Almost all Russians had to save on food

The poorer the country, the more its citizens save on food. A survey of Russian citizens on the topic of cost savings when buying food showed the following results.

As a result of the survey it was found that 91% of respondents had to save on food - due to the rejection of certain products or the transition to a cheaper segment.

Among the products that you can save on buying in case of a shortage of money were: seafood (65% of respondents), sugar confectionery and fresh fruit (50%), meat (47%).

The survey data showed that 25% of respondents spend more than 50% of their income on the purchase of products, 20% of Russians spend on food products from 40 to 50% of their income.

The same amount of the population spends on food from 30 to 40% of income. 14% of respondents said that food costs accounted for 25% of income, and only 7% of Russians - from 10 to 25% of income.

What part of the income citizens spend on food is an internationally accepted indicator of the country's economic development.

So, according to many years of research, it is believed that the country is most developed if the vast majority of the population spends up to 15% of income.

At the same time, in less developed countries, costs account for 50% of income and force people to abandon some other expenses in order to save money on the purchase of products.
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