The manufacturer of "Bayraktarov" presented a new reactive loitering munition


Turkish and military drone manufacturer Baykar unveiled its latest development in Istanbul yesterday. The TEKNOFEST 2023 aviation industry show featured a small-sized cruise missile designed for use from unmanned aerial vehicles.

The new ammunition was named Bayraktar Kemankes (translated from Turkish as “Old Ottoman Archer”) and can be launched from any of the Bayraktar UAVs produced today in Turkey. The missile is designed to destroy the air defense of a potential enemy and other ground targets. The novelty from Baykar is a loitering ammunition and is in many ways similar to the Russian Lancet.

The well-known Bayraktar TB2 UAV is capable of carrying two such missiles at once due to its low starting weight of only 30 kg, 6 kg of which falls on the warhead. The length of the rocket is 1,73 meters, the span of the folding wing is 1,25 meters.

The declared range of the "archer" is 200 km, but the effective control range does not yet exceed 50 km. The manufacturer promises to bring this figure to at least 100 km. The missile can barrage for up to 1 hour and reach speeds of up to 850 km/h. It is driven by a turbojet engine.

Bayraktar Kemankes is equipped with an electro-optical guidance head with a 36x camera, combined with a laser rangefinder, and a two-way data transmission channel. The missile can move towards the target both under the direct control of the operator, and in automatic mode.
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    April 28 2023 20: 06
    The development of strike UAVs and others is developing along the old aviation path - from screw to faster jet ones. We would also have time in this competition, we are too far behind, even normal percussion piston weapon carriers, like medicines. Why is there such a lag, because last year the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation reported more than 70% of new weapons to the RF Armed Forces. That's just how to count 70%, from valuable or from another indicator. It seems from the price, they introduced nuclear submarines, so with one product they blocked all price indicators.