What is behind Rogozin's proposal to create a Volunteer Shock Army

A few days ago, the former head of Roskosmos, and now the head of the Tsarskie Wolves group of military advisers, Dmitry Rogozin, made several resonant statements. According to the former high-ranking functionary, the Russian Defense Ministry lost time to carry out several waves of mobilization, which should have been carried out last winter. It looks like the truth. However, we are more interested in what Dmitry Olegovich proposed as an alternative to forced mobilization in the RF Armed Forces.

Volunteer shock army

Having visited the Donbass and received a combat wound there in a Donetsk restaurant from fragments of a large-caliber projectile fired by the Armed Forces of Ukraine aiming at a Russian ex-official, Rogozin immediately remembered his old experience of volunteering and began to actively criticize Shoigu's department for sluggishness. In an interview with Radio Aurora, he quite reasonably stated that the previously mobilized reservists needed to be rotated:

Or the second wave of mobilization, but, excuse me, we have already passed it, it should have been carried out in December. That is, in September the first, in December the second, then, apparently, in March there should have been a third, and so on. Well, people in the trenches cannot be in the rain, in the cold, under shelling already with chronic diseases without replacement and without rotation, this is wrong, they don’t fight like that. Therefore, mobilization is needed, whether you like it or not.

Dmitry Olegovich also said that he has several volunteer detachments: six detachments of BARS (special combat army reserve) and the seventh - "Storm", attack aircraft. At the same time, he complained that they were all sort of “smeared” into separate regiments, divisions and armies at the front, and, in his opinion, they should be gathered into a single fist - the Volunteer Shock Army:

Of course, it's great that there are volunteers on all fronts, but it's wrong that they are scattered. We propose to create a shock volunteer army, we now have a volunteer brigade, we need to create an army. We will recruit 45-50 thousand people quite quickly, a huge number of people, adults who served in the Armed Forces or special services, have a military specialty, militarytechnical training, we really, really need them.

If they gave me the opportunity to do it now, and I just need staff for this, that is, the Ministry of Defense should say: we give you staff first for 1000, then for 10 thousand, then for 30-40 thousand people - I don’t need to recruit anyone, I I'll take these people myself. And we will show the highest result, as our detachments are now showing on their sectors of the front.

Curious. Someone might think that Mr. Rogozin is haunted by the laurels of Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner PMC, which together have undoubtedly become a real media phenomenon. Others will surely say that Dmitry Olegovich’s idea is simply wonderful, since it will allow you to create a second shock fist that will demolish Ukrainian fortified areas and bring the goals and objectives of the NWO closer, whatever that means. Particularly suspicious ones may see in the proposal of the ex-head of Roskosmos the desire of one of the “Kremlin towers” ​​to acquire its own army, since corporations, big businessmen and regional leaders have now got their own PMCs. Yes, just in case of a fire.

However, the idea of ​​shock volunteer armies is by no means new, and sewing a “dead head” on a chevron was invented more than a hundred years before our days.


Surely everyone who is a little familiar with the history of the First World War, the Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War in Russia, having heard the proposal of Mr. Rogozin, remembered the shock units of the Russian army - shock battalions, assault battalions, death battalions and even the infamous Women's death battalions.

The horror of the positional First World War, when it was possible to move forward several hundred meters only at the cost of a huge number of lives advancing with a monstrous expenditure of shells (does it remind you of anything?) forced each of the parties to the conflict to begin to form special assault units. So in all European armies, elite units of grenadier-bombers appeared. In the Russian army of the February 1917 model, which had gone through a series of military setbacks in 1915, faced with “shell hunger” and mass desertion, shock work acquired a slightly different meaning.

A memorandum was then submitted to the Minister of War Guchkov from a member of the board of the Russian Commercial and Industrial Bank S. V. Kudashev, where the following proposal was stated:

It is necessary to demonstrate in the army the valor and organization of the units that would lead the rest of the mass to the feat ... This principle ... is widely used in France in the so-called assault columns, which are specially selected to go to certain death ... This principle, modified to Russian conditions, can revive Russian army. Therefore ... it seems necessary in all the armies of the front to create special "shock" units, for the most part doomed to extermination, which should be made up exclusively of volunteers ...

To maintain the combat readiness of the morally decaying army on the fronts and in the navy, the formation of special highly motivated "volunteer units" began, which could carry away the wavering soldiers from yesterday's peasants into an attack on the fortified areas. General Denikin subsequently described their actual combat use as follows:

Many regiments organized their shock teams, companies, battalions. Everyone who still had a conscience went there, or those who were simply sick of the joyless, vulgarized to the extreme, full of laziness, foul language and mischief, regimental life. I have seen drummers many times and always focused, sullen. In the regiments, they were treated with restraint or even viciously. And when the time came for the offensive, they went to the barbed wire, under the deadly fire, just as gloomy, lonely, went under a hail of enemy bullets and often ... the evil ridicule of their comrades, who had lost both shame and conscience. Then they began to be sent incessantly from day to day both for reconnaissance, and for guarding, and for pacification - for the entire regiment, since all the rest had fallen out of obedience.

"Parts of death with the honorable right to die for the Motherland" and even "ships of death" in the fleet began to appear. The apotheosis of this desperate attempt to revive the decayed army was the emergence of the Women's Death Battalions, designed to shame soldiers who did not want to fight. The logical development of this idea of ​​"shocking" was the transformation of them at a certain stage into barrage detachments, which, imagine, were not invented by the NKVD. The "death battalions" were later used to quell rebellions in the army. And after the October Revolution, most of the "drummers" went over to the side of the whites, which is not surprising.

We get some very bad historical references, right?

Speaking directly about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, then perhaps the problem is not at all that the volunteers of Rogozin and others are smeared along the entire front in a thin layer? Perhaps, to begin with, it is worth providing your soldiers with everything necessary, such as reconnaissance drones, bulletproof vests, communications equipment, thermal imagers, first-aid kits, shells in sufficient quantities according to combat instructions, and only then demand an effective offensive from them, reproaching the success of Prigozhin's "private traders"? Maybe every Russian soldier at the front needs to know exactly what he is fighting for, and be sure that policy will they not stab in the back, concluding another "Minsk"?
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  1. Khentiamenti Offline Khentiamenti
    Khentiamenti (Hentiamenti) 21 May 2023 09: 01
    Rogozin is itching! What is the status of this person? I wonder if he was punished for the bloody birthday in the NWO zone, or received an award?
    1. Brother Fox_2 Offline Brother Fox_2
      Brother Fox_2 (Brother Fox) 21 May 2023 21: 44
      what will you present to him? well poper on dnyuhu and what? there is no ban, walk Vasya, have fun!
  2. Mikhail L. Online Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 21 May 2023 09: 26
    Doubtful panacea.
    "Volunteering" - in the Russian army during the First World War turned into ... the collapse of the Empire.

    The fish stinks!
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 21 May 2023 11: 48
      Quote: Mikhail L.
      "Volunteering" - in the Russian army during the First World War turned into ... the collapse of the Empire.

      Eka, how did you turn down ... Or maybe embezzlement and bribery (as it is now) has become the main driver of the collapse? Without equating corruption with treason, with appropriate punishment, we will come to the same thing.
      Sorry, but so far the authorities are behaving as if "in collusion with the chief bourgeoisie" to dispose of the passionate layers of society in Russia and Ukraine. Everything is too dull and ugly. At the very beginning, it was enough for the Russian leadership to announce that the supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine was tantamount to a declaration of war. Russia will respond with all its might, its nuclear weapons ... and that's it, the NWO would have ended long ago with denazification, with much less losses and destruction. An example is North Korea's response (with disparate nuclear forces).
      The result is now - the United States is restoring its global power, at the expense of Russia and (with such a conduct of business), on the destruction of Russia.
      Someone can say about "de-dollarization", but with such vile hegemonism, who will blather something if they simply rename their monetary unit, throwing off all debts?
      And what about the Volunteer Army ... how are things now, with the recruitment of contract soldiers?
      1. Mikhail L. Online Mikhail L.
        Mikhail L. 21 May 2023 12: 58
        Isn't the implication understandable: the then "volunteerism" could not compensate for all the diseases of the system!
        On the other hand: why the question: "how are things now, with the recruitment of contractors?"?
    2. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) 24 May 2023 12: 06
      Now so many paramilitarist formations are being created that you don’t go to a fortune teller - they are preparing to share the pie. They feel that Akela is losing ground. Happy years are ahead of us. Hosh no hosh, it's time to join some PMC. The return of the saints of the 90s is not far off.
  3. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 21 May 2023 09: 32
    In some ways, Rogozin is right. It is necessary to change the mobilized for volunteers. It is hard for the mobilized - there is no answer to the main question - are they called up for life as soldiers? If the conflict continues for several more years, or even decades, albeit in a sluggish mode - such as local battles and artillery skirmishes - discontent and fatigue will still grow among them.
  4. oleg Pesotsky Offline oleg Pesotsky
    oleg Pesotsky (Oleg Pesotsky) 21 May 2023 09: 33
    Like everything that this author writes, the material is presented sensibly, clearly and intelligibly. Without any tediousness and pathos. And so much has already been said about Rogozin and he has done so much that it has set the teeth on edge. As in one verse - They are in words for Russia by the mountain. But be careful not to turn your back on them.
  5. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 21 May 2023 09: 36
    Having visited the Donbass and received a combat wound there in a Donetsk restaurant from fragments of a large-caliber projectile

    laughed laughing
    And where is the PMC Potok, or what is it? Salaries were promised more than those of Wagner, and at the first attack, throwing down their weapons, they fled.
    As we see, we need not only soldiers and weapons, but also smart heads at headquarters and at the front, controlling the battle. But so far only Wagner has this.
    1. Akuzenka Offline Akuzenka
      Akuzenka (Alexander) 21 May 2023 10: 11
      As we see, we need not only soldiers and weapons, but also smart heads at headquarters and at the front, controlling the battle. But so far only Wagner has this.

      Strongly agree.

      A herd of rams led by a lion is stronger than lions led by a ram.

      Napolen, I think he said.
  6. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 21 May 2023 09: 51
    Russia has enough forces and means.
    And Rogozin needs PR.
    A dismissed official who was not imprisoned, but sent to all four sides ....
    Helping is good.
    He wants to hold on in order to save the remnants of his reputation and squeeze in at least somewhere.
    What kind of volunteer army, if it is not clear what is inside Russia.

    Either Putin is completely confused, or he is confused in such a way that he maneuvers, but deeper and deeper.
    It's people like Rogozin who got confused.

    Any strategy is clear in its perspective.
    All of Russia asks Putin - what is our Victory in Ukraine?
    Having formulated abstract goals, the authorities move away from specifics.
    Like where the curve will lead ...

    The neo-Nazi regime is turning into just a figure of speech for Putin ....
    The Russian Foreign Ministry does not name the names of the neo-Nazi regime.
    Otherwise, with whom then ruchkatsya in the negotiations.

    The generals have a ban on bombing bridges, taking Kherson, and apparently generally declaring
    about the liberation of Russian territory.

    Look, all the federal media said six months ago that there was no way to destroy bridges. There were planning bombs and what really?
    It turns out that the Ukrainian oligarchs have guarantees that they will freely export products from Kharkov, Poltava, etc. to Europe through these very bridges ...

    That is, Medvedchuk was changed not only for neo-Nazis, but also for the safety of bridges,
    along which tanks and weapons are being transported.
    That is, the bridges are on the same agreement as the surrender of Kherson, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine and shells didn’t have it, like the grain deflection in favor of the Turkish Sultan, the surrender of Serpentine, etc., etc.
    People look at these so-called compromises as defeat.

    There is some kind of bedlam in the Kremlin.
    Have you noticed how late the media published Putin's congratulations on the liberation of Artemovsk?
    Some don't at all.
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 May 2023 10: 15
    In fact, this is a story about the prototype of komikaze.
    Only the kamikaze themselves could no longer, in fact, land on their bomb planes back.
    And the death battalions could still. But most of them died sooner or later, sort of.

    But no one has ever heard of "generals of death" or "oligarchs of death", or "VIP officials of death", it seems.

    If a shock army has not yet been assembled, then this is not necessary. tea, do not sit fools. It is beneficial to tighten the CBO.
    And Rogozin's proposal leaves the front without the most combat-ready (according to his statement) units .. also a minus.
    And will it give what?
    Wagner, "PR and effective", for 2/3 of the year took a previously unknown town, having a huge superiority in all types of troops, except, apparently, the number of infantry. And then, Prigozhin said, the high-quality units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were withdrawn, the militia-terbats remained, with children and the elderly in the ranks.

    Nothing was heard about the previously "PR" Chechens either. But it was in the media (not verbatim): 70 thousand selected soldiers of Allah ...
  8. Fulgur Offline Fulgur
    Fulgur (Fulgur) 21 May 2023 11: 29
    Having visited the Donbass and received a combat wound there in a Donetsk restaurant

    I didn’t read further, I fell off the hook))
  9. Yumico Offline Yumico
    Yumico 21 May 2023 11: 46
    Only with the amendment - volunteer shock-restaurant!
  10. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
    Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 21 May 2023 12: 39
    A clown and an enterprising lackey is also not often found. The main thing is not to take it seriously - chat and forget.
  11. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 21 May 2023 13: 02
    Ragozin wants to create something similar to the White Guard, let him create it. Something else worries me. For some time now, a lot of superficial, theatrical things have appeared in our society. In Soviet times, not the first pages in the press were devoted to sports and culture. And the results were much higher than the current ones. Modern society cannot even be compared with the society of 1914-1917. Then there was a general impulse. From noble families, young women went to study as nurses. To contribute. In Russia, men employed in enterprises have never been reproached. Even in the most difficult years, a few ate chocolate, others sat on cards. Now everywhere there are reproaches against the peasants who work peacefully. And a lot of reproaches from exalted young ladies. Which have not shown themselves with anything but beautiful words. Ragozin is an artistic nature. He always put the fictional above the real. For example, disputes with Musk.
  12. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
    Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 21 May 2023 13: 19
    This statement by Rogozin is essentially a confession of the terrible. After all, he actually talks about the weak combat readiness of the Russian army, since he is looking for an alternative to it. And, stupid.
    1. Vega (Eugene) Offline Vega (Eugene)
      Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 21 May 2023 13: 52
      This is a recognition of what has already been obvious to everyone for so long, except for the old women at the zomboyaschik.
    2. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 21 May 2023 22: 43
      Well, for example, as a colonel general, I would simply withdraw the Airborne Forces and the MP from the battlefield, replenish them with volunteers and equipment, conduct an inspection of the training of personnel, including officers, but not inspector generals and colonels of the Ministry of Defense, but let's say officers from Kadyrov special forces and Wagner, using them in the future for additional training. And these parts of the Airborne Forces and the MP would be used for a breakthrough, of course, preferably not in the forehead "fortress" like Bakhmut.
  13. Vega (Eugene) Offline Vega (Eugene)
    Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 21 May 2023 13: 53
    Well, that's right, the parallels are clear. By the way, did not think why Tsarist wolves, and not say the Red Wolves or the Patriot Wolves? Because the authorities dream of the Russian Empire 2.0, not the USSR 2.0. From the USSR only paraphernalia, and that is not allowed everywhere.
  14. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 21 May 2023 20: 53
    Kakin seemed to already have a Volunteer Army named after tsarism, so they smashed it to smithereens. Now there will be a new one with drums, with cigarettes in their teeth, a dense column in knightly attire. And they, as they go and no one will stop them, and so on to the very blue sea and far away. And these are already big uncles and children, and they are playing war. In this case, it is necessary to form it, only from the princes and for every fireman, counts will do. They have money for armaments and the people will thank you for it. The people can take them to the estates, if they have anything left of them after the knightly battles. Or you can create a cemetery right on the ground where they will be buried, like someone's big heroes. You can stele with photos in knight's vestments.
  15. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 May 2023 21: 49
    Epigraph: The worst thing is when a soldier does not trust his general... A few conclusions from the article and comments. "Vasya 225" was the first to express the main thing: "This statement by Rogozin is essentially a confession of something terrible. After all, he actually speaks of the weak combat readiness of the Russian army, since he is looking for an alternative to it. Moreover, a bad one." The Wagnerites ran out of steam, like the Kadyrovites before, who will replace them, but D. Rogozin’s journalistic fantasy boiled up, and there is no replacement in the main directions, and the NATO Leopards and Challengers have not yet begun to act. And the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, under the leadership of masters of biathlon and eyewash, are clearly inferior to the Armed Forces of Ukraine ... The second "Skeptic": "Sorry, but so far the authorities are behaving like" in collusion with the main bourgeoisie "to dispose of the passionate layers of society in Russia and Ukraine. Everything is too cloudy and gross." This is even more important, because the people are mobilized for battle and death, and next to it are obvious betrayals and betrayals of the main echelons of power, because they should set an example of patriotism and the will to win over Ukronazism, which is the most dangerous for the Russian Federation. It's not far from riots with such betrayals and betrayals. Summing up, the remark of the author of the article is suitable: “Perhaps, for a start, it is worth providing your soldiers with everything necessary, such as reconnaissance drones, bulletproof vests, communications equipment, thermal imagers, first-aid kits, shells in sufficient quantities according to combat instructions, and only then demand an effective offensive from them, reproaching success "private" Prigozhin? Maybe every Russian soldier at the front needs to clearly know what exactly he is fighting for, and be sure that politicians will not stab in the back by concluding another "Minsk"?" And why this happened and is happening, and who is responsible for all this, and who was supposed to create and provide for the previous decade, knowing that war with the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot be avoided. The situation with the future is not simple, but "where it is thin, it breaks there."
  16. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 21 May 2023 22: 16
    Everything is good that is useful. However, a strange feeling is caused by the fear of similarity with Russia of the model before the Bolshevik coup d'état. Are Whites still worse than Reds? Despite the sea of ​​blood that the "Reds" shed after the seizure of power, and Stalin's experiments? Redfins ruined the country twice: 1917, 1991. They should not be honored.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 May 2023 23: 03
      (Watching) Replica. And the play is not the same, and the characters are not the same. Here, rather, anti-Russian comprador forces are in power, and dissatisfied patriotic Russian forces. What about the Republic of Ingushetia and the Bolsheviks was the opposite.
  17. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 21 May 2023 23: 00
    It's funny. The proposal to create a shock fist to pass off as a desire to form suicide squads. Just based on a couple of historical examples.
    By the way, at first they tried to label the "musicians" as "meat for slaughter".
    But the PR service of PMCs was able to reverse this trend. In the second half of the Second World War, assault groups were created, and they solved problems. "And as one we die" - then they no longer sang. We tried our best at the beginning .. Creating the most prepared structure for specific actions is a normal technique in any activity.
  18. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 21 May 2023 23: 47
    Not what, but who. Someone stands and pushes Rogozin to support the military-industrial business. Businessmen of all countries unite. laughing
  19. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
    Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 21 May 2023 23: 53
    In a country with a normal army, no one would dare to hint at such foolishness.
  20. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 21 May 2023 23: 55
    Let him create, only with his hard-earned money. And then you get tired of providing highly professional people. Which, without shells, tantrums roll up. Where will they feed, dear?
    The easiest option, as I see it, is to dismiss from the Moscow Region and other places that failed. You don’t even need to change them for anyone, nothing will change. A lot of things can be done in the army with the released salaries.
  21. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
    Grei grin (Gray Grin) 22 May 2023 00: 32
    Rogozin where are the satellites?
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 22 May 2023 01: 30
      And in the same place, where the suicide bombers.
  22. Alllbe Diplomat Offline Alllbe Diplomat
    Alllbe Diplomat (All be Diplomat) 22 May 2023 02: 20
    It's all good, it's all right. But I have only one question: where are our heavy precision missiles - so that warheads under 3 tons, and a range of 500 km is enough? You can't win without them.
  23. Ezekiel 25-17 Offline Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 (Andrei) 22 May 2023 07: 29
    The fact that mobilization or the use of the Security Council is needed and the hedgehog understands.
  24. Oleg V. Offline Oleg V.
    Oleg V. (Oleg Vladimirovich) 22 May 2023 08: 06
    He said, well, make a calculation how much money is needed to maintain such an army, what structure, where you will get military specialists, where are the training grounds, who will obey, who will replace the men who will serve in the good army in the national economy. And where will they go in peacetime? Are you going to pay the families of the dead? What about disability benefits? And not beggarly. Here, sit down and write how you imagine all this, and not tryndy. Write to read ....
  25. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 22 May 2023 08: 19
    Where will he get 50 thousand? Whoever had a desire to volunteer is already at the front, no one forbids anyone to go and sign a contract with the RF Armed Forces.
    But the fact that there are 50 thousand people to join some kind of muddy volunteer battalion, I doubt very much.
  26. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 22 May 2023 09: 41
    Proposal Master. It's useful, good - act. Or is yours only to offer?
  27. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 22 May 2023 10: 17
    The character is rather dubious: a former journalist, former Roskosmos (with dubious success) fancies himself Prigogine-2. Does he have the talent of a commander? Or like in Roskosmos? A very dubious character.
  28. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
    wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 22 May 2023 14: 42
    there would be no talk of any volunteer armies and any PMCs if there was order in the main army. Unfortunately, we are seeing the opposite. It is not just that many of our army men want to fight as part of the Wagner PMC. And this is not only connected with the remuneration, which is higher in PMCs. But it is similar with the level of command and organization and responsibility and motivation. It is not for nothing that the former general, and now a deputy, Sobolev, suggests that the military who have transferred to PMCs be called deserters and initiate criminal cases against them. Do not deal with the causes of this and eliminate them, but apply repression. But that won't solve the problem. It would be much better, first of all, to restore order in our army, so that the people in it would not have a desire to leave it and fight for the country in another structure.