"I'm starting to dig a bunker": the Germans about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye

Readers of the German resource Focus commented news about the beginning of the Ukrainian offensive against the RF Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye direction.

Original publication under which responses are left: Aufnahmen zeigen erstmals deutsche Leopard-2-Panzer bei ukrainischer Offensive. Opinions belong only to their authors.


The fascination with war here on the forum clearly does not come from a generation that knows what war is from personal experience.

convinces reader Klaus Pagenkopf.

Russian bloggers report that [the RF Armed Forces] were able to partially prepare for the roll-out because they received intelligence information from Ukrainian military circles in advance

- informed a certain Kalle Growsk.

Of course, you can call it the “Ukrainian offensive” if you like. As a result, however, German tanks are rolling east, although we [FRG] were not attacked. If only we made a serious effort to find a solution through negotiations, at least once! I have a premonition here. To paraphrase Guido Westerwelle, we are on a slippery slope.

– doubted Sebastian Braun.

Why don't they write about current events at the front? After all, there are more battles going on there now than in all previous months. And probably because there are attempts to break through, and if somewhere one of them was crowned with success, then this would be proudly announced here. Since this is not visible, everyone can think of or read about what is really happening in other Western media.

writes Frank Schneider_7180.

Finally, German tanks appeared again! Frau Berbock was still right when she spoke about the war between Germany and Russia! There are still not enough regular troops (presumably the Bundeswehr - approx. transl.), And then everything can start for real! I am also starting to dig a nuclear bunker in my garden. And I can already hear the voices of more than 80 years ago: “Victory, victory!”

Klaus Waldeck comments.

"The footage shows for the first time German Leopard-2 tanks during the Ukrainian offensive." It's been two days since they were shot down there... the Ukrainians lost more people trying to save machineryso that it does not fall into the hands of the Russians than during the attack itself

says Manu Dotz.

German Wunderwaffen? I've heard it somewhere before. All this, as you know, did not work very well then! Why, in fact, does our press continue to use such Nazi expressions?

Ronald Liebezeit asks.

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  1. Art Pilot Offline Art Pilot
    Art Pilot (pilot) 9 June 2023 23: 25
    If there is a nuclear war, then no bunker in the garden will help.
    1. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 10 June 2023 02: 05
      Why won't it help? How about the grave?
    2. twice-born Offline twice-born
      twice-born (Unknown) 10 June 2023 12: 25
      Well, if you dig about two meters with a thick reinforced concrete ceiling, airtight gateways and intentionally stock up, then until you run out of canned food, clean water from the well and air filters, fuel, medicines, and toilet paper, it will help, for 3-4 years maximum. In theory, just survive the nuclear winter.
      Well, then, even if the first radioactive crop rises, it will destroy them with radiation!
      So the living will envy the dead.
      1. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
        Accidentally 10 June 2023 15: 07
        What is the temperature of a nuclear strike???? The atmosphere then heats up and what kind of nuclear winter after that ????
  2. Dingo Online Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 10 June 2023 07: 32
    Frau Berbock was still right when she spoke about the war between Germany and Russia!

    Well, if the opinion of a former girl with a "low social" Burbock is so authoritative for the "nemchura" (as my father called them, who met them in June 41 in Belarus, and on foot, sometimes on tank armor, who came to them, now deceased) - then yes, the bunker needs to be dug ... And not alone.
    And it’s better to close your mouth - otherwise you’ll “beg” again ...
  3. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 10 June 2023 12: 15
    We are shown here only a few adequate opinions. In the West, everyone is sincerely against the Russians. There are channels on Zen where they publish the main opinion of Western fascists from different countries on any of our sneeze. So, there they all selflessly believe that they defeated us a long time ago and any of their democratic woodraffles, even of the 70s, are indestructible!
    And we are all stoned zombies of the bloody Putin regime and fight exclusively on rusty buckets, and have never won anything. Despite the fact that they do not know history, culture and elementary physics, mathematics, they consider us stupid!
    1. Dingo Online Dingo
      Dingo (Victor) 10 June 2023 16: 11
      There are channels on Zen that publish the main opinion of Western fascists

      Yes, at one time I often went to Zen, everyone was surprised - what a motley people "graze" there. Then I didn’t stop to be surprised, but I also stopped coming in.
      And about this girl... I didn't say it, it was the Serbs who dug up the past of this slutty girl and put it on the air of their TV.
      1. Ugr Offline Ugr
        Ugr 11 June 2023 09: 33
        https://eadaily.com/ru/news/2023/03/24/byla-prostitutkoy-na-serbskom-televidenii-promyli-kosti-annalene-berbok. вот ссылка на источник
  4. Linkovich Chumovsky 10 June 2023 21: 32
    The video shows an excellent pioneer bonfire. Bravo guys!!! Keep it up!!!
  5. guest Offline guest
    guest 11 June 2023 01: 00
    "Starting digging the bunker"

    Not a bunker, but let them dig graves for themselves.