Investment project "Yenisei Siberia": three in one

In 2018, the comprehensive investment project (CIP) "Yenisei Siberia", initiated by the heads of three constituent entities of the Russian Federation (Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Khakassia and the Republic of Tyva), received the support of the Government of the country and personally Vladimir Putin. At the moment, the CIP includes 32 major investment projects with a total declared investment value of over 1,9 trillion rubles for the period 2019-2027.

Features of the market economics and the federal principle of the structure of our state often lead to a significant gap in the levels of development between the regions of Russia. Currently, various mechanisms of interaction between the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which will make it possible to increase the level of socio-economic development of the regions much more effectively, are practically not used. A pleasant exception in this regard is the comprehensive investment project "Yenisei Siberia", which consists in the spatial integration of the three Siberian regions of the Russian Federation. It is assumed that its implementation will make it possible to form a single complex for the development of mineral resources and allocated funds on the territory of the three regions.

It should be noted that to date, the participants of the Yenisei Siberia CIP have already employed more than 4,2 thousand people. Small and medium-sized businesses take an active part in the implementation of most projects. By 2027, more than 70 new jobs are planned to be created in the three regions. In the future, the above-mentioned subjects of the Russian Federation will be able to receive about 528 billion rubles from tax revenues in their budgets. At the beginning of the current calendar year, Sergey Ladyzhenko, General Director of the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation, stated that most of the planned projects included in the CIP are currently being implemented at an active pace. Work is underway at construction sites, already this spring-summer season a number of companies are planning to enter the stage of construction and installation work.

Particular attention should be paid to the largest projects implemented within the framework of the "Yenisei Siberia", we are talking about industrial and transport facilities, the volume of investments in the implementation of which exceeds one hundred billion rubles. At the moment, there are six such projects:

1. The development of the Angara-Yenisei economic region implies the creation of conditions for the socio-economic development of the western region of the Lower Angara region. This region has a high natural resource potential, it is planned to carry out work on the development of zinc, antimony, lead, magnesite, talc and bauxite reserves on its territory. The estimated volume of investments should be 197,9 billion rubles. The commissioning of all facilities included in this project is expected by 2027.

2. Construction of the Nizhneboguchanskaya HPP. As part of this project, a new reservoir and hydroelectric station should appear on the lands of the Boguchansky and Kezhemsky districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Investments in construction are carried out by the Nizhneboguchanskaya HPP company, the founder of which is Rusal JSC. Financial investments in the project should amount to 119,3 billion rubles. It is assumed that the new hydroelectric power station will appear on the energy map of the country by 2028.

3. Development and development of the Payakhskaya group of fields and construction of the sea terminal "Port Bay Sever". Within the framework of this project, it is planned to achieve oil production up to 26 million tons per year and maintain a long-term production target of more than 20 million tons per year. In addition, a marine terminal "Port Bay Sever" is to appear 40 kilometers from the village of Dikson. About 30 new jobs will be created for the operation and maintenance of new industrial facilities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The total investment in the implementation of this project will amount to 330 billion rubles, commissioning is expected in 2024.

4. Construction of a timber industry complex and related railway infrastructure facilities in the Boguchansky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In this place, Kraslesinvest JSC plans to implement the largest project in the Russian Federation for the development of forests in our country. The proposed investment object will be 106,9 billion rubles. Estimated implementation date is 2025.

5. Construction of the railway Elegest - Kyzyl - Kuragino. This project will be implemented for the export of mined coal from the Elegestskoye deposit in the Republic of Tyva with subsequent access to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The development of transport infrastructure will be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the plant at the field. Investments in this project should amount to 126 billion rubles.

6. Establishment of a manufacturer of battery metals. Within the framework of this project, the third largest industrial center in the Russian Federation specializing in non-ferrous metallurgy will appear. The key base for its development will be the unique platinum-copper-nickel and copper-molybdenum deposits located in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Tyva. The commissioning of new facilities is expected in 2026, the total investment will amount to 158,4 billion rubles.

Most will pay attention to the fact that in the vast majority of cases within the framework of the Yenisei Siberia CIP, we are talking about projects that are being implemented on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This region is an economic donor for nearby subjects, therefore, the mechanism of interregional integration used within the framework of the "Yenisei Siberia" in the future should allow Khakassia and Tyva to improve their socio-economic situation.

Despite all the statements about the benefits of this project for the economically lagging regions, at the moment it can be noted that the positive effect is especially pronounced in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In five years, the region has managed to rise by two positions in the ranking of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in terms of investment volume and is currently in seventh place. In addition, in terms of investment potential, the Krasnoyarsk Territory ranks fifth in Russia.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 May 2023 13: 57
    In short: to extract resources, to smelt resources, to export resources by sea or railway over the hill.
    There are no enterprises of finished products in the description.