Americans Reinvent Cell Phone

Everything goes in a circle. At first, the phone could only “ring”. Then send SMS. Then simple games appeared on it. Then the phone made an evolutionary leap and turned into a smartphone.

The filling and capabilities of a modern smartphone are simply unbelievable compared to phones. But at a certain stage, the fundamental growth in the capabilities of smartphones slowed down, this is clearly visible by the change of generations of “apple trees”, where the reduction in the thickness of the case, and not the increase in productivity, is put as a new advantage.

Realizing this trend, the American company Light decided to go the other way. They decided to follow the path of simplification and made a bet on a “lightweight smartphone” that can only “ring”. According to the manufacturer, the Light Phone looks stylish.

This year, the Americans launched a new generation called Light Phone 2, which can not only call, but also send SMS and set an alarm, you need to navigate the menu with buttons. Apparently, the Americans decided to reinvent the cell phone. The light weight of 80 grams provides the “smartphone” with an atypical material - electronic paper, which does not require additional backlighting. The batteries will last for several hours of communication, in standby mode Light Phone 2 will last up to 5 days.

This “miracle” costs only 225 dollars or 14500 rubles. Whether the phone is worth the price of a smartphone is up to the sophisticated consumer to decide.
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  1. Bossota Offline Bossota
    Bossota (Peter) 22 March 2018 15: 05
    Next in line is the invention of the wheel