They lied to us for 70 years? Who was Lenin really?

Last week passed by someone else revered, and by someone almost forgotten, the former main holiday of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - the next anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. This time it's already one hundred and first. But, nevertheless, it seems to me that with what really happened then, Russian society, and after more than a hundred years, has not yet decided.

In the USSR, everything was simple and clear on this topic. All those who received Soviet education remember this for sure. Lenin is the great and disinterested genius of the revolution, who hatched the idea of ​​liberating the peoples of Russia from the shackles of autocracy almost from childhood, when he was still an inconspicuous gymnasium student, Volodya Ulyanov, and then devoted all his remaining life to it, as a result of which he led and the masses. And the revolution itself, which happened in 1917, is the greatest event of the twentieth century, which changed the course of history and gave mankind a new path of development. That's something like this, in my opinion, it looked then in history textbooks and, of course, in our heads. It was a given axiom, no longer requiring any evidence and not allowing any doubt. And we, the then October people, pioneers and Komsomol members, in fact, in no way doubted this. Moreover, personally and most of the former Soviet children with whom I spoke on this occasion, the October Revolution of 1917 was somehow automatically associated precisely with the overthrow of the autocracy. Yes, the Aurora fired, then there was repeatedly and everywhere praised the storming of the Winter Palace, where a certain “Provisional Government” was sitting, and so on ... But this was somehow blurry. I remember that the February "bourgeois" revolution was somehow passing in passing, as it didn’t seem to change much in the country, that is, it remained bad anyway. But then came Lenin, the party of the Bolsheviks and the crowds of revolutionary sailors, soldiers, workers and peasants, who all together and accomplished all the most important and great. Changed the course of history.

Yes, it was sort of like there was still some kind of World War I, but it was also wrong - “imperialistic”. And if the war was “imperialistic”, and the revolution in February “bourgeois”, then there is nothing to talk about them, there was only one harm from the people. As far as I remember, events such as the Decembrist uprising or the riot on the battleship of the Black Sea Fleet, “Prince Potemkin-Tauride,” each separately in the history curriculum devoted more time and attention than the February Revolution and the First World War combined. But on the other hand, Lenin and his associates promised the people peace, land to the peasants, and factories to the workers, besides the complete expropriation of the expropriators, which then, it seems, happened to the joy of everyone. Well, that is, the truth is not at all for everyone at once - some former expropriators, reactionaries and tsar’s minions, naturally, with the help of foreign capitalist interventionists, resisted for some time, because they could not at all come to terms with the fact that ordinary people in Russia were suddenly it became so good. It was a civil war. We in Soviet schools, too, passed it in sufficient detail, precisely in a larger volume than the First World “imperialist” one. But it all ended again successfully and correctly, that is, the complete defeat of the Belys, the emergence of the USSR, the GOELRO plan, industrialization and the general prosperity of workers and peasants. Naturally, these facts were confirmed by archival materials, a lot of serious scientific works and studies, documentaries and so on and so forth. Not to mention the fiction and cinema on which we were all raised.

All this was an unshakable mantra for seventy years. We grew up on this, sincerely believed in it, were proud of it. The revolutionaries were idols. And the Great Lenin was for us something so great that nothing could ever be greater at all, which proved the mausoleum on Red Square in the center of Moscow and the endless streams of people standing in line to just look at HIM, the great leader the greatest revolution in the world.

Then the Gorbachev "perestroika" began. With her, “glasnost” unexpectedly came to the people, spreading like everything and everywhere. Somewhere in the archives, someone found some new, previously either lost or classified materials, and began to openly and freely publish them. And then it suddenly became clear that everything turned out to be not quite the way we had been told all seventy years before ... Well, that is, Lenin and the Great Revolution are all right, but the tsar, it turns out, was not such a villain and stranglers of the people, and even did something useful. But then he and his whole family were taken and killed by some especially dispersed revolutionaries. Apparently avenged for all the horror that the autocracy brought them. But they killed the royal family, including young children and even some people from the servants, for some reason, when the king himself was no longer a king. Moreover, they killed without trial and investigation, secretly and so brutally, that they decided to put the tsar himself as a martyr and put him on the list of saints. By the way, this is all because the church, which was also considered reactionary and anti-revolutionary, was also more or less “rebuilt”, again came into contact with the people and the authorities and began to coexist in harmony with all of them. It also turned out that among the "White Guards" there were some pretty decent people who even had undeniable services to the Fatherland. It also became known that in the First World War, it turns out, Russia participated very actively, many of our people fell on different fronts, there were real heroes and great commanders, but did not happen this very revolution (namely, the second one, which was October), that was Russia would most likely be one of the victorious countries of this Great War, as it was then called, and would have the right to huge reparations from the Germans, and would also not have lost many of the territories that had then, in the next war, again, with blood and sweat our people back pull out. Yes, and it is not known if there would have been any “next” war at all then.

Then our ideology collapsed, based on the greatest revolution of the twentieth century, and with it the largest and most powerful state in the world called the Soviet Union. It turned out that the path we followed all this time was not quite right. That is, he was generally not bad, he just led not at all where everyone needed to. We began to be actively friends with the West. It turned out that the emigration there, in the West, are also quite normal people and even patriots of their own, already freed from the yoke of communism, the Motherland, and not at all traitors, whom they were almost all considered to be earlier. From them, as well as from our new Western friends and, naturally, from either newly found, or again declassified archival data, the public again and again revealed terrible facts about the revolution, and about the Civil War, and so on ... It turns out , there were repressions, a lot of innocent blood was shed, and what they promised, that is, land to the peasants and the factories to the workers, no one gave to anyone. Moreover, they took even more, often the last one, the famine began, a lot of people died. At the same time, the communist elite quietly plundered and sold abroad the country's gold reserves, royal treasures and precious works of art, which were in Russian funds and museum collections. Economy completely collapsed. The White Army, with the help of its Western allies, tried valiantly and heroically to resist all this, but this was impossible when the Communists simply "drowned them in the blood" of their own people. The civil war ended in such a pitiable way. For many years, the country was torn to pieces by the communist “red terror." And Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin himself, although he was an undeniably successful leader of the masses, but, as it turned out, was in many ways not a very adequate person, they say, a syphilitic, who at the final stage of his life already had a strong influence on his brain activity. And although he personally sincerely and selflessly wanted to improve the situation of his native country and his own people with his actions, some of his steps and decisions were still not correct, which led to many mistakes made during the revolution and the subsequent construction of the new state system. Naturally, all this was also devoted to documentaries, scientific works based on irrefutable archival data, numerous publications in the press and, naturally, a host of new fiction, films, television series, and so on.

And now, in 2018, I, a former citizen of the former USSR, already after all of the above, I read the new Russian press and watch the latest documentaries based on already publicly available (that is, again declassified) on the main federal channels of Russian state television ) archival materials, both ours, and from the west, and again I never cease to be surprised at this "opening new truth." The theme is the same - the First World War, Lenin, the Russian Revolution. And what do I see? If, again, it is very abbreviated and simplified, then I see the following picture:

One hundred years ago, as it is now, the collapse of the Russian Empire was primarily interested in our sworn German-Anglo-Saxon "partners." Germany at that time, the main reason was the desire to alleviate its difficult situation on two fronts so that Russia could somehow take Russia out of the First World War, in which it acted as a powerful player, while at the same time in allied relations with Britain, France and the USA . And the then "allies" of Russia, represented primarily by the British and Americans, the main goal was to completely eliminate both Russia and, in fact, Germany as potential rivals in the "division of the world pie" in the future. Moreover, it doesn’t matter at all in what ways - whether to give them maximum mutual destruction on the battlefield, or to corrupt and make incompetent power structures from within these countries, supporting all kinds of anti-state and anti-government movements. What all, in fact, were doing. Moreover, apparently, quite successfully. Ulyanov-Lenin and the company, in contrast to everything previously said and written, were not at all some silver-laden men who were completely devoted to the cause of the revolution and the liberation of the peoples of Russia from the yoke of autocracy. They traveled abroad, lived on a grand scale, led a rather idle and immoral lifestyle, while constantly being in search of funds for all this. They did not shun openly “dirty” criminal money from bank robberies or financial frauds, or sponsorship of special services of states that were in openly hostile relations with Russia. The ultimate goal of these people seemed to be the overthrow of the regime, but not entirely disinterestedly and simply for the sake of popular welfare, namely, with the coming to power of themselves and in no other way.

That is why when the autocracy in Russia finally collapsed as a result of the February Revolution, which was later called "bourgeois", these citizens did not weaken their "revolutionary" activities in any way, for example, to wait for how things would develop and what new политическая the situation will bring the Russian people, but just the opposite. They realized that as a result of the chaos that began in the state and the weakening of power structures, it might be easier for them to realize their own plans. And at any price. And since even after the overthrow of the autocracy as a result of the February events of 1917, Russia, with a new, more or less democratic government, still did not intend to leave the war, at that moment Lenin was "very along the way" with Germany. And the Bolshevik Communists, under his leadership, concluded an agreement with the Germans. For money. Against Russia - their homeland. While she fought with this very Germany. And this agreement was concluded on very definite conditions, which, apparently, Comrade Ulyanov-Lenin later worked to a fad - and the country's exit from the war on shameful conditions, and the transfer of vast territories, and so on. And the Germans gave him advance money and weapons for the revolution, and also helped to transport him, his associates and everything necessary for this revolution to the territory of the Russian Empire through neutral states. But here, Lenin proved himself to be a good organizer - he insured himself in advance and, in the event of something unforeseen with the Germans, through another ardent fighter for the idea, Comrade Trotsky, secured for himself also reserve funding - from the United States. And on this very money in our country on October 25, 1917 (according to the old style) the justice of the world proletariat triumphed. That is, the workers and peasants, as well as the progressive part of the intelligentsia, whom all, as it turned out, were the “Bolsheviks” for the national welfare, headed by Lenin himself, and “threw” right away without fulfilling any of their pre-revolutionary promises ... How something like this ...

And all this above stated, naturally, from TV screens and from the pages of the press, and the like presented to us by serious historians, high-ranking politicians, famous journalists and artists, like other respected people, sometimes with glasses, sometimes with expensive suits and ties , sometimes without ... And they say that this is all our story. And all this, again, is based solely on historical facts that are undeniably proven, on documents and archives, and on a variety of different ones, and “us” and “them” there, the “partners” have it. Well, how can you not believe them all?

But I personally, against the backdrop of all this, still have some questions. Well, for example, what about the fact that everything is still a little higher in this article, we were told a little earlier, but also very serious and respected people? And sometimes even generally the same ones that today bring to us now this "new truth". Then they also claimed that this is our story, and it is just like that. What, it turns out, then, before, lied? What constantly lied to us throughout the life of three generations?

Personally, I and millions more are just like me, all these serious and respected people first took away everything that we believed and were proud of, something that we respected our country for, and then took away the country itself, along with it ideology, flag and name. And why and why should I believe all this now? Where is the guarantee that in a couple of years, or even tens of years, someone will not find something in some dusty archive, will not declassify it, and all this again will not “turn out” to be completely different? After all, then, not so long ago, everything was also proved by archives, and scientists, and everything else ...

What is all this all about? They tell me this is history, these are facts. But can history and facts change dramatically several times literally exactly the opposite, over a couple of decades? And all this in front of the same people? In many discussions, where I tried to defend the need for an impartial study of historical materials, they opposed me that they should not study history without reference to beliefs and the political situation, without regard to the interests of a country or people, or both. Well, there, all this is a little higher, just there is a story with an eye on beliefs and political interests, admire ... Does it look like history or more like propaganda? In my opinion, the second, and in its purest form.

But let's go further. There are already inconsistencies with reality. If you even believe that it is finally true, then only a hundred years later it crawled to the surface and appeared before us in all its glory or ugliness, who then is Lenin at all? Who in reality was the person who still lies with us in the form of a mummy in the mausoleum on the main square in the capital, still the largest country in the world, which still has monuments everywhere, and is still called by his name? Let us return to the latest facts of the latest version of the development of events and take this as a basis. There is a war with Germany. Our troops are valiantly fighting the enemy on all fronts. And even, as it turns out, in the territory of foreign countries - at the request of the allied French government, the Russian Expeditionary Force was sent to the Western Front, France, where, everywhere, wherever it fell, it showed examples of military valor and heroism in battles with the German army . At the same time, a certain group of people, citizens of Russia (!), Headed by just one Vladimir Ulyanov, with the party pseudonym Lenin, also being abroad, in Western Europe, is actively subversive in order to overthrow the existing system in his country, that is, in Russia.

For the sake of achieving this goal, as well as for their own well-being, this group conspires with the enemy of Russia in the war - the German regime, through its special services. The German special services provide Lenin and his associates with all feasible material, propaganda and logistical assistance, since at this particular moment the goals of Lenin and the Germans in the collapse of the Russian government and the withdrawal of the country from the war, even at the cost of defeat, completely coincide. The methods of action of the Lenin organization: the creation of various schools of propagandists and revolutionary terrorists in Europe with a view to their further transfer to Russia, defeatist propaganda in the troops at the front, calls for surrender or desertion, conducting subversive and degrading activities within the country, espionage in favor of Germany, and then and the implementation of a direct power seizure of power in the state, with the active help, financing and assistance of the direct enemy of Russia - Germany. How can all this be called? ... Is it possible that the country will be freed from tyranny? ... I already see in advance how they mix me, to put it mildly, with excrement for such a comparison, but still I ask the question: what then, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin differs from the meaning, principles and methods of his actions from another “fighter for the liberation of the peoples of Russia from the dictatorship” with the help of the Germans and also during the war with Germany, Andrei Andreyevich Vlasov? ... Well, of course, except that the first everything was conceived, to the surprise of many, and even the Germans themselves, it turned out, and at T cerned not. For example, here again, on the basis of the whole truth that has been revealed, it seems to me that there are somehow few differences, if not to say that they are almost absent. Only for some reason, one, in whom all this, in fact, betrayal of the Motherland came out, and he successfully implemented all the enemy plans, and to the very end, we have in the mausoleum and so on, and the second, in which none of all this happened, He was caught in Czech territory in 1945 while trying to leave and be useful to the same Americans, then he was convicted, hanged, and is now considered one of the most heinous and shameful traitors in the history of the country. Where is the logic? Or is it simply that the winner is always right, even if he is a pure traitor to the homeland?

I apologize in advance for all this to those whom my thoughts on this topic have somehow touched or offended, but, you must admit, based on the fact that we are once again offered as a true story, these conclusions and questions are somehow they beg for themselves. That is, Lenin is a traitor? Or can all this be interpreted somehow differently? I can only guess what kind of magicians they are, who every time they search this time in certain bottomless archives and declassify truthful materials that are always suitable for the current political situation. But this time, in my opinion, they were being sought out and declassified to a very unpleasant situation: it turns out that either everything that is being offered to us now as our history is an unscrupulous lie, or a disgusting traitor to our country has been lying all this time in the mausoleum on Red Square. I do not sympathize with V.I. Lenin, nor communist ideas in general, but I still want to believe more in the first option. Firstly, we are somehow used to it, and secondly, as they say, it’s a shame for the state ...

The last, as it now seems, unshakable pillar of the preservation of patriotism in Russia, against the backdrop of all this, today is the Great Patriotic War and the feat of our people in it. And where is the guarantee that after a while someone will also not review this again on the basis of “revealed declassified facts” and that someone like Vlasov will not get into the heroes? You will say no, even shout - “This is impossible!”, And, apparently, accuse me of blasphemy and all other mortal sins. But I remind you that I myself, about thirty or a little more years ago, would have cried out about the same thing if someone tried to present me with Lenin and the revolution, something similar to what we have today shown on television on federal channel. And more recently, it could not have occurred to anyone that our brothers and neighbors, in Ukraine, would be torn down by monuments to Soviet soldiers and commanders, and the heroes would be Nazi Stepan Bandera or natural SS men like Shukhevych and soldiers of the German 14th division of the Waffen-SS “ Galicia ". Could it come to someone’s head in the days of the USSR? Could not, of course, even in a nightmare. And where does all this come from? And this is all nothing but the fruits and direct consequences of the “study” and presentation of history through the prism of certain “national and political interests”. This is the basis for patriotism and love for the motherland. There. Currently. Only no one thinks that with such a repeat on “castrated” or “politically corrected” history, patriotism will be in a couple of years, when someone decides to rewrite it all again for the sake of some new political situation.

Could it be more correct to study history as it is? And to love your country with everything that was in its history, and with exploits, and with mistakes, and even with crimes? And on this build patriotism and love for the motherland? I think that our real feats and great achievements are quite enough for us to be proud of and to sing them. And if you gloss over or embellish the mistakes, then later, when they still come to the surface, it may logically arise doubts in general about everything that we were taught and on which we were brought up. If you lie at the beginning of the story, where is the guarantee that at the end it will be true? In the same way, this happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the degradation of its entire ideology - we almost lost everything at once, and national history, and pride, and patriotism, and even universal values. Does someone want a repetition of the moral level of the nineties? I personally do not.

Like this. In my opinion, there is something to think about. And to those who study and read history, and to those who try to write and teach it ...
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  1. mumiee Offline mumiee
    mumiee (Mikhail Savinykh) 14 November 2018 12: 34
    Ulyanov-Blank was a half-educated person (mother for bribes in a popular form bungled her externatus diploma), with her inferiority complex he became interested in vulgar materialism (quasi-Marxism), quickly seized the Power that lay in 1917. He didn’t want to return to the poverty of emigration, like his semi-literate comrades-in-arms, to exile, to hard labor. Therefore, he put his remarkable talent as a writer on the retention of power. Interrupted the natural course of development of the state and for 70 years fed people ravings, zombies. In 1993, they admitted that we were building capitalism. True, in the initial stage, wild!
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 14 November 2018 15: 34
      Well, you blurted out! Just YOU are the MALFUNCTION!
    2. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
      LeftPers (Anton) 15 November 2018 08: 22
      We were born and raised under socialism, we lived well, we were free and equal, and all rubbish began in the 80s under Gorbachev. And 99% of the population of Russia wants to see this capitalism in a coffin.
      1. Yusufhoja Offline Yusufhoja
        Yusufhoja (Yusufhoja) 17 November 2018 14: 50
        Quite right, the true history of any country does not exist, because, it will always be perverted beyond recognition. It is necessary to operate on facts from one's life; no other is given. I can say that, the socialism that Lenin dreamed of, nevertheless, was built and bore fruit. People were equal in rights, education, medicine, housing and much more was available, the state was powerful, people were happy. In an instant, everything was lost. Everyone who did not live at this time does not understand this and there is no sense in explaining it. It's a pity.
      2. nznz Offline nznz
        nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 01
        Gorbachev and Yeltsin will remain traitors in the national memory, but not because the USSR was betrayed, but because they followed the imposed path and collapsed - instead of transformation. As for your statement about the USSR, that everything was sugar - well, what are you ... Forgot Medunov, cotton business, Schelokov, and so on - there was a lot of bad news, the main thing was caste. Career had obvious priorities - party - forward, non-party - no. For 4 workers, only 1 engineer could join the party. They didn’t like the layer, the hegemon was everything. Even if he blew his nose with 2 fingers and wiped them culturally with a handkerchief. House drinking was flourishing by the type of advance payment. In terms of living standards, there was a division too - the party-administrative elite was merging from the 200th section of the GUM to special distributors. Rations, etc. And so - in everything. This is not the best that was sought. And it differs little from the current situation. There, careerism made it possible to achieve something, today - theft and fraud - not one wealthy has net capital, no. The only difference is that today this distance is poor - the rich are hypertrophied and the people worry rightly.
    3. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 15 November 2018 09: 14
      mumiee (Mikhail Savinykh), ... there is an assumption that you are truly called Boris Savinkov ... so you somehow survived those years? ...
    4. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 2 January 2019 20: 08
      Well, you, Misha, do not know the story at all. Vladimir Ilyich bought his diploma in the passage of the Moscow metro from visiting guest workers from Ukraine .... It is because of such "little things" that you distort our whole history.
    5. bart Offline bart
      bart (bart) April 15 2019 19: 03
      And why did you get that he is a dropout !? According to the total circulation of publications, the works of Lenin are in third place in the world after the Bible and the works of Mao Zedong. Regardless of a positive or negative assessment of Lenin's activity, even many non-communist scholars consider him the most significant revolutionary statesman in world history.
      In 1879-1887, Vladimir Ulyanov studied at the Simbirsk Gymnasium, which was led by F. M. Kerensky, father of A. F. Kerensky, the future head of the Provisional Government (1917). In 1887 he graduated from high school with a gold medal and entered the law faculty of Kazan University. In his certificate of maturity there is only one four - according to logic. In 1885, the list of students in the gymnasium indicated that Vladimir was “a very talented, diligent and accurate student. Succeeds in all subjects very well. It behaves approximately. ”(Extract from the Conduit and Apartment List of VIII-Class Students at the Simbirsk Gymnasium. Herbert Wells noted Lenin’s excellent knowledge of 12 languages, including Latin!
      What makes you think that Lenin lived in exile in poverty! ??? The organization he headed had branches throughout the Russian Empire, money in the form of contributions reached up to 300 thousand rubles in gold per year, and the Tiflis expropriation - attack on June 13 (26) 1907 in Tiflis on a treasury carriage when transporting money from mail to the Tiflis branch of the State bank. The attack was carried out by the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Kamo, and recognized as one of the most high-profile during the revolution of 1905-1907. At the rate of 2012, about $ 5 million was stolen.
      The expropriation was organized by a number of Bolshevik leaders, including Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Maxim Litvinov, L. B. Krasin and A. A. Bogdanov. The purpose of the expropriation was to replenish the cash desk of the party. The newspaper Iskra was released at its own expense, if Lenin needed to live in exile, he would have had enough money for life! No need for poverty! A revolution in a huge country cost a lot of money, and after the revolution, a civil war, the fight against illiteracy, GOERLO, Dneproges and so on. He did not raise the power that lay on the ground, he fought, sat in exile, lived in exile, and so on. He gave his life in the name of the People and the Revolution! You would have delved into the topic before defecating on the history of your country!
      1. nznz Offline nznz
        nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 05
        He lived normally. I read what was enough for beer, for 2 mistresses (Nadia and Inessa), for prostitutes - they, fools, even kept some kind of reporting checks - in the 80s every forbidden thing came to light. I do not blame - man is man, only varnished Lenin is already completely nasty ...
  2. Yuri Simonov Offline Yuri Simonov
    Yuri Simonov (Yuri Simonov) 14 November 2018 13: 17
    In the history of ANY country, there have been cases of seizure of power by criminals, traitors and scum and holding this power in different ways for different periods of time. In the history of Russia there was False Dmitry, Cromwell in England, Napoleon in France, and so on and so forth. Many of them still have monuments only because people take care of their history without throwing even shameful pages out of it. How else? After all, love for the motherland includes respect for its history in its entirety.

    For more information on this issue, please read in my article “On the mechanism of the tragedy of 1917” at with an addendum on how the tragedy of 1917 relates to the tragedies of 1941 and 1991.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 13: 26
      And Napoleon and Cromwell, that, surrendered their country during the war to the enemy by prior conspiracy for money? Gave territory to the enemy? Yes, there are different people’s monuments, but here it’s far from simple monuments, do we have something like a monument to Lenin somewhere? Here, in my opinion, the comparison is not very adequate ...
      1. Darkhobbit Offline Darkhobbit
        Darkhobbit (Mikhail Zvyozdochkin) 20 November 2018 00: 19
        Is there real evidence that Lenin "surrendered his country during the war to the enemy by prior agreement for money"? Even the facts that he could receive any money are not enough for such a statement. Some kind of temporary agreement is one thing, the surrender of the country is another.
        1. nznz Offline nznz
          nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 14
          I’m afraid that I’ll write vulgarity — that is, well-known and battered, but I saw several films about the Parvus Plan — first the Air Force, which I did not believe, and then our domestic one, which practically does not refute anything. So Lenin - he was working off the money of Germany - and he worked, giving shamefully Brest - to the Lithuanian world the territories of Russian Germany - more than they had before the war. The winning country (Russia) against the backdrop of the internal revolution of Germany (unrest in Hamburg, etc.) - and suddenly we lost. There is a version that Parvus demanded for himself the place of the Ministry of Finance in the government - to which Lenin, who dared, sent him. For which he paid for the assassination attempt. Off topic - but it was surprising that Fanny Kaplan had a relationship with Dmitry Ulyanov ... how everything is plaited ..
          As for another Revolutionary Trotsky, this general bank in America opened and seated a bratelnik, all financial operations - everything went only through him. Trotsky also visited America - he visited with the whole family. His arrogance and rudeness were extreme. The hotel servants spat in his soup for behaving like a true slave owner. Trotsky was working off amerovsky loans - dumping the concession - remember the "Chief of Chukotka"?

          How do you do, Mr. Stenson!

          And so they took out furs from Chukotka and other rich places for beads. Nobody has been sticking sweaty chervonets in their hands for a long time ..
      2. Denis818 Offline Denis818
        Denis818 (Denis Maksimov) 5 May 2019 15: 17
        You see, the Communists are minding you, they don’t want to know their story, their eyes really hurt, people are afraid of darkness (silver bullet, so to speak, by the way cerebrum in translation is gray matter), you can of course put on pink glasses, but can Russia to allow it (though, how much knowledge does a person need to be happy personally?). Pay attention to the vacuum - everywhere amateurs, as if there is not enough “computing power” and knowledge to do as it should, in a creative way. Indeed, much can really be changed very quickly. By the way, it’s clear that despite the “well-known” informal ties between Lenin and Kerensky they were just such ideological “antagonists”, and thoughts suggest that although Kerensky was preparing the surrender of power to the Bolsheviks, the work of VR so she was paralyzed by a bunch of drunken rebel soldiers under the strict guidance of which no one could do anything. The relationship of Kerensky and Lenin can be compared with the connection of Freemasonry and communism, we can say that they are related phenomena. Only Freemasonry is a product for the elites (brainwashing, recruitment, communications), a toxic product also with clear goals. Kerensky said that the royal family would be released abroad, but on the same day he arrested everyone. I also really liked some of the quotes of those who called for the collapse of the army. In general, the communist project, in my opinion, had specific goals for itself, used the interests of large groups to introduce into them, like a virus that takes strength and uses the resources of the body itself. Again, I say this without denying the idea of ​​socialism in general, which the Communists have plowed. There is no infrastructure for him, there is no basis, what is in the world - finally, of course, sucks. But there is a point successful experience. But we have a colony country - either it will not be used, or there will be sabotage. Again, rather db conservation of cs, everything can be done in capitalism. In Belarus, there is still confiscation, or the level of taxes in the industry can essentially lead to nationalization, etc. etc. regulation.
  3. Bezobrazoff Offline Bezobrazoff
    Bezobrazoff (Eugene) 14 November 2018 13: 20
    Alexey, you are asking the right questions. And in order to understand our history, you yourself need to comprehend your own attitude to events. In my opinion, our whole story is very dramatic. And the events preceding the October Revolution in particular. Take the situation of the peasants. Although serfdom was abolished in 1861, in fact the peasants remained serfs. That is, 95% of our entire population were slaves at the beginning of the 20th century. And all and sundry were constantly sowing seeds of revolutionary sentiments into this fertile soil. Lenin was the most successful revolutionary, but before him there was a carriage and a small cart. Alexander II was also blown up by revolutionaries in 1881, but not by the Bolsheviks, but by their distant predecessors, the "Narodnaya Volya". And with such excellent support from the population, I remind you that 95% were slaves, the Russian Empire was drawn into World War 1, in fact, in a showdown that did not concern it at all. The people did not want to fight, because they did not understand what they were fighting for. And then the Bolsheviks offered freedom and land and death to the hated bourgeoisie. Naturally, the people made the right choice. And we have no right to condemn him
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 13: 36
      Eugene, thanks for the comment. But I do not blame the people, choice, etc. I am only interested in the method of conducting here. Namely, betrayal and conspiracy with the enemy, if all this really took place. If you read Vlasov’s Prague manifesto, then the promises there were also very good, that is, did he also do everything right? But it just didn't work out? So why then do we condemn Vlasov? He also wanted something good, didn’t he?
      1. Bezobrazoff Offline Bezobrazoff
        Bezobrazoff (Eugene) 14 November 2018 14: 17
        They didn’t follow the whites in 1918, they didn’t follow in 1944. In 1944, Stalin had such authority that the Americans seriously feared that all of Europe would be under the USSR.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 14: 28
          Eugene, I understand what you mean. But this is not about that. And in this particular case, I am sorry that the editors changed my original name, and in fact the meaning of the article itself, which was originally called And again about the lessons of history. To the 101st anniversary of the October Revolution. In general, this is not at all about Lenin, and not about Vlasov, but about what and how we are constantly "fed" as a "history" ... And how long will this all continue and how long we can in this case come down ...
          1. Bezobrazoff Offline Bezobrazoff
            Bezobrazoff (Eugene) 14 November 2018 15: 55
            If several people understand what is happening, then there is hope for the best
            1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
              Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 16: 06
              ... but if the vast majority does not understand anything, then it is very weak ...

              That is, if this majority every time again and again sacredly believes in what they say on TV, even if it completely contradicts what was said there, the same and relatively recently ...
          2. Darkhobbit Offline Darkhobbit
            Darkhobbit (Mikhail Zvyozdochkin) 20 November 2018 00: 14
            Oh, that's it ... I confess, I "aggro" at first solely on the name. It was very similar to the title of the next typical material on the topic "how the damned liquid commissars with German money ruined the priest-tsar and killed the people for 70 years", of which there was a lot of divorce. And the beginning of the article was very similar to that, but something made me read to the end. I see I was wrong about that.
            In my opinion, you somehow very naively want to get a "story without propaganda" or "a story without ideology." This simply does not exist, alas. It's just that somewhere there is a one-sided view, and somewhere outright lies. And the number of the latter, in my opinion, has greatly increased in recent years. The communists somewhere lied on trifles, alas (having mostly harmed themselves), but in the main they were right.
            And the tsar’s father ... If he went out to the people on January 9, 1905, and did not allow his troops to shoot peaceful demonstrators, he would have a chance to lead the country along a peaceful path of development. But he did not need it, he wanted to remain an autocrat. He himself chose his fate. The execution of the royal family is not justified. But what the saint was made of him now is such a savory spit on the graves of people who died on January 9, and in a meat grinder wrapped up later. Want to be eternal powerless slaves - honor Nicholas II. If you want to be citizens of your country, reel pasta with your ears.
        2. Kairat Maksat Offline Kairat Maksat
          Kairat Maksat (Kairat Maksat) 16 November 2018 06: 52
          We had to go to the end and capture the whole of Europe ...
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 16 November 2018 13: 51
            If you are talking about Lenin and the revolution, then you tried, but it didn’t work ...

            If about the Second World War, it is a pity that they did not try, it could have come out ...
      2. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
        S.V.YU 14 November 2018 15: 38
        Vlasov, simply, was saving his SKIN! Did not help! Hang the bastard!
      3. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 November 2018 14: 39
        Lesha, the article, as always, is an offset! The text flows very smoothly, does not tire, although the signs are too much. The theme you raised is eternal. We live in a country with the most unpredictable, no, not future, but past. Humble yourself. Incidentally, I do not rule out the possibility that the current interpretation of history, with Lenin, who used external financing for his own purposes, is not purely selfish (I believe that he was still an idealistic fanatic, but not a utopian, as history has proved), true, although he may and not final. Comparison with Vlasov is not correct, since no one took Lenin into captivity, he himself asked for it, and Vlasov had a choice either to repeat the feat of General Karbyshev or to become a traitor. He chose the latter, hence our attitude towards him.

        The previous kamment comrade I consider Bezobrazoff to be correct and reflect the essence of the problem. The rest of the comments did not master, but their number says that Comrade. Ruslan knows what he is doing. The provocative title and a good picture did their job - you are the leader of audience sympathy. He even overtook me, and few here succeed. Congratulations! The rest is in PM.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 18 November 2018 23: 23
          Thanks for the comment. The only thing that offends me is that because of the name, the emphasis has shifted - from an unpredictable story to the personality of Lenin, Vlasov, etc.
      4. Darkhobbit Offline Darkhobbit
        Darkhobbit (Mikhail Zvyozdochkin) 20 November 2018 00: 33
        Aleksey, you are not the first to compare Lenin with Vlasov; Solzhenitsyn was malicious at this topic.
        In my opinion, the main difference between Vlasov and Lenin is obvious. Vlasov was a pawn, Lenin was a player. Vlasov began as an officer in the tsarist army, then "the best Stalinist general", then, being captured, suddenly "saw the light" and went to save Russia. Even if we do not dwell on the simplest assumption that he was just saving his own skin - in any case, it does not seem that he had any independent position.
        Lenin, however, was a Marxist all his life, preparing a socialist revolution, even if he did not assume that the conditions for it would ripen so soon. Even if he entered into any temporary alliances, it is obvious that Lenin won, and not the "allies". And what after the victory? Building an economy, electrifying, eradicating illiteracy, schools, hospitals, children's camps, and all this under the protection of a powerful army - you will not seriously insist that this was done by the followers of a man whose element is "betrayal and collusion with the enemy"?

        I have many complaints about the Communist Party. But talk about "betrayal of the Bolsheviks" is the lot of those who want to see their compatriots as slaves. You are against the authorities - a traitor! Achieving some rights - a traitor! Yes, now there is a great social demand for such propaganda, what can we say ...
        1. Yuri Nikonov Offline Yuri Nikonov
          Yuri Nikonov (yuri) 30 December 2018 10: 56
          I agree almost 100% with you. They only forgot to write that the Bolsheviks gathered the Russian Empire (USSR), and this is their merit, because at that time almost all of Europe fought against them. And after the death of Lenin, Russia made a very big breakthrough in industrialization, science, etc. Yes, it is possible to treat Lenin and Stalin differently, but you cannot take one thing away, the country has become world leaders; unlike the current grief of leaders.
          1. Lavalava Offline Lavalava
            Lavalava (Alex Olesov) 3 May 2019 14: 30
            winked So the grief leaders are not out of the notorious box, as the devils jumped up ... Secondly, to enter the world leaders is good, but not at the expense of financial assistance to the political leaders of dubious sense ... recourse
    2. Denis818 Offline Denis818
      Denis818 (Denis Maksimov) 5 May 2019 15: 24
      What are you lying? In 1861, only 30-35% of the population was considered serfs, and at the beginning of the century, much less in 1913 they could not be said. What the fuck 95%, liar? Who are the "Narodnaya Volya" do not need to explain, I saw them all, including in the grave, this is essentially the Bolsheviks, and the word "Bolsheviks" is a marketing device, like the word "Narodnaya Volya", all nonsense.
  4. Anton Kunitsyn Offline Anton Kunitsyn
    Anton Kunitsyn (Anton Kunitsyn) 14 November 2018 13: 51
    Some good boy was writing. The school teacher praised him, because all on one and a half pages the essay was barely stretched out, and he spread it on four sheets. But of course I will not read this graphomania. In short, write in the comments or on VK to discard someone who Lenin actually was in the opinion of this traveler.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 14: 00
      ... apparently, you, Anton, didn’t stretch those and a half ...
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 November 2018 14: 45
      Tovarisch always judges a book by its cover, but a movie by its title? Or tovarisch not a reader, but a writer? Well, then it is clear why read someone, it is better to re-read yourself as a great ... "Oh, how many wonderful discoveries the spirit of enlightenment is preparing for us ..." (c) This is not Pushkin about you!
      1. Lavalava Offline Lavalava
        Lavalava (Alex Olesov) 3 May 2019 14: 33
        sorry repeat

        Oh, how many wonderful discoveries we have ...
        And experience is the son of difficult mistakes ..

        From myself I’ll add: and expensive ... by inertness, not calming down.
  5. Well, the current version of the events with the participation of Blank and Bronstein is most reliable if only because it is completely devoid of any kind of heroization, high pathetics and other ideological garbage.
    After all, world geopolitics is always dirty, and any person is always sinful, unfortunately ...: - (((
    And this I’m NOT about to go now and immediately strangle myself with grief, but to stop sculpting in our minds from the real historical characters for themselves the holy righteous.
    I'm not talking about the religious meaning of this word. I'm generally an unbeliever ...
    There are simply sinners to a greater extent and there are sinners to a lesser extent ...
    And then there are ABSOLUTE sinners in which it is difficult to find at least something positive ...
    And it seems that Blank is just one of the last ... Along with Bronstein ...

    When the CPSU (b) was the RSDLP (b), then even then it initially consisted
    from 2 mutually competing organized criminal groups: separately organized crime groups of the Form and separately organized crime groups of Bronstein.
    The OPG Blanca was fed from the General Staff Zweites Reich and Berlin bankers, and the Bronstein organized crime group was fed from MI-6 and, accordingly, from London and New York bankers.
    Both organized crime groups were irreconcilable antagonists, like their owners, but were forced to act together in a holy fight against the bloody regime and endure each other ...
    And which of them was gearing to whom, it became clear when signing the Brest Peace in March 1918, whose ardent supporters were Blank with accomplices and no less ardent opponents of which were Bronstein with his accomplices.
    But after 9 months, purely by chance, the organized crime group Blanca was left without her Berlin owners and quickly realized that from now on they owed nothing to anyone, and they miraculously got a huge territory 1/6 of the earth’s land for feeding, and accordingly immediately took to protect her from competitors, because, as you know, any lads must protect the territory where they feed, so as NOT to die of hunger.
    Seeing this, the brothers from Bronstein’s organized crime group gradually flowed into Blanca’s more successful organized crime group.
    But the mustachioed Uncle Josia, thank God, cleaned out these defunct Bronsteinists in 1937-1939, and a year later cleaned up their runaway godfather in Mexico.
    It’s a pity that Uncle Yosia didn’t unclean Nikita at the time of the pot-bellied maize ...: (((
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 14 November 2018 15: 42
      You are an ignoramus! Ulyanov-Lenin, could not bear the name Blank! After all, she is on the maternal side and in the third knee! And the Jews, in the Russian Empire, could not have the nobility and serve the sovereign!
      1. Wake up, crosses could EVERYTHING !!! You are our scientist ...
        They bought the crosses and the nobility, and served as officers.
        And there were especially many in the Navy.

        Stop repeating the CPSU tales.
        Blanca's mother was an ethnically purebred Jewish woman, and in no way in the 3rd tribe.
        1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
          S.V.YU 15 November 2018 10: 56
          Well, if you are literate, then the HEREDITARY nobility passed on the FATHER! The Ulyanovs were pillar nobles and landowners! Do you understand!
          1. Joseph Pyatunin Offline Joseph Pyatunin
            Joseph Pyatunin (Joseph Pyatunin) 22 November 2018 20: 38
            I don’t know if the Ulyanovs were landowners - it seems that some relative had a small name where little Volodya came to in summer as a child, and then, being expelled from Kazan University, he was preparing to pass exams as an external student. But Ulyanov was definitely not a PILLAR Nobleman - he received the nobility only from his father, who SERVED him in the sovereign service.
            1. nznz Offline nznz
              nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 36
              I will support. He began to dig for genealogy, volens-nolens, began to read documents. The nobility could be earned - having reached the rank of colonel or higher (Lenin's father was in the table of ranks at the level of a general). And there was also a hereditary nobility, it was it that was inherited. Lenin could not be hereditary, because, as the author wrote above - his ancestors were baptized - baptized Jews - that Blank was 100% Jewish - for sure. See Medvedev's film - I don't remember the title - about Lenin ("Kremlin secrets" or something else), and so that Medvedev's author is not thought of - he cited real documents.

              I have ancestors — an ancestor from the Aznauras — these are small princes under the tavadi (grand prince) —that was the case in Georgia. There is a paper where the fact of the release of the Aznauras and the allocation of the lands of the former tawadi in connection with his death was approved by the highest decree. The children of the tavadi, orphans, were taken by the guardian to themselves, and everything else was divided between 4-5 aznauras. Aznaur is not the largest prince, there were 2 more steps as he approached the main boss. But the great-grandfather had a right besides hereditary and inherited, also because he became a colonel. His children - my grandfathers - were hereditary. Only this allowed one of them to enter the Marine Corps - there was no way to get there - closed, privileged.
              So Lenin was no hereditary - simply because he did not have any descendants to whom he was granted the highest decree. The form is the name of the grandmother's husband. This was also written about in the film. Just add. I have a grandmother who lived at Moika 12, in sq. 15, first I rented a floor with my husband, then several rooms, and finally, a room about 12 meters away. Compacted. Then they resettled in the 70s, when they made a museum - Pushkin from the apartment (number 1 - Pushkin was dying there), they moved the granny into a room somewhere - I don’t remember. So, she remained alive and almost did not suffer, only due to some information that her husband (first) doctor, took her to a plague epidemic in Harbin and they dispersed there, formally she remained under his name and wife, in fact - already from 1911 - lived with my grandfather. So, this her 1 husband worked for Dmitry Ulyanov, he taxied for some time in the Crimea, and the grandmother’s husband, Bondarev, died in eliminating the epidemic, whether cholera or whether typhus (after Harbin and Manchuria, he worked in the Sevastopol Maritime Hospital). And Dmitry Ilyich signed the Reference with his pens - the grandmother, because of the reference, was not touched seriously, but could. Her other sisters (they finished Smolny) in Taganrog did not favor .. they got food with language lessons ...
              Here is such a story, everything is somehow intertwined ... I dig and find a lot .. sorry, I started late ... Not for the sake of writing something - for example, the ups and downs of history are intertwined in private life. The poor princes were, they borrowed money to study in Smolny - there are pieces of paper .. I read - my heart is compressed .. not a single anti-Soviet woman has become .. not a single one has complained .. flint people.
  6. Bator Offline Bator
    Bator 14 November 2018 14: 51
    First, in February 1917, the oligarchs made a coup d'etat, removing the tsar from power and appointing the Provisional Government, headed by the six West Kerensky. The country began chaos with the robbery of the country by the West, which supported the Provisional Government. Then, the Provisional Government, under the command of Kerensky, shoots in the summer of 17 royal family. Lenin, seeing that Russia would soon end in October 17, took power into his own hands and saved the country.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 14: 58
      You see what the constant census of history leads to - a mess in the minds. It turns out the king was shot by the Provisional Government.

      Wikipedia Quote:

      The execution of the tsar’s family (the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family) was carried out in the basement of Ipatiev’s house in Yekaterinburg on the night of July 16-17, 1918 in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee of the Ural Regional Council of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers' Deputies: 306, headed by the Bolsheviks. Together with the royal family, members of her retinue were also shot.

      The remaining conclusions, in this case, naturally correspond to the level of general awareness. But the most important and the worst thing is that some people’s conclusions and beliefs are formed on this one after all ... and what can they be? ... This, in fact, is an article, not about Lenin ...
      1. Yuri Nikonov Offline Yuri Nikonov
        Yuri Nikonov (yuri) 2 January 2019 11: 41
        Quote: A. Pishenkoff
        It turns out the king was shot by the Provisional Government.

        So you yourself know what you are writing about? for the abdication of the king from the throne was just under the interim government, and the Bolsheviks were no longer shooting the king. and read more why the Provisional Government refused to leave the imperial family outside the borders of the Russian Empire? and the British monarch refused to accept his family at all.
        1. Denis818 Offline Denis818
          Denis818 (Denis Maksimov) 5 May 2019 20: 53
          From the USA, letters from influential Jewish Americans (politicians, representatives of capital) were sent to the British government to the British government with a demand not to accept the former Russian Autocrat on Albion. Then the then American ambassador to England, Mr. Davis, told me about this. As a result, Lloyd George, in order to avoid complications with Washington and fearing that the emigration of Nicholas II would destabilize the situation in Russia, weakening it in the fight against Germany, sent Kerensky an encryption. It was notified that the arrival of the deposed Russian Emperor in Great Britain is now extremely undesirable.
        2. nznz Offline nznz
          nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 48
          Agree that it was not the king who was shot - this is a figure of speech. The Tsar is the Anointed of God, that is, he may not fulfill his position - but remain the king. The king is like a nationality - the former, not the former. The hand of the Orthodox would not rise. Unfortunately, the performers of the revolution were not Orthodox in the majority, I read in horror - Gustav and Katerina, Dodina is an officially published work, Dodina about the most difficult period of the revolution is a bloody mix .. If you have strong nerves, then read, there are times when it’s impossible to read ... it’s impossible to destroy one’s own people, Russians, Orthodox Christians in one’s head, for what. Tens of thousands across Russia .. barges with corpses turned into a mess .. well, find yourself .. an official thing .. no one answered for this, but God forbid, deny that they’ll put it in some place. The author, by the way, is a Jew, it is difficult to suspect him of bias ..
          1. nznz Offline nznz
            nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 49

            Well, here is a link to this document.
  7. Svetlana Pronkina (Svetlana Pronkina) 14 November 2018 15: 26
    I read with interest the author’s article, as a person with a historical education is interested in how fellow citizens perceive modern propaganda. At first glance it really seems strange, as one facts and history, then other facts and another story. The answer lies in the concept of ideology from which propaganda follows. It all depends on who owns the means of production, who is in power and, as a result, has the means to disseminate propaganda and form an ideological superstructure. When the bourgeois forces came to power, they needed to legitimize their power over resources and means of production, therefore, the slander and plunging into the mud of the Soviet history of our country were used, not even disdaining falsifications, which were tired of refuting adequate historians serving science, but not to bourgeois interests. They especially hate Lenin, because he spoke about social justice, about the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. For those who set the name of Lenin and his ideas to profit for everything and everyone cause rejection and fear, because the worse the people live, the less they believe in their false hypocritical stories about the bloody scoop and a bright future in the hands of a market economy, where one buys an island, and another sells a kidney to survive.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 15: 59
      Thanks for the comment Svetlana, you are the first who really tried to understand what this article is actually about. She is not about Lenin. But then tell me, as a person with a historical education, that is, everything that is universally offered to us is still not history, but propaganda ??? That is, on this all the same, neither national identity nor patriotism can be built? And then where does the one who really cares how everything was found out know the story? And not only about the revolution, etc., but about the Second World War, industrialization, repression, etc. etc. ... But in general, does someone somewhere tell the general public a story, or is it always propaganda of certain forces or movements?
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 15 November 2018 09: 27
        Alexei, what does NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS have to do with it?
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 November 2018 10: 57
          What does it have to do with it? Well, a lot of things, for example, through their history, people can realize their greatness, or vice versa, whether they can manage themselves or to them, like some peoples, it has historically happened that external management is necessary, is there some kind of national idea of ​​development or is it necessary ( or it would just be more reasonable) to borrow itp ... Moreover, if you look at the same story and there’s nothing wrong with borrowing the rational either, we borrowed Orthodoxy, and nothing, now we are proud of it and consider it our own ... And besides look above at the spores e if Lenin is Blank or not, whether his Jew is a mother or not ... For some, this, apparently, is still a sore point, to my personal great regret ... and this, too, about national identity is what we have , we did everything for ourselves and we need to understand and accept it, or again Jews, Germans, Mongol-Tatars and so on are to blame ... And propaganda, unlike real history, leads us away from the correct answers to all these questions . And then in one direction, then in the other, in accordance with the instant line of the ruling party, so to speak ... And so we will never have this self-awareness and self-awareness. And we will throw the shit one by one at our kings, then at Lenin, then at Stalin and so on, today there are only heroes and idols, tomorrow they are in shit, and the heroes are different and so on .. This is generally a separate article topic. I'll think about it. You raised a good question, the right one. And then, in my opinion, the majority of the debaters here did not understand that this article was not about Lenin at all, but about another, just about what you asked ...
    2. nznz Offline nznz
      nznz (Igor) 14 November 2018 17: 14
      I saw more than one film about the revolution of 17 years. German General Staff Parvus Lenin -processing money by Lenin-refusal to withdraw Parvus to a high position in Russia-attempt on Lenin. This is in one of the films.
      There was an Air Force film there about Parvus Sashka as well, Trotsky — Amerov’s money — his brother in America missed and degreased all financial flows from Russia. Trotsky worked out the money with concessions, hu doo doo Mr. Stampton? Remember.

      here is such a scheme.
      As for Lenin, his motivation was good. The tsar did not regret his brother ... he swept it up later.
      if you recall what struck me most of all for my 66 years about the revolution, rather about its first years and the Civil War, maybe this is the book by Gustav and Katerina. On the website prose it is, yes it’s not difficult to find, I’ll give a link, but it’ll probably be removed Here is such a horror from which my hair was moving on my head .. I have not seen yet. Although I read something about the mutual atrocities of white and red.
      1. Lavalava Offline Lavalava
        Lavalava (Alex Olesov) 3 May 2019 14: 47
        ... read it ... Good time ... PS: I'm a little sorry for those who minus you ... How to understand them? Parvus de - fake, invented by the current enemies of the sweet past? And the price of many moments of this sweet past can be "drained" into oblivion, like into a sewage ditch?
        Well we sit what
        1. nznz Offline nznz
          nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 11: 58
          Joke. Parvus is not a fake. It is a fact. He lived, a real citizen - a swindler, first wanted by Interpol .. and he himself came to the General Staff to deutsche with a proposal for 10 million gold Reichsmarks to make Germany defeat Russia (he watched the film for a long time), and then he built a castle on the island in Austria or bought it. He died ridiculously - fat strangled him, suffered from obesity ... He was not needed by anyone - well, he died. All that I wrote is just quotes from films in which documents from the German General Staff are cited. Details with names describe the journey of Lenin in a sealed carriage. A sealed carriage - an interpretation, of course - a group of revolutionaries was taken in a carriage, but only Radek was allowed to leave it — for beer and fresh newspapers. Lenin was very afraid to go, he told Parvus - no one in Russia knows me (that was true), what Parvus said is to leave it to me. By the time Lenin arrived at the train station, Parvus dough pumped the crowds so that a crowd of fans greeted Lenin with a roar, speaking in modern language. Perhaps this was the first of the organized revolutions in the chain of the current color .. nothing is new under the moon ...
  8. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 14 November 2018 15: 40
    What did V.I. do wrong? Lenin? He shot the priests. So now Gundyaeva with his camarilla have something to put to the wall. Nationalized industry. So now all of these Rotenbergs, Potanins, Abramovichs and other crooks - Siberia cries for them. He gave the land to the peasants and then Stalin drove everyone into collective farms? Yes, now work in any agricultural holding. The farm laborers lived more easily at the kulaks. Mom under the Soviet regime had an operation. Now there’s not enough money for that. They think that if the revolution did not happen, Russia would be among the winners. Khrenushki. During the war, the king coughed up so many debts that now would pay off. And Russia would not receive any dardanelles and other goodies in the form of indemnities and annexations. Pity the perturbed king. And why pity him? Slowed down all the reforms. Well, as a result, the heap is complete. The monarch’s craft is like that. The percentage of those killed among them is higher than that of zhurnalyug in the war. Pity the Russian aristocracy. Yes, to hell with her. They themselves are to blame for their stupidity and greed. They didn’t want to share on time and got it. And so in everything ...
    1. nznz Offline nznz
      nznz (Igor) 14 November 2018 17: 18
      spread your aggressive nonsense to yourself, your family, and those close to you all to the wall, to the firebox, etc. .. like it? They beat not only the tsar, a man all the same, a military man. His wife was a tsarina, girls and children were not guilty of anything, a sick child .. they stabbed with bayonets when the bullets didn’t get everyone .. and Dr. Botkin for what? Yes, he chose -but Yurovsky-cattle and the executioner also had a choice. All that has been done is out of fear, the performers in the set-off, to make a career. And you can’t deceive people and history, handing it to everyone by earrings ..
      1. Yuri Nikonov Offline Yuri Nikonov
        Yuri Nikonov (yuri) 30 December 2018 11: 06
        They didn’t kill the tsar, but a Russian citizen, with his family, this difference is still very big. Yes, it does not honor the killers. But the abdication of the throne, the Tsar demanded his closest entourage.
  9. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 November 2018 20: 24
    Those who have read at least one volume have the right to harass Lenin. And when you read - do not stop. This is a great man. Russia should be proud of him. Why don't they write anything about EBN? Or they will tell us the truth in 100 years. That's when write about EBN then and about Lenin awaken!
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 22: 39
      ... and what about EBN to write? If a person remembers all this, as I myself, and didn’t see it on TV and read in magazines, then nothing decent comes to my mind, but what comes comes in, you can’t write ...
      1. Lavalava Offline Lavalava
        Lavalava (Alex Olesov) 3 May 2019 14: 58
        and EBN type, lived in transtedional, in the sky like mythical Apsara ... lol And then bddydyschsch! came to the reign of Russia ... One Yekaterinburg woman told me: the monument (marble donated by a certain diaspora) is already fenced ... apparently the Great Boru Ukazov, they tried to paint over ... and maybe make inscriptions ... thanks ...
    2. nznz Offline nznz
      nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 12: 05
      Judging by the way you write, you will .... teach others when you pull up Russian in simple words. There is one thing - and there’s something with a letter. Hail - Hail - as it is right. Like you, you need a new Bible, from Lenin .. you read it and how you repeat the mantras, slide on top ..

      But, as always, the result is important. And the result is this. Europe, and especially America, has abandoned revolutions at home a long time ago because the civil war - the inevitable - is the blood of a river, devastation, a 50-year rollback in development.
      They themselves chose the path of evolution - the gradual improvement of the system.

      And the revolution is exported to third world countries (all the rest). This is a great tool to ruin a country, plunge into poverty and defeat, reduce the population significantly and weaken before the conquest.
  10. vicktro Offline vicktro
    vicktro (Vic tro) 14 November 2018 20: 29
    Any conclusions can be made only with at least a minimum of knowledge on this issue. The genius of Lenin and the enormous influence of the October Revolution in Russia on world history has been recognized by all the world's leading scientists and historians. The influence of the Bolsheviks in Russia at the beginning of 1917 was approximately the same as the communists in Ukraine now have. Who brought the situation to the point that it became critical, you can read at least Solzhenitsyn's "Red Wheel". This is the worthless tsarist government (which had all the possibilities to correct the situation and surrendered everything ineptly) and the liberals we love. They, who took power in February 1917, screwed everything up and power was simply lying on the ground. It's good that the Bolsheviks managed to pick it up, otherwise, instead of Russia, we would have a bunch of dwarf pseudo-states like the modern Kyrgyz ...
    1. maratkoRuEkb Offline maratkoRuEkb
      maratkoRuEkb (Marat) 15 November 2018 13: 45
      Most of Solzhenitsyn's books are lies. So you recommend a "so-so" source.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 November 2018 14: 40
        I would not say that Solzhenitsyn’s majority is a lie, but he also considers all this through a prism own perceptions and issues in a literary work. Which is quite normal for the author. But this is in our country, again at a very specific time, when someone needed it, in fact, the works of Solzhenitsyn were elevated to the rank of almost archival documents and the ultimate truth. Now, many of them cite them as a historical source. And yes, the source, too, but ONE OF which can be used for general examination, forgetting nevertheless that this source is, firstly, far from impartial, and secondly, still a literary one, and not a documentary one. But this is far from the worst option, they gave me references to feature films in various discussions! Yes, good, quality, historical, but artistic ...
        1. Yuri Nikonov Offline Yuri Nikonov
          Yuri Nikonov (yuri) 30 December 2018 11: 09
          It depends on what you mean by "your own perception". In addition to Solzhenitsyn, many wrote about those times, take at least Shalamov.
          1. nznz Offline nznz
            nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 12: 08
            Kolyma stories. The honest look of a man who has gone through hell. Solzhenitsyn lived, judging by his own descriptions, like cheese in butter. Nobody knocked out his teeth, tapped Veterok under the chase, read books written out, and ate sweets .. I don’t believe him .. even some surname, like a mockery ..
  11. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 14 November 2018 20: 38
    Well, now they got to the Leader of the World Revolution, like Nikita-Judushka to Joseph Vissarionovich, for the chair of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ... to be proud of ourselves, but the fact that through the efforts of this man and his successor we lived in the world's first socialist state, restored and built it after military shocks, investing our health, our strength and soul into this so that our children and grandchildren live happily in our country, but, in the end, two scum appeared who destroyed our most powerful country and handed it over to our future "partners" for plunder, and the Russian people were thrown into poverty and hopelessness for as long as 33 years, and there is no end in sight to this. 3% of scumbags are fattening, and 97% are dragging out a miserable existence ... The patience of the people is not endless, but even then it will be a real Russian revolt, with all the consequences ...
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 14 November 2018 20: 56
      Yes, about pouring mud. The author just says that it is necessary to impartially to history, this is not a wife and not a lover :))) you can’t shit the sun, but shit can be made to shine only in the brains of his fans and lovers. Or by force, or by lies, or by manipulation and propaganda. Remember Orwell: war is peace?
  12. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
    Oleg9999 (Oleg) 14 November 2018 20: 47
    Cool article. But, as our culture commander Medinsky says, history must be viewed through the prism of subjective realities, that is, we consider it to be distorted from the angle necessary for the investigator. As for the topic that a revolution cannot be born and develop within the state, but only imported from the outside, this is in the spirit of stuffing our brains with current propaganda: we have no dissatisfied, they are all proteges of the State Department, but not patriots. :))
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 22: 31
      Thanks for the comment. In my personal opinion, Mr. Medinsky and others like him should be kept at a safe (great) distance from both culture and history, otherwise we will soon have neither one nor the other. And instead, there will be galley propaganda instead of history, and instead of culture, "mood color is blue" ...
  13. NordUral Offline NordUral
    NordUral (Eugene) 14 November 2018 21: 49
    What is the author, what are the commentators ...
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2018 22: 27
      Well, no, the court is for you, apparently not everyone is so bad laughing
  14. Timur Khalikov Offline Timur Khalikov
    Timur Khalikov (Timur Khalikov) 15 November 2018 01: 54
    Cool text :)

    He, as I understand it, is not about history, self-awareness, bonds, etc. He is about education.
    If a person has it, if he has basic training and is able to verify sources, he has no special problems in order to understand the actual side of the issue, especially now. Yes, and there wasn’t before, there was just less information, but so was the rabid lie.

    If we go on to the topic of the post, then it is not entirely clear - what is the position of the author himself?
    Does he just believe everything that the television shows or will be printed in the book, or does he simply provoke (here - without negative connotation, I mean) readers to ask themselves a question?

    The question on Lenin, among historians, as I understand it, is not worth it: he was not a hired man of the German headquarters (had no financial ties with Parvus), he was not a traitor (this follows from his texts and activities), he did not have the opportunity to show off abroad (this is known from the memoirs), he couldn’t ruin the army (the Bolsheviks simply didn’t have as many party members), he fought for the rights of the common people and achieved the acquisition of these rights (everyone knows, I think).
    All information on this issue is richly presented in the literature, those who wish can listen to the videos of Yegor Yakovlev on the Goblin channel or Digital History, where he refers to them.

    Also in the text there are many small, but unpleasant nuances.
    Like, "the [February] revolution happened," otherwise we would have been among the victorious powers. Well, it didn't just happen and we would have been among the winners like England after the Second World War: we would have sat at the table, but we would not have received any profit, like the desired Straits.
    Or, the British and Americans could not want to ruin our country - it was extremely unprofitable for them, because a second front would close.
    There was, obviously, no "Holodomor", there was just hunger, and it is well known how the Central Committee tried to stop it.
    Well, in that spirit. If this is an attempt to attract attention, then it is necessary to separate italics somehow or something, if these are not facts, if the author is not in the know, it’s probably worth just getting acquainted with good literature.

    All in all, thanks for raising the topic.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 November 2018 11: 13
      Thanks for the comment. If you understand, this is really not written about Lenin, etc. And it is primitivized, perhaps even to the level of provocation, so that people think about what and how they are presented under the guise of the history of their country. If you think about it, then that's already good. Expressions and descriptions are given specifically as it is heard from the media sphere. And what you write is just the difference between reality, what should be taught in schools, and what we are given in the media, etc. And then recently, we have already many "experts" at the highest level begin to operate with "facts" from TV programs, U-tuba and other similar sources, from archives and documents, and in that stupidly primitive form, as I do and tried to present.
  15. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 15 November 2018 09: 57
    After reading the article and comments, I did not see the main thing ...
    The main thing in History is that IT is not done with white gloves. This is an axiom. And therefore, one must proceed from this postulate in his reasoning. Even documentary evidence cannot be the ultimate truth - too often documents were seized, changed and simply misinterpreted ...
    There are also things that an ordinary person is better not to know at all ... Why know the whole disgusting wrong side of the historical events of a given period? What will it give you? Will your dream become calmer? WHAT DO YOU DO FOR IT, explain in LIFE for what? To just know? And what does this knowledge give you?
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 November 2018 11: 28
      About white gloves, that's for sure. But this is exactly what we are presented with, only these gloves are constantly being tried on by different people. I’m just for the fact that if you already study history, so in all its glory, and with the beautiful and the disgusting, such as it was. Or do not talk about it at all, leave it to specialists. I am personally interested - I’m studying, from all sides, if possible, if I’ve already taken up a topic. By the way, relatively recently, he was working on a book about the Prague Uprising of 1945 and the liberation of Prague (Last battle. Who liberated Prague?). Having delved into the topic, I realized that what was really happening there, in fact, today, in truth, it is not profitable to tell any of the parties involved - neither the Czechs, nor the Russians, nor the Americans, nor the Germans. Like this.
      And about ignorance - it’s like with a disease, everyone can choose if they know and treat about it, fight it, or pretend that it is not there and continue to live usually until it kills you. At the same time, I think it would be right for a person to tell the truth at the doctor’s place, and what he does with this information is his own decision and responsibility. Or generally silent. But if a person has cancer, and today he should be told that it was he who ate something, then tomorrow that it was rheumatism, and then that it blew it, now I consider it vile and criminal. so with the story.
  16. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 15 November 2018 11: 03
    The victorious capitalism will certainly scum the USSR in every way. Terrible political instructors in films, Svanidze in the commissions, Medinsky and Sobchaki, everyone works.

    I can recommend Goblin / Puchkov - there are many programs about history, WW1, the Bolsheviks. And quite objectively, IMHO.
    1. Darkhobbit Offline Darkhobbit
      Darkhobbit (Mikhail Zvyozdochkin) 20 November 2018 00: 50
      You still need to look for such a skillful manipulator as Puchkov-Goblin. He is truly a professional propagandist of the highest class. He acts in the image of a defender of the USSR, but at the same time unobtrusively puts a positive emphasis on precisely those aspects of Soviet reality that are beneficial to the current authoritarian-bourgeois government (and which, by the way, in the conditions of Soviet reality, led socialism to collapse). The Goblin reader unobtrusively absorbs in himself that the most disgusting people are the intelligentsia, that those who disagree with the course of the authorities are the enemies of the country, and so on. Everything according to Efremov - it is necessary to maintain the enmity between "kzhi" and "ji". Liberal anti-communists seem to be on one side, the Goblin seems to be on the other, but in fact both play great at the same gate.
  17. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 15 November 2018 11: 07
    Quote: Timur Khalikov
    There was, obviously, no "Holodomor", there was just hunger, and it is well known how the Central Committee tried to stop it.

    Quite right. Nobody starved anyone. In fact, several tens of thousands of people died of starvation, and "a million" is a manipulation of statistics. Stalin helped Ukraine with bread, but local officials plundered the bread, sending it to private flour mills. For which they were then punished. Yet another "innocent victim" of Stalin ...
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 15 November 2018 11: 38
      Said one of the "experts" of history.
  18. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
    Oleg9999 (Oleg) 15 November 2018 12: 05
    I remember that at the dawn of the accession to the ministry, Ms. Vasilyevna announced that she considered it truly harmful to give the wide electorate access to the source, as they say the weak minds of the electorate may draw the wrong conclusions. And therefore, said Ms. Vasilyeva, to the primary source, let’s say the experts, they feel right, and then chewed it can be lowered into the minds of the masses.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 November 2018 12: 21
      After what we have been fed "chewed" over the years, I think we will swallow whatever you want in any source and not even burp ... is it really somewhere there is SOMETHING even worse than the shit that everyone is now hanging on their ears ?
      1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 15 November 2018 12: 24
        But now the USE will be introduced sooner in history, and try to answer the question not in the vein approved by the party and the government.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 November 2018 12: 33
          Is it like "back to the future"? Light? belay
        2. Nadezhda Smirnova (Nadezhda Smirnova) 15 November 2018 18: 16
          Quote: Oleg9999
          But right now, sooner will they introduce the USE in history, and try to answer the question not in the vein approved by the party and the government?

          Put for extremism instead of neglect.
  19. Mikhail Zosimenko (Mikhail Zosimenko) 15 November 2018 12: 58
    V. Lenin is, of course, a genius, for someone evil, for someone kind, he radically changed the fate of our country - revealing to the world a socialist type of state and taking responsibility for its further development.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 15 November 2018 13: 41
      That’s why it’s an honor in the mausoleum, and the mummy is agitated by weak brains, and we all want to go back to the past, to whom in the era before 1917, to whom until 1990, to whom, so in general, 1937, and to whom now it’s the buzz :))) Democracy in the thoughts of workers and non-workers. Where does the ministry of thought crime look?
    2. maxim2018 Offline maxim2018
      maxim2018 (Maxim Skabkin) 20 November 2018 18: 49
      Lenin is indeed a genius, since he created his personal project to remake a huge country and successfully implemented it, despite any difficulties, including external intervention. 99,999% of the world's population is absolutely not capable of this. And there have always been and are millions who want to repeat this. So there is no subject for discussion.
      1. nznz Offline nznz
        nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 12: 13
        Adik Schiklgruber too, or what? He also turned the whole country, and then he got a taste and turned several more countries without stopping ... and then he came to us. This is a fucking genius - are you crazy?
  20. Sleep Offline Sleep
    Sleep 15 November 2018 14: 22
    The most fashionable thing in Russia is to rewrite the history of the Russian State.
    Peter 1 began.
    And still can not stop .....
    And the second fashionable thing is for a handful of the elite, to eat well, to be well treated, to rest and be "chosen by the Almighty." That is, to be untouchable, omnipotent, not subject to jurisdiction and to command, command, command ....
    The main thing is to remember forever.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 15 November 2018 15: 45
      To do this, they rewrite and sacred clips wave in front of the electorate
  21. Dmitry Kazakov Offline Dmitry Kazakov
    Dmitry Kazakov (Dmitry Kazakov) 15 November 2018 16: 29
    I already see how they mix me, to put it mildly, with excrement, but all the same, the halls have a question: how is Lenin different from Vlasov? Where is the logic?

    I agree with the author. One, Vlasov, took the oath, was a high-ranking figure in the regime, was kindly treated by the authorities and was the authorities. The second, throughout his entire conscious life, fought against the regime, was repeatedly repressed and eventually emigrated, did not enter power under any circumstances. I agree, there is no logic.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 16 November 2018 13: 08
      First of all, I’m not very sure that a person who violates the laws of his country and receives punishments for this (by the way extremely soft for some reason) can be called repressed, then it turns out that in all prisons we are not criminals, but only repressed . And secondly, again, if you believe what they show us today about Lenin, I in no way think that if someone entered into an agreement with the enemy and betrayed his Motherland, being before that, as you say, treated kindly by the regime, then this has a certain difference with the fact that the other did the same, being so to speak, from a youth "bad boy", from the point of view of the regime, again. The essence is the same.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 16 November 2018 13: 31
        PS I’m all this to make it clear that I’m just not going to whitewash Vlasov in any way. But, again, based on what is being presented to us about Lenin, the parallels are very suggestive. And the war with Germany, and conspiracy with the enemy, and the goals of regime change, and "manifestos" where all this was proclaimed and so on. And Vlasov, by the way, was not the power, as he was not especially kind to her, he was just a very good and clearly successful professional career officer, moreover, of the very regime created by Lenin. In all this, I am more worried about the fact that in our "bottomless archives" about twenty years later, some researchers will find documents that Vlasov, too, was hatching the idea of ​​people's freedom from the regime from the cradle, but he only voiced it when he got to free territory, so to speak, to the Germans in captivity that is. And then he will become a hero. Why not? Well, did Shukhevych become a hero in Ukraine? The same, after all, no one expected this a couple of years ago. This is scary - the complete unpredictability of what is commonly called history in our country.
  22. Nadezhda Smirnova (Nadezhda Smirnova) 15 November 2018 18: 13
    Our school historian used to say that history is like a prostitute - whoever pays has it. With any change of power, heroes and villains will change, often even in places. History will be rewritten endlessly and will be interpreted "correctly" every time something changes in the country. Of course, it is not correct to compare Vlasov and Lenin. Even if Lenin, the so-called traitor, was at one with the Germans, then what prevented him from giving Russia into the hands of the Germans? Lenin was against tsarism, but not against Russia. Vlasov went against communism, but against Russia. By helping the Germans to conquer the Soviet Union, he did not rid Russia of the enemy, but helped the enemy. The Germans were against communism and, with their ambitions of the Aryan race, destroyed everyone with an irregular skull at the same time. It turns out Vlasov is also an accomplice of the fascists.
    Here, everyone for himself determines which of them was the most traitor. Lenin or Vlasov. It's good that now there are many sources of information, we can read, listen, watch history. We can draw conclusions. To accept what we are presented "from the declassified archives" or not is a purely personal matter. The main thing is more documentary, so that they don't pour it into their ears.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 15 November 2018 18: 47
      Amazingly true. Maybe for this we need a simple democratic, non-violent and obligatory change of power, so as not to rewrite history, not to look for support and justification and fasteners in the past, but to make the future. And not to be afraid to leave the highest post, so to speak, calmly work after the presidency as some kind of director, diplomats, teacher (as it is accepted everywhere and not shameful). And only here (well, of course, in Africa, and in Latin America, in Asia, - damn it, there are many places) - as they get into the boat, so from the boat so that they are already feet ahead and nothing else. So we have to adjust the story every time, tell us that there was a messiah, we continue his glorious path. As in verse: Lenin lived, Lenin is alive, Lenin will live. As for me, just "Lenin lived" would be enough :)))
      1. Kairat Maksat Offline Kairat Maksat
        Kairat Maksat (Kairat Maksat) 16 November 2018 07: 11
        Bravo !!! (as a person who has survived two revolutions)
    2. nznz Offline nznz
      nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 12: 15
      History, like monuments, only sustained for 100-150 years can be true. In the meantime, 50 years of secrecy - on some important issues - exist, there is nothing to wait for before.
  23. = ◕‿‿◕ = (Denis Bezuglov) 16 November 2018 05: 08
    In order not to be deceived, read not someone else's retellings, but Lenin himself, the documents of those times, (however, also with caution, since there are many forgeries), in addition, all this must be considered not spherically in a vacuum, but taking into account the situation in the world and country at the time. Well, and have at least a general idea of ​​the ideology. Not on the level “under communism, everything will be taken away and divided, everyone will be put in gulags, and cowards and toothbrushes will be shared”, but at least at the level of understanding of the “KP Manifesto”.

    For some reason, the author also quoted "bourgeois" about the February revolution, and "imperialist" about WWI. What for? It is impossible to understand. But if I did not quote, but understood the terminology, especially regarding the imperialist war, then questions about the alleged betrayal of something by Lenin and equating it with the Second World War would not have arisen.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 16 November 2018 14: 05
      Denis, but if now, God forbid, of course, the war between the Russian Federation and the United States would begin, what would you think it would be? WWII-2 or imperialist without quotes? Where is the deep difference? Especially for those at the front in the trenches?
      I personally have a concept Homeland and there is a concept enemy, and if someone goes over to the side of the enemy, then this is a crime. Otherwise, after all, a lot can be justified, especially in hindsight - the government, they say is bad, does not like, so that you can betray your country ... so what?
      1. Nadezhda Smirnova (Nadezhda Smirnova) 16 November 2018 16: 34
        Today, if a war begins with the United States, there will be those who go breast-deeply to embrasures without sparing their belly, and those who are dissatisfied with power. There are many of them and they will not be against Russia, but against the government. Those who are offended by power will be on the side of the enemy, and those who are caressed will be waiting for troubled times behind enemy lines. People are not the same for a long time. And there will be no war on horses and with drafts. Better a bad world and sanctions.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 16 November 2018 17: 05
          Thank you for the answer in any case, although this question was purely at the level of theory and a specific person with clearly communist views. I was interested in his classification and the principle of dividing wars into "imperialist" and "domestic", where in some it was possible to be a traitor, but in others not. It is clear that in the event of a real war with the states, it will be different and no one will survive. And there will be no rear. But in any case, my opinion is that during hostilities, colluding with the enemy, a person betrays not the government, whatever it may be, but his homeland and his people. And no "lofty goals", especially then, post factum, justify this. And who would Lenin be if it did not work out for him, suppose? ... Most likely the same as Vlasov. And so who will judge him, if he won, and destroyed all possible judges in fact ... Again, this is all based on the latest proposed version of events, and I’m not proposing it, but official sources.
          1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
            Oleg9999 (Oleg) 16 November 2018 21: 48
            Some kind of childish reasoning has begun. I mean I’ll go to war and I won’t regret it in order to protect the state system, which also oppresses me — this is probably what the cross was thought to be not in the first Russian one. But the war will end - master, and I will fall in love with me for devotion to my homeland, you see, it will stop flogging at the stable on Saturdays. It's like about a dog that the owner is pounding, but she still guards his yard and looks devotedly into his eyes :))))) That is an absolutely abstract question: why is it impossible for someone else's master to flog you, but his own is allowed, and even for happiness? Mass masochism, infantility or dullness? After all, Marx also wrote: the proletariat has nothing to lose but its own chains. And then here, many all recommend reading Lenin-the KP Manifesto. So, especially for the Sharikovs, this is Marx, not Lenin. And do not say that the Leninist works are read with a bang, but after all, they once outlined .... Do not bring the Lord again.
            1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
              Pishenkov (Alexey) 19 November 2018 11: 21
              Yes, Lenin's writings are not an exciting reading matter ...
            2. nznz Offline nznz
              nznz (Igor) 13 August 2019 12: 21
              Wow, as I understand you. The specter of communism wanders through Europe, it will appear, then loom again in the distance ... We need the iron tread of the proletariat ..
              how many abstracts are written ... but how coolly they did not say so. From school I remember:

              Study, study and study again!

              - in every school hung. And as in the source:

              Studying, studying and studying again - CONSTRUCTION OF COMMUNISM THIS WAY!

              All Lenin was distorted by tricksters and clickers. Advice to all Leninists: quote

              Marxism is not a dogma, but a guide to action!

              - translate - reading, of course, is useful, but something needs to be done! To the communists who are walking to the left, I suggest a quote for the excuse from colleagues in the party:

              Constancy is a sign of limitation (Marx).
  24. thorstein Offline thorstein
    thorstein 16 November 2018 07: 04
    Read the book by Alexei Shiropaev Prison of the People. Russian view of Russia.

    Everything is described in detail there, as over the centuries genocide of the Slavs was carried out on the territory of Eurasia.
  25. Timur Khalikov Offline Timur Khalikov
    Timur Khalikov (Timur Khalikov) 16 November 2018 22: 29
    Quote: UralRep
    Nobody starved anyone. In fact, several tens of thousands of people died of starvation, and "a million" is a manipulation of statistics. Stalin helped Ukraine with bread, but local officials plundered the bread, sending it to private flour mills. For which they were then punished. Yet another "innocent victim" of Stalin ...

    Specially, for the purpose of killing - obviously not.
    In fact, several million died across the country.
    When the scale became clear - export was stopped, they began to help.
  26. Timur Khalikov Offline Timur Khalikov
    Timur Khalikov (Timur Khalikov) 16 November 2018 22: 32
    Quote: A. Pishenkoff
    again, if you believe what we are shown today about Lenin

    Here you have a clear contradiction to the answer to my kament: you are either studying history or watching entertainment programs.

    If the first, then the question of betrayal (in relation to the Brest Peace) should not be raised. Was it rightly concluded or not, the question is complicated even now, and even more so then. But there are plenty of arguments for this.
    If the latter is the case, then further any versions can be given, but one should not call them "the history of Russia / USSR".
  27. bruho Offline bruho
    bruho (Alexander bruho) 17 November 2018 15: 54
    .... always winners write history ... I am already more than 70 years old. And I have my own view on history ... it does not exist, true ... everyone really has their own ... ten years will pass and they will write a new one. Even the pharaohs knocked off old records from stelae and recorded them in a new way.
  28. Peter Volkov Offline Peter Volkov
    Peter Volkov (Peter) 17 November 2018 17: 32
    There is nothing new for me, I knew this for a long time. But he kept quiet. Somewhere in 1960, even before Gagarin, I began to think about what was happening: either Stalin was the father of the people, then overnight he became their enemy. It doesn't work that way. It was this Nikita who made me think. And this is what I came to, in short: the Soviet Union, the victory in the war and the building of a socialist society, we owe to Stalin and only to him. No party, let alone Lenin, was lying there and on the side. The Soviet people, led by Stalin, built the country and won. Lenin had another hobby: the liquidation of nation states and the creation of a Zionist world government. For this, a world revolution was started, in "the flame of which Russia should burn" (Lenin's PSS). But the fiasco of 1920 somewhat shortened the revolutionary fervor and on this minor note Stalin managed to push through his idea of ​​building socialism in a single country. And although Trotsky and his commissars were building all sorts of obstacles (war communism, NEP), Stalin managed to take power into his own hands sometime in 1929. Having transplanted and shot down political opponents (there are no other ways of re-education to this day), Stalin committed a counter-revolution and in 10 years created the USSR, which they began to reckon with in the international arena. Therefore, today the name of Stalin evokes awe in the West and the gnashing of teeth of home-grown liberal Bolsheviks. And what about Lenin? Lenin, if he lived until 1937, would have been shot along with his accomplices, the Bolshevik-Trotskyists. I do not urge to destroy the mausoleum and bury this mummy, I urge people to think.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 17 November 2018 20: 22
      So forward to us in Russia, abroad you are our thinker of the Great Duma :))))) there is nothing to sit on in Latvia. And who will love the Motherland daily?
      1. vicktro Offline vicktro
        vicktro (Vic tro) 17 November 2018 20: 47
        Accidentally reread Mayakovsky's poem "Good". For information: everything that is now presented as a revelation about the October Revolution in Russia, everything is perfectly described in this poem. And it is shown how in some circles this bullshit about the "sealed carriage" and "Lenin-German spy" is retold. Here is a verbatim quote:

        …And these? From William crosses and ribbons. In Berlin, people came out with a platform ticket. Spy Headquarters money and agents. The Crosses would be those who drive in a sealed!

        So none of this nonsense made any secrets ... Congratulations to the "historians" who flooded TV, who have never read anything in their lives except Wikipedia ...
  29. Yusufhoja Offline Yusufhoja
    Yusufhoja (Yusufhoja) 17 November 2018 20: 52
    Gentlemen, I think that it’s enough to stir up history, but nothing can be changed in it. We need to think about the future so that there are fewer global errors in the development of society as a whole. It is necessary to give examples of models of statehood that lead to the heyday of every person, family and society as a whole. I can give an example of the organization of the development of society on the example of the current stage of development of the Republic of Tajikistan, the once backward region of the USSR, which needs subsidies from the center. Now Tajikistan is confidently building its happy future. All this became possible due to the appearance on the horizon of a strong and strong-willed person represented by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, who, by personal example of serving the society, led the masses along the path of creation, ensuring the peaceful development of society as a whole. Just yesterday, the first unit was launched, the most powerful in Central Asia and with the highest dam in the world, the Rogun hydroelectric station with a design capacity of 3600 MW, which is fantastic for a small country like the Republic of Tatarstan. Consequently, the guarantee of the successful development of society is the presence in it of a strong, thinking of the people, person standing at the head of the state. I wish each people to have such a leader, and the results will not be long in coming.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 17 November 2018 21: 11
      And if it weren’t for Emomali, would everyone go to drown? :)))) but they would live as they lived, or maybe it’s better every ten times. As with Stalin: we raised the country, we won the war. Only the winners saw that in Europe, water in every house and toilet did not have to run outside. But everyone was proud of the Dnieper. Without parallels, pzhl. :))))
      1. Yusufhoja Offline Yusufhoja
        Yusufhoja (Yusufhoja) 17 November 2018 21: 58
        And if it were not for Emomali Rahmon, then, all of us were drowned in our own blood, both internal and external enemies, from which he saved, stopping the fratricidal war. This side of his activity is cited as an example of the successful resolution of internal conflicts at the UN. Now Tajikistan has steadily established peace and restored order in all areas. The mining industry is developing, the country's gold and foreign exchange reserves are being replenished. At the expense of living, would be ten times better - I doubt it deeply, knowing the mentality of your people. The country has created all the conditions for personal development - entrepreneurship of citizens is welcomed and supported. This I observe from the height of my inventive experience, as a 4-fold inventor of the USSR, who single-handedly introduced the invention with a millionth effect and received the maximum reward in due time. Those who want to create and work will always find an opportunity, the other will find a reason for their failures in life.
        1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
          Oleg9999 (Oleg) 18 November 2018 11: 01
          What happens when the leader dies? Will it all fall apart and everyone will be cut? And it will be necessary to look for a new leader. Such things (a vertical of power with a "strong" leader as a connecting link) remind me of a children's pyramid: all the rings are assembled on the axis and a structure is obtained. And there is the Lego principle, there is fastening for each other, and the structure is strong and the axis is not needed. And you can rearrange and change the components and the direction of the assembly up, sideways, down, diagonally, and in the pyramid there is a rod, and what was built was gone, the structure fell apart, all in search of a new rod-base. You catch a thought, inventor :)))).
        2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 18 November 2018 23: 36
          Good words, adequate and gratitude to the authorities are clearly in place. It is only interesting that they will write about all this in 30 years under another government. God grant that about the same. Maybe the neighbors can learn from our mistakes.
    2. Joseph Pyatunin Offline Joseph Pyatunin
      Joseph Pyatunin (Joseph Pyatunin) 22 November 2018 20: 07
      I believe that the guarantee of the successful development of society is not only a strong personality, but also the presence of CITIZENS of their Fatherland, as carriers of public consciousness, influencing the choice of the course of development of society
  30. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) 17 November 2018 21: 09
    I learned this letter, but that's all ...
    1. vicktro Offline vicktro
      vicktro (Vic tro) 17 November 2018 22: 30
      I think the great leader and teacher of North Korea will be abruptly. Maybe take an example from them?
  31. OlegS Offline OlegS
    OlegS (Oleg) 19 November 2018 23: 10
    Did you lie about Lenin? Of course they lied. And about the "polite little green men" IkhTamNet-ah ... And about Stalin (idol-tyrant-murderer-effective manager).
    I would even expand the author’s question ...
    In general, the question (question?) Is rather like this: do you understand that people of dubious honor and honesty are manipulating your mind and delving into your soul?
    And how do you like it?
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 20 November 2018 10: 50
      Exactly. They steal from us both our faith (by no means only faith in God is meant) and history, and thus the future. Because they take away the opportunity to build it based on their own history. And in fact we don't have it. There are here and there a handful of propaganda g ... with undigested individual grains of truth, so that it looks like and it seems like the facts were present ... Unfortunately, this concerns not only Lenin, the revolution, etc., but now the Second World War and everything else, already even the 90s, which many still remember, and the "heroes" of these very 90s are already, you see, and again "on horseback", at the very top ... and not in the zone, the forest is being felled or not hanging at all on the gallows, like the same Vlasov. Although some, in my opinion, quite deserved it for themselves, because the real harm to the country was inflicted many times more than Vlasov and his entire unstable "army".
    2. Olena chambers Offline Olena chambers
      Olena chambers (Elena Skrinnik) 20 November 2018 13: 25
      Both the author and the commentators here are basically "exercising" in versions of lies and truths that they have accepted as the most digestible. Lies will be sewn with white threads if there is no truth in it, but the truth, as some say, is boring without a bit of lies. As Rudy Giuliani recently said, "The truth is not the truth!" ("Truth isn't truth")

      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 21 November 2018 11: 57
        If we take these figures from the United States as an example regarding the truth or lies, then this whole discussion does not need to start at all. If you like Giuliani and his statements, then you are not here at all, apparently ... These people have no principles, as well as the story itself, about which we seem to be discussing here. And based on all this, "truth" for them is simply the same product as "freedom of speech", "democracy", etc., and so on, they need it only as long as it is sold and in the form in which there is demand for it. I hope that we will not get to that point. Otherwise, we will neither build a state nor win wars ... I would not like this. And it is for this that this article and, I hope, this discussion as well. These citizens like Giuliani or the same Clinton are even disgusting to look at, not that listening to them. It is very interesting how Mr. Giuliani, with such an approach to the truth, was the state attorney and led high-profile cases against the mafia and large corrupt officials? But it was on this that he "ascended" both to the public and to politics ... Apparently, he also participated in the presidential race, with the same truth ...
  32. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 20 November 2018 00: 52
    Capitalism has won, the Unified State Examination is in bloom, now you can slander anyone.

    IMHO, Goblin has several sensible programs about Lenin and myths about him.
  33. Olena chambers Offline Olena chambers
    Olena chambers (Elena Skrinnik) 20 November 2018 12: 58
    I do not believe that there are still people who sincerely believe in the "Great, sacred and unselfish leader Lenin," but I often think about this: we all know that the true equality of women is by and large a myth. Everywhere. Equality throughout the country for people from families of any income in terms of access to universities, etc. - especially. My great-great-grandfather was a serf. The syphilitic Lenin and the Bolsheviks led by him gave my great-great-grandfather freedom, the great-grandfather for the first time learned that you can have your own home and make your own decisions, and each subsequent generation "rushed through thorns to the stars." If it weren't for the revolution, would I be able to graduate from college and get a job that I love, or would I be the fucking eleventh generation of illiterate peasants, or an outcast of the lower caste? It's scary to even think.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 21 November 2018 13: 15
      Well, freedom was given to your great-great-great-great-grandfather by Alexander the second in 1861. And before the revolution, at least two generations after that changed. I don’t think they lived in dugouts. Regarding education, peasant children often did not attend school, not because there was no opportunity, but because helpers were required in the household. Parents often did not see the good in the education of children, even better than geese / cows herding, gardening and so on. Your grandfather probably got his own house as a commissioner when someone shot a thread. Although where did they live before? Well, not in a hut, right? Well, only commissioners could make decisions, the rest carried out these decisions. And yet, yes, with regard to women's rights: men really do not give birth, physiology is not provided.
    2. Joseph Pyatunin Offline Joseph Pyatunin
      Joseph Pyatunin (Joseph Pyatunin) 22 November 2018 20: 01
      On what basis do you call Lenin a syphilitic — have you read the history of his illness?
      1. ver_ Offline ver_
        ver_ (Vera) 23 January 2019 10: 50
        ... the act of opening the skull after his death ..
  34. maxim2018 Offline maxim2018
    maxim2018 (Maxim Skabkin) 20 November 2018 18: 33
    Lenin is not Vlasov for a number of fundamental reasons. First, Lenin never, unlike Vlasov, made any oath to either the Provisional Government or the tsar. Moreover, under the tsar’s redim, he was already considered an enemy of the state. Further, Lenin was the founder of the Soviet state, having made several major reforms of paramount importance: a sharp increase in social status and living conditions in 90% of the population of Russia; ending a bloody war without surrender; complete eradication of illiteracy; ubiquitous electrification; NEP. And finally, if Germany had sponsored Lenin so generously for his personal needs, as the author describes, when he arrived in Stockholm after Germany, his comrades would not have persuaded Lenin to buy at least some new coat because of the complete wear of his clothes. Somehow it does not fit very well with the image of a traitor who has just arrived from the enemy with a ton of money.
  35. Vyacheslav Bolyak (Vyacheslav Bolyak) 21 November 2018 11: 27
    Logic must be included in the comprehension of any stories. All the fabrications of communal propaganda did not fit into any logic. On the contrary, the modern interpretation of the events of the two stage revolution of 17 years is quite logically explained.
    Cosmopolitans have no homeland, because Lenin was not a traitor, he was just an enemy sent by the enemies of Russia and deliberately destroying Russia. Lenin began to destroy it, and only communally patriots did not allow Lenin to complete the plan of the Western special services.
    It turns out that the united West through the hands of Lenin and his group tried to destroy Russia.
    Monuments are not erected and left for enemies.
    1. Victor Dudakov Offline Victor Dudakov
      Victor Dudakov (Victor Dudakov) 21 November 2018 13: 47
      Any interpretation is based on logic. If Lenin was an enemy of Russia, then he was not at all so in relation to the Russian Empire. His "notorious" international idea, this next utopia, held the crumbling multinational state together. Slavik invented something of his own, original, and is trying to squeeze this mess into the empty heads of his contemporaries. I suspect it's not unsuccessful.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Victor Dudakov Offline Victor Dudakov
      Victor Dudakov (Victor Dudakov) 21 November 2018 14: 48
      Interpretation is always based on logic, and not vice versa. If Lenin was, according to someone's "logic", "sent" to Russia, then he certainly was not an enemy of the Russian Empire. His notorious international idea allowed (helped) to restore the crumbling multinational state. According to my logic, monuments to V.I. Ulyanov are needed. And it is confirmed by the facts of their existence.
  36. Serghei2004 Offline Serghei2004
    Serghei2004 (serghei2004) 21 November 2018 14: 26
    In order to understand the question of the betrayal of Lenin and Vlasov (both specifically and generally, more broadly, with a transfer to our time), it is necessary to decipher the concept of "Homeland" indicated in one word in the article. What are forests, fields and rivers? State? Population? And which state? Lenin conspired to a certain extent with the enemy of the slave-owning, in fact, police, autocratic rotten state, which was hated by 90% of the population. With the aim of overthrowing him, liberating the people and establishing a new people's power, i.e. for the prosperity of the motherland. Did something threaten the homeland of Lenin as a result of his "betrayal" of the state? Some concession to the territory, temporary (as it was immediately stated, until the first opportunity, we will strengthen it - we will return). At the same time, further devastation was prevented, and death at the front in the event of a continuation of the war of hundreds of thousands (millions) of soldiers — future soldiers of the revolution. And he brilliantly resolved all the issues in the situation that arose. The bloody civil war, terror - this is another question: the suppression of a significant number of dissatisfied (having said "a", I had to go to the end). Ways of building the state and the economy, their results - the third question. And what about Vlasov? He could have been secretly dissatisfied with the new state (if he did not come up with this to save his own skin). But he could not help but understand that Hitler was an enemy not only of the state, but of his homeland. They wanted to seize the whole territory, tear it up, destroy the Slavs or make them slaves. Although they often camouflaged their goals: they carry civilization, order, etc. They very well and organizedly destroyed the Jews in concentration camps. Vlasov - a traitor to the motherland.
  37. The comment was deleted.
  38. Joseph Pyatunin Offline Joseph Pyatunin
    Joseph Pyatunin (Joseph Pyatunin) 22 November 2018 19: 57
    Some remarks about this article - When the rebellion ends in luck - it is called differently. A crown lurks in the mud, a broom sweeps the whole house, the king would not lose his throne if he really were a king. Now further - why we climbed into this - three times unnecessary people of Russia - the war. I see two reasons - the first - Romanov became hotly sitting on the throne - the country demanded reforms, and it was fraught to carry out such reforms - Stolypin was quickly shot down. The second - very significant financial injections were made into the economy of our country, in particular the French rentier, and not only by them. In a word, by 1914, the country was in debt, like in silk, and, naturally, could not refuse creditors a small favor - the blood of a Russian peasant, worker, nobleman to pay for loans. No wonder just before the start of the war, Raymond Poincaré came to Russia. - To get into a fight with a German without the help of Russia was fraught, which was proved a little later. Further, yes, indeed, from the point of view of academic science, the Great October Socialist Revolution was NOT a revolution, but was a STATE COUPLING. But in terms of the impact on the fate of mankind - it was a REVOLUTION. Now about the personality of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) - he was NOT a pillar nobleman - the Ulyanovs' nobility were the RELIABLE father of Vladimir Ilyich, and not hereditary from ancestors.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 22 November 2018 21: 05
      This is how we will slowly disassemble history into bricks, let everyone make their own world out of them :) But if we go back to 1914, then patriotism went off scale, fueled by manipulative propaganda, such as a holy war in defense of the Slavic brothers in the Balkans, 100 years later, the unemployed were also raised peasants throughout Russia to protect the Russians in DONETSK. The pattern of manipulation has not changed - the crucifixion of the boys, the hysterical stories of "eyewitnesses" - doing their job well ... In 1914, at least IKHTAMBYL, and in 2014 IKHTAMNETUTI
      1. Victor Dudakov Offline Victor Dudakov
        Victor Dudakov (Victor Dudakov) 23 November 2018 08: 50
        Quite right. - Hysterical stories continue to exist, but it has become more shy for them. Confirmation videos get in the way with their quickly recognizable fake. And still, these "stories" continue to be used by ALL parties to the conflicts, confirming their veracity with allegedly truthful videos. Here are just FAKE video with a burning house of TRADE UNIONS, torchlight processions, speeches of the "chosen ones", with destroyed monuments - IS NOT PROOF. And the "shyness" of IKHTAMNETOV does not require proof. The political strategy of a state that wants to continue its existence does not require proof either. But it can only be criticized by hiding behind an anonymous profile. Such a technique in the strategy of the critic is understandable, but it does not help much in assessing his mental abilities. Therefore, it is very difficult to believe his words, taking as a result, his fabrications, in the category of LIES.
  39. Anette Offline Anette
    Anette (Anette) 23 November 2018 10: 50
    The only adequate development of Russia is post-ideological. The Russians chose him by voting during perestroika. The population refused to repress the communists. Because this would only mean the replacement of one repression for another, one "ruling" ideology for another. In countries where active "decommunization" began, this is exactly what happened. The communist lies were replaced by the liberal-fascist lies. This is not change. It's just a change of god.

    In such a post-ideological reading, Lenin is neither bad nor good. He just WAS. And in this sense, he is no worse and no better than other rulers of Russia, who are buried in all sorts of iconic places. And he and all of them ruled terror. The state in general is essentially a machine of terror. It was. And in order for it to cease to be such a machine, its complete separation from any ideology is required. Including yours.

    So dust your opinion into space, and know that in opposition to you are not only ardent communists. But also those who, in principle, all this is a damn thing, because real life is much more multifaceted and more fun.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 23 November 2018 17: 41
      They don’t be in the opposition, they can’t be in the opposition :))) I absolutely agree with you about bullets in space: throw bread on the water, as the Bible says.
  40. pilot5 Offline pilot5
    pilot5 (Nikolai) 23 November 2018 12: 46
    Imagine a picture: On the eve of Easter, members of a sect break into the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, beat parishioners by expelling them from the temple, insulting priests, and their leader declares himself the President of Russia. Doesn’t resemble anything? Turned in the right direction HISTORY from there.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 23 November 2018 17: 44
      The inauguration in the HHS is funny, reminds the coronation of sovereigns.
  41. Victor Dudakov Offline Victor Dudakov
    Victor Dudakov (Victor Dudakov) 24 November 2018 12: 20
    We were lied to for 70 years. Or maybe they weren't completely lying? - As a simple man, he had every "right" to catch syphilis, and as a brilliant politician and strategist - to "sell", for some time, to Germany and perform espionage "duties." Then and now, in the assessment of the person who made a revolution in the world order, these facts, in terms of significance, are in the category of insignificants. It is human nature, where ideological convictions and moral qualities play a secondary role and are shown only in order to have the support of the masses, obsessed with the next, in the development of society, the idea of ​​justice, to remain in power or to break into it. This notorious idea, then, turns out to be not entirely fair, because it was a product of the mood of the masses (the crowd), which simplified it to the primitive level of a panacea for all ills.It is sad now to be convinced of the correctness of what was written a little above, at least on the example of Ukraine. In the nature of the human community, as in nature in general, we are all born to SURVIVE, giving life to our offspring, and therefore, we think, analyze, draw conclusions and make decisions in the course of our entire life, in which our CONSCIOUSNESS IS RULED BY BEING. Here are just a comfortable BEING for the formation of the appropriate CONSCIOUSNESS is provided by fate, not for each of us. Such a shame, damn it !!! With a natural desire, we begin to fight the fate of the villain, finding someone to blame (NOT REASONS), clutching, more often than not, perverted and therefore appropriate information or idea with dubious content. There is no time for thinking with your head and sober analysis. And our opinion becomes like suspiciousness. This weakness of public consciousness is always used by individuals who want to leave a mark on history and those who want to survive in prosperity by joining power. This is where the roots of LIES come from.
  42. Vladimir Serdts Offline Vladimir Serdts
    Vladimir Serdts (Vladimir) 11 December 2018 11: 46
    Lenin did a lot of things that we never dreamed of. For example, he wrote so many volumes that he could not read, not to understand. But his greatest creation was called the USSR.
    What did others do? Those about which you only hear the truth, but don’t find it.
  43. Alex Bell Offline Alex Bell
    Alex Bell (Alex Bell) 12 December 2018 13: 50
    I came across everything and everyone, but in the end I didn’t understand what I wanted to say. For me, there is such an interesting saying: -to give advice, the need for an adviser. In my opinion, it can be transformed into any question of social life. Well, I do not believe in the pacifism of silverfish. Going into power (remember the elders of groups, classes, detachments), the individual affirms himself as a leader and realizes his desire to be exalted, and all sorts of banalities-capitalism, socialism, anarchism is the way, not the goal. And you do not need about goodness, love, conscience, etc. n., it’s not for the plebeians and the powers that be, they always have an excuse in the form of a great goal and even more thirsty and restrained. Communism as an idea is tempting thing, but utopian because of the essence of man, like an animal, but essentially a beast.
  44. Petro Stepanovich (Petro Stepanovich) 15 December 2018 18: 56
    Again and again I return to what Alexey Pishenkov wrote, once again I reread his reflections and try to understand the doubts. I was ready to believe that everything was sincere and with the aim of sorting it out. May be. But something is alarming all the time. What? I think that all the time there are these links to the fact that someone is somewhere lying to us. That would not be those who lie and everything would be harmonious and beautiful. It is necessary, absolutely necessary, to find those who lie all the time. And here are some of the guilty, it seems, have already decided somewhere. These are those who "Patriotism and love for the Motherland are built on this. There." This "There" jarred me to the depths of my soul, because - well, what can you take from them, of course - Bandera, fascists and murderers. You see how simple, Alexey, everything is working out, and the main thing, well, very accidentally, coincided with today's general line (earlier it was called the party line). And so like this - all the time. We try, as if to figure it out and immediately find the necessary recipe, it is clear that someone is to blame. Why not take the experience of our neighbors, with whom we have been cooperating so successfully all the time - the same Germans. They did not look for the guilty somewhere on the side, but took and all together repented of their crimes, as a nation, without asking whether their rulers, politicians, historians lied to them or not. They just thought that they were guilty and repented and asked for forgiveness from everyone else in this world. Everything will fall into place when we learn to be aware of our involvement in what happened, our responsibility and be able to admit our sins, we come to repentance. Something like that.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 23 December 2018 17: 33
      Petro Stepanovich, I share your point of view.
      In any case, history must be treated critically, and its arch-critical.
      And you noticed how the style of articles on the site is built: throwing in the topic, identifying the culprit, attacking the opponent in advance, approving the only supposedly possible point of view and development of the situation. Yes, there is always the complete exclusion of critical consideration of the actions of our state, both of the present and of its predecessors, such as the USSR, the Russian Empire, the Moscow kingdom, etc.
      The formation of a unipolar opinion, in a word.
  45. glory ovchinnikov (glory of the sheepskin) 20 December 2018 14: 06
    The article is very useful! In my opinion, the next round of declassification, finally, will open the basis for Ulyanov’s slurry activities - this is his reeling in drunken institutions in brothels (from the mess), and from there syphilis (really). Drinking his mother’s money was the norm of his life, and after all, it came from the exploitation of peasants in the family estate of Ulyanov-
    Shushensky, which was presented by Tsar Alexander to his mother (who was a favorite of the Tsar in her youth) as a dowry at the time of her marriage.
    The main conductor of the events of 17 years was the great adventurer - PARVUS.
    Researchers are carefully silent about it under the influence of international Zionism. Six months after the revolution, in May 18, the Second International Jewish Congress was held in Moscow, why would it?
  46. Almarus Offline Almarus
    Almarus (Alexander) 6 January 2019 04: 11
    The confession of a Soviet person or "how the steel rusted."

    We could not stay at the helm
    The country has gone into the abyss of the ocean.
    Our captain from another ship
    We saw a drop on the bottom of the glass.
    They put us at stake, a deck of cards,
    Soaked in the blood of generations
    We were convinced that we were to blame
    In everything, Lenin withered in the mausoleum.
    Why don't we go the other way
    Our path is beaten by our fate
    that burns like fire
    Like a ferry illuminated by war.
    Who are we, past dear dreams,
    Leaving dreams and loved ones along the road
    Building bridges over the planet
    Leading us to the black obelisks?
    They are written in Cyrillic quite
    A familiar design for us
    "First think about your homeland,
    Then about my own suffering. "
    We thought so, we were not to collapse,
    We walked stubbornly, ourselves, without help,
    Falling more and more, without the right to turn
    Losing strength on an empty road.
    Nobody knew ahead
    Where to go, and all went out of habit.
    We lay under the rails instead of sleepers,
    But it was empty in this train.
    The road is over, take off our boots
    Roadsides are not visible on a dark night.
    Nothing beckons ahead
    And nobody drives behind, for sure.
    We didn’t see countries beyond our homeland,
    Where for the period of five years and appeals,
    It was built in spite of others and us,
    The world is alien and incomprehensible to us in touch.
    Over time, everything seems different
    People who remember the time are leaving
    And the past will leave young
    Only the sweet smoke and the bitter taste of loss.

    Alexander (USSR)
  47. ver_ Offline ver_
    ver_ (Vera) 23 January 2019 09: 01
    Ulyanov = Blank. A parasite - he lived on his mother's money. Successfully "caught" syphilis in brothels of Europe. Sexual orientation is a passive homosexual. His friends were active pederasts: Kamenev, Zinoviev, Trotsky. Dzerzhinsky F.E. also suffered from this "weakness".
    Ulyanov = Blank died in 1924 from "old syphilis" - in those days he was not treated ...
    A posthumous opening of the skull showed the drying of the brain and the formation of a capacity of 500 ml ... Stalin Ulyanov = Blank asked for poison - there were terrible pains, he became a complete idiot. Stalin did not give him poison. Lenin could no longer threaten him, and Stalin used the right time to seize power in his own hands.
    1. Vasya_2 Offline Vasya_2
      Vasya_2 April 23 2019 19: 22
      Where does this nonsense come from? For fakes need to be planted!
  48. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 February 2019 16: 51
    Ha. Now, in the interests of the oligarchs, everyone will blame Lenin, the Communists and the USSR.
    Lenin - mushroom, Lenin - Jew, German agent, Japanese, Jewish, American, Finnish, Masonic, etc., etc. ....

    Just do not mind the charms of capitalism ....
  49. Alexey Zhidkov Offline Alexey Zhidkov
    Alexey Zhidkov (Alexey Zhidkov) 10 February 2019 09: 11

    It's a shame the brothers realize
    What is this little ferret
    The people of Russia - God's army!
    Doomed to extinction ...

    1. ver_ Offline ver_
      ver_ (Vera) April 25 2019 06: 14
      In the government of Ulyanov, 85% were Jews

  50. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) 11 February 2019 16: 53
    Quote: mumiee
    Ulyanov-Blank was a half-educated person (mother for bribes in a popular form bungled her externatus diploma), with her inferiority complex he became interested in vulgar materialism (quasi-Marxism), quickly seized the Power that lay in 1917. He didn’t want to return to the poverty of emigration, like his semi-literate comrades-in-arms, to exile, to hard labor. Therefore, he put his remarkable talent as a writer on the retention of power. Interrupted the natural course of development of the state and for 70 years fed people ravings, zombies. In 1993, they admitted that we were building capitalism. True, in the initial stage, wild!

    IN AND. Lenin has a collected works. Read at least one volume. He did not finish his studies at the university. Studying in Tsarist Russia in a gymnasium was expensive and not everyone could afford it, but I think that the gymnasium student of that time was head and shoulders above current university graduates. But the royal family was not shot, it was a re-enactment. They gave access to their accounts and calmly lived out their lives in the wilderness of Russia.
    1. shogenov mohamed April 24 2019 22: 16
      ... And the royal family was not shot ..

      Fools and roads are the eternal source of the problems of unhappy Russia.
  51. Victor Leonov Offline Victor Leonov
    Victor Leonov (Victor Leonov) April 21 2019 12: 49
    Than to write such garbage, it would be better to read the works of Lenin. Under socialism, we lived better than under your democrats and traitors, like Solzhenitsyn and the like.
    1. Vasya_2 Offline Vasya_2
      Vasya_2 April 23 2019 19: 18
      There are many offspring of Solzhenitsyn and they spit on the works of Ilyich! Their idol is a dollar!
  52. Rinat Salikhov Offline Rinat Salikhov
    Rinat Salikhov (Rinat Salikhov) April 21 2019 18: 44
    The article is correct, and it is not about whether Lenin, the revolution, etc. were good or bad, but about the fact that every group that got hold of power (Soviet, Gorbachev, drunkard or GeBeshnaya) each time rewrites and distorts history to please and for the needs of their momentary needs. I perfectly remember all the stages of the fall, the ups and downs of the humpback's consciousness (although I doubt he has reason): his initial hostility to the United States (the famous phrase after Chernobyl: "We have black realities, but they have souls"), which grew into "friendship", his " Perestroika is a continuation of October ", Lenin was good, Stalin was bad; his flirting with priests and the statement that Jesus was essentially a communist and preached communist values ​​- and with what incredible betrayal of the whole people, the country, he ended his disgusting career as the Last General Secretary of the USSR and the First and Last President of the USSR. I remember the idiotic articles in history textbooks entitled "On the dangers of the personality cult," etc. After all, the people went after the drunkard not because BN was really good, but simply because he was AGAINST the Gorbach! Everyone would vote for Hitler, if only to get rid of the hated Bullseye, who no longer felt sick, but vomited the whole country. But the drunk was no better. And the current GeBeshnik - that's why he is a GeBeshnik.
    1. shogenov mohamed April 24 2019 22: 10
      and immediately bite the drunk mind or something was not enough?
  53. Peter Pankratov Offline Peter Pankratov
    Peter Pankratov (Peter Pankratov) April 22 2019 12: 25
    A very decent and fair article ... it does not expose all the shortcomings and features of the Bolshevik rule .... however, it puts a serious rebuke to all immigrants from the RSDLP (b) in the absence of literacy, commitment to the so-called slogans Revolution of 1917 and the lack of a program of action for the embodiment of equality, fraternity and freedom of the peoples of Russia ... and as a result, another wild enslavement of the people took place, which always and in every state is the foundation of civil society and the state. Yes, we need to continue to live with the history that we have had and have for over a century ... since the modern elite and managers act by the same scoop methods and are guided by errors, except for a few people. And in order to overcome all the troubles of the past, life of 4-5 generations is needed and gradually raise the role of Russia in the life of the world community and not give its HONOR to anyone and under no pretext. We are now scolding President Vladimir Putin, but over time, we will correctly evaluate his sacrifice in the name of the people of Russia.
    1. shogenov mohamed April 24 2019 22: 18
      Probably still not as true as you evaluate it.
  54. Vasya_2 Offline Vasya_2
    Vasya_2 April 23 2019 19: 13
    Stop lying about Ilyich! Illiterate uneducated little people - pour dirt on your story without even knowing the meaning! Lenin is a genius and that’s it!
  55. shogenov mohamed April 24 2019 22: 05
    complete nonsense of some dropout
  56. Oleg Golovin Offline Oleg Golovin
    Oleg Golovin (Oleg Golovin) April 30 2019 14: 18
    You need to evaluate by the result. Lenin was the man who overthrew the exploiter system and stood at the head of the state, who built a system based on socially just and moral principles. In this state, in the era of developed socialism, i.e. under Brezhnev and Khrushchev, people were not afraid that they would be left without work, without food, without housing. Not afraid of price increases, inflation. As for the execution of the royal family and the further extermination of the representatives of the exploiting class, it was the parasites that were exterminated. But they destroyed these social parasites, those who grew up, were raised, educated under the Tsarist regime. And in comparison with the redistribution of property that occurred in the 90s of the 20th century, we see that the values ​​of Marxism-Leninism formed a more humane, more moral person than the Tsarist regime. There were no mass executions and arrests in the 90s. That is, the transition from a socialist state to a capitalist state was much less bloody and cruel than a transition from a capitalist, privately owned tsarist regime. Today, in capitalist Russia, in spite of the more than twenty-year-long free functioning of public institutions (churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.) of the upbringing and maintenance of moral and moral values, the level of growth of bestial and frankly predatory animals in many people is prohibitive. What does this lead to? To the Third World War! Capitalists, owners of military factories, newspapers, ships, it is vitally important to unload ammunition depots, weapons. It is vitally important, through military action, to destroy that human potential, that mind that is oriented towards humanistic values.
  57. makeyev Offline makeyev
    makeyev (Alexander Makeev) 4 May 2019 09: 21
    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), although he graduated from high school with a gold medal, he was still a complete ignoramus on the topic: "Human personality and human society"! Therefore, he simply fanatically believed in pseudoscientific dogmasset out in the book "Capital"composed by Karl Marx.
    Dogmas of Karl Marx really liked Vladimir Ulyanov, who wanted to take revenge on the Tsar Emperor for the execution of his elder brother, who attempted the life of the emperor of the Great Russian Empire.
    Now, if Vladimir Ulyanov himself had been engaged in multidisciplinary research with the full power of his outstanding intellect, then perhaps he had made the discovery of these periodic laws; the law of elementary articulations of speech sounds (Speech Sound Articulation Relativity Matrix) and would construct a general periodic classification table of consonants and vowels of speech and could see the structure in the structure of the table of speech sounds Universal Matrix - a universal algorithm for the relativity of the structure and function of all inanimate objects and their collectives, all living and thinking living beings and their collectives. Perhaps Vladimir Ulyanov could discover the natural law of the evolving optimum of being: Not less than necessary, but not more than sufficient in the production, use, use, commission of actions or abstention from it. And then, he could probably create a common periodic classification system for the manifestation of personal and social qualities - Matrix Fractal of Relativity of Personal and Social Qualities (MFOLSK).
    Vladimir Ulyanov, perhaps, would combine all natural and humanitarian scientific and educational disciplines into evolving omniscience of an evolving reality universe (The Theory of Relativity of Reality). And then, even before the start of the First World War, Vladimir Ulyanov would certainly formulate the principle of a society of universal good: Cosmopolitanism as a planetary scale of a non-monetary non-religious family of creatively collaborating people. And this great knowledge, Vladimir Ulyanov could give to all peoples and carry the peoples of Europe, America, Asia, Africa into friendship and cooperation. I would have prevented World Wars ... And we would all now live in a single highly developed civilization.

    Human society evolution graph
  58. Natalia Kozak Offline Natalia Kozak
    Natalia Kozak (Natalia Kozak) 14 March 2020 06: 12
    The key to everything that happened at the end of 1917, right up to the dispersal of the legally elected Constituent Assembly, is the fact that the civil war was not the result of the Bolshevik putsch, but its main and only purpose.
  59. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 16 July 2021 15: 13
    In fact, in comparison with today's lies, about "making only galoshes" and monuments to Krasnov and signs to the minengermu, the communists lied very little. They were silent more.

    Even a fight of two "kings" in the restaurant, which was promoted in the elusive ones, took place.

    And Lenin .... How many opportunities both the Nazis and the Yankees had to provide documents, they say they bought, but no. There are no documents, no receipts, no invoices for the descendants over the hill ...

    But the Solovievs, Abramovichs, Kurginyanov have it all ...