“This is retribution”: Bulgarians about the strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on Odessa


Readers of the largest Bulgarian news portal Fakti.bg commented news about a new strike by the Russian Armed Forces on the port facilities of Odessa, as well as the statements of the Odessa mayor Leonid Trukhanov that "The enemy will be responsible for everything - both before humanity and before God."

It is especially worth noting the fact that, unlike many of the "brothers" in the former Eastern bloc, the opinions of Bulgarian users at the moment are still predominantly anti-Ukrainian.

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Bulgarian comments:

If not for this "enemy", there would be no modern buildings in Odessa that could be demolished

Adam Hillten responds.

OK Mayor! And where were you in 2014, when Bandera's compatriots were burned alive in your Odessa?!

- writes OK to Kmet!

God bless Russia! And you already bear your responsibility for the genocide of the civilian population in the Donbass

- said the user GOD E S RUSIA.

It's already late. You have rejected God. Don't expect help from him. You sold your homeland, and Satan bought it

- writes Kasno e.

This is retribution for 8 years of bullying against Russian speakers in Donetsk and Luhansk ... he has nothing to complain about, he just needs to understand why it happened

exclaims Ami is right.

You are currently accountable to God for thousands of destroyed homes and murdered people in Donetsk and Lugansk since 2014. You have accumulated enough bad karma and you will disappear as a country in its current form. So it will be. Everyone will answer for everything sooner or later

Ha ha joined.

If there was an American in Putin's place, by now Ukraine would already look like ashes

- evaluates Ako in place of Putin ba American.

Well, what you wanted, you got! Mayor, after you dismantle the ruins of the kindergarten (allegedly hit by a Russian missile, according to the statements of the Ukrainian side. - Note per.), Go see how the House of Trade Unions is there, the same one that burned down in 2014 with living people inside (there were Russians and one Bulgarian)

- 123456 responds.
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  1. +3
    22 July 2023 07: 20
    this is not retribution. it’s just that immunity was removed from the warehouses of dill in the ports.
  2. +1
    22 July 2023 23: 57
    The article is more about the attitude of "ordinary" Bulgarians to what is happening. They know how to put "their own", we need to learn from them, it's all of us with our "brotherhood" either in the ass or in the stalls .. There are many friends in Bulgaria, and our pensioners who sold here and bought there, the Germans who moved to live in Bulgaria, Bulgarians, Serbs, last visited them in September 22. I can't talk about Sofia, I was in Blagoevgrad, this is the west of Bulgaria,
    nowhere and from no one heard shit in the direction of Russia and Russians. I am responsible for my words!