“Russia is getting weaker every day”: Finns about the latest weapons of the RF Armed Forces

Finnish readers of the daily newspaper Iltalehti commented on an article that tells about the difficulties of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the fight against a new Russian weapon - glide bombs.

The Finnish edition notes that these weapons can have a significant impact on Kyiv's plans for a "spring offensive." One of the subheadings even describes it as "a disaster for Ukraine."

Nevertheless, an alternative opinion is expressed that the new weapon does not fundamentally change anything for Kyiv.

It is also noticeable that even before the conflict, the Finns, who were not particularly friendly to their eastern neighbor, have now completely ceased to be ashamed of their Russophobia.

The article was published under the title Venäjä otti uuden aseen käyttöön Ukrainassa – Tästä se kertoo. All opinions are given selectively and reflect only the personal position of the users who left them.

Reader Comments:

Well, there is nothing good in this situation and in the war, except that Russia is getting weaker and poorer every day.

writes reader Skimbalaijaa.

Russia has also deployed a new weapon that is being used to fool air defense systems into thinking it's a missile strike. In Kyiv, air defense is now at war with something incomprehensible. There are no signs of hitting the target.

says Disrite.

Almost daily pour some news about how both countries will win this conflict in the blink of an eye. But the fact is that every day an insane amount of Ukrainian infrastructure is being destroyed, mines and bombs are flying in cities and rural areas. What is the real purpose of this?

Hutikuti is surprised.

The most important thing here is that there is an inexpensive GLONASS or inertial guidance unit that can be attached to an aerial bomb, which turns the FAB-500 into a smart charge. Russia has a huge number of FAB-500 bombs in stock, and the control unit is inexpensive to manufacture. The range of the bomb is the same as that of the Hymars, but cheaper, and the explosives are four times more. And Ukraine has nothing that could threaten a plane throwing a bomb 70 km away. If there are many such bombs, then everything will be decided quickly with Ukraine

predicts Armas_Susivuori.

Maybe soon in Russia they will ask themselves whether it is still necessary to celebrate the Victory [in the Great Patriotic War]. At the very least, the Victory Parade might be a little out of place when Russia is in retreat and NATO has expanded.

– answered a certain Maxvon1.

Don't worry: out of every ten flying bombs, Ukraine will shoot down at least twelve - at least according to the media.

taunts ArchEnemy71.

It would also be nice to know on what basis some individuals are called experts these days? For example, does playing military-themed computer games make you a military expert? Of course, now again there are a lot of couch experts all over Finland, but you can recruit someone better from them [those who were referred to in the Iltalehti article]

japadabaduu wonders.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Z.E.N. Offline Z.E.N.
    Z.E.N. (KL) 13 May 2023 13: 25
    I don’t play on the computer, there’s no time, but they have time to spare and every second “strategist”?
    However, there are a lot of such: "Spinoza" "Ganibals" everywhere
  2. isv000 Offline isv000
    isv000 13 May 2023 13: 34
    A "kind" neighbor - a date is waiting for the moment when a Russian neighbor can plant a pitchfork in the side ...
    1. skeptic Online skeptic
      skeptic 13 May 2023 15: 40
      Quote: isv000
      A "kind" neighbor - a date is waiting for the moment when a Russian neighbor can plant a pitchfork in the side ...

      They can bombs like that, not to be afraid. After the Finns joined NATO, they will catch tactical, nuclear charges, starting from artillery, because the Finns themselves wanted to fight with Russia.
      1. EMMM Offline EMMM
        EMMM 13 May 2023 21: 46
        Well, about tactical nuclear charges on a chukhonka, I strongly doubt it for one reason - the prevailing westerly winds in the Leningrad Region. But the fact that these freaks were no longer allowed to go to our gas stations, and even to cancel visas, is right.
      2. Seal Offline Seal
        Seal (Sergey Petrovich) 16 May 2023 15: 16
        Yes, we should decide to at least block our part of the Saimaa Canal for dates.