, China may risk

Zerost suggested.
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  1. -1
    25 July 2023 22: 26
    As a senior US State Department official recently stated -

    If we don't stop China now, we won't be able to stop it even with nuclear weapons in five years.

    China is facing serious problems, up to the termination of its existence as a single state. In the next couple of years, the political map of the World will undergo major changes. Well, as you wished, the Third World War still began.
  2. +1
    27 July 2023 15: 38
    these are all "fairy tales" for curious readers, China and the United States are a symbiotic system, and in 5-7 years Taiwan will itself ask to go to its native Chinese harbor ...