The Greek press gives details of the "Dagger" strike on the NATO command center in Kyiv


The Russian hypersonic missile "Dagger" in early March hit the NATO command center, located in Kyiv. According to the Western press, as a result of this, dozens of officers of the North Atlantic Alliance were killed.

Details of the alleged Russian missile attack on the NATO command center in Kyiv are provided by the Greek portal Pronews. According to him, a Russian missile flying at a speed of Mach 12 destroyed the shadow NATO headquarters in Ukraine.

The secret underground bunker, built at a depth of 120 meters, housed several NATO officers and advisers, more than 300 people in total. To date, 40 people have been recovered from the rubble of the headquarters, but most of those who died under the rubble have not yet been found.

- informs the publication.

It does not have accurate data on exactly how many of the dead were Ukrainians, and how many were citizens of NATO countries.

Most of the dead are British and Poles, but there were also Americans and representatives of private companies that maintain communications and data transmission

continues Pronews.

At the same time, the publication emphasizes that the Russian missile strike will certainly affect the planned counteroffensive of the Kyiv regime. In addition, Pronews believes that the losses incurred as a result of the missile attack will also have an impact on the defense of Artemovsk.

In the coming days, it will be seen to what extent this will affect the conduct of Ukrainian and Western operations and attempts to stop the final phase of the Russian offensive on Bakhmut.

– summarizes the publication.
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    1. +5
      30 March 2023 12: 01
      We would like ours, long ago everyone would have been in ruins. Why don't they want to - that is the question? Although, in general, it is clear why.
      1. +2
        31 March 2023 20: 00
        What do you understand, you are our esperd?
      2. 0
        April 2 2023 07: 04
        Well, why?
    2. -10
      30 March 2023 12: 09
      Greek portal Pronews

      usually Italian or Chinese noodles ... and this, judging by the source, is Greek noodles
      1. 0
        31 March 2023 13: 47
        Vladimir80, the fact that you have a bombale from this extermination of hundreds of NATO military instructors is normal.
        As for the rest, the next morning after the destruction of the NATO bunkers, the New York Times and a number of other sources provided extremely interesting facts)) Plus, the next morning, Yermak and Podolyak went to the US Embassy in Kuev and there was a very unpleasant conversation, and the video in the TG with "unusual" cars, the Kiev inhabitants at the Embassy laid out, in general, there are enough facts. You can also look at the board known in Langley with photos and stars under the photo - oh, how it fills up))) famous cemeteries in England and the States also
    3. +4
      30 March 2023 12: 11
      Great result.
      1. +4
        30 March 2023 19: 06
        How much is true? Maybe it's a fake! There is no confirmation from the Western press
        1. +5
          30 March 2023 20: 37
          Even if it's fake, it's still nice. And then our door-to-door "offensive" has long been no longer pleasing.
        2. +5
          30 March 2023 23: 55
          In fact, there was a message in our media that the Kinzhal hypersonic missile hit the NATO control center located in Kyiv. Indeed, somewhere in the beginning of March. I read it on one of those Internet information channels that I usually look through. These are "Reporter", "Politnavigator", "Russian Online", "Russian Spring. Project continuation". I don't remember exactly which one. It was indicated that dozens of foreign military experts were killed (the exact number was not indicated). Then I was surprised that this news did not become the topic of the day for wide discussion. Perhaps the post was taken down quickly. Why? This is a question. I believe that our leadership has decided that having done the right thing, nevertheless, it will be superfluous to add salt to the wound received by our former "partners". Perhaps this is right - war is war, and not a show and a reason for courage on the Internet. This is the dignified behavior of the winners, which we will certainly be in this war.
        3. +1
          31 March 2023 13: 53
          vladivan (Vladimir), there are a lot of confirmations. Read above, several sources are mentioned. After that extermination of NATO officers, right on the next day, two American media wrote, one British newspaper also seemed to.
        4. +1
          April 1 2023 20: 18
          Are you just an idiot waiting for confirmation from the Western press? Such messages are blocked immediately.
    4. +3
      30 March 2023 12: 13
      Quote from Avedi
      We would like ours, long ago everyone would have been in ruins. Why don't they want to - that is the question? Although, in general, it is clear why.

      The question is why is everything in shambles? Kyiv is still useful, but the Bandera people are not.
    5. 0
      30 March 2023 12: 14
      Αρχηγός των μαλακιών

      only in Greek. Although, who knows... Maybe it's true...
    6. +4
      30 March 2023 12: 58
      Oh, it was fun!
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. -6
      30 March 2023 18: 16
      At a depth of 120 meters??? The dagger is not a concrete-piercing missile, it is an anti-ship missile, like the Kh-22. Lies of pure water. Yes, and Konashenkov is silent, but what a joy it is.
      1. +1
        30 March 2023 18: 59
        You obviously didn't work...
        1. +1
          31 March 2023 04: 58
          yeah, he's not ours.
      2. -3
        31 March 2023 01: 14
        It is a pity that there are not so many really thinking and attentive people like you. Everything is noted correctly, but due to a series of constant defeats, the Russians really want to finally get at least something "sweet". like taking another forester's house in a month of fighting with phenomenal losses.
        1. -1
          31 March 2023 07: 51
          Did he count the losses himself, or did Arestovich whisper in his ear?
          1. -2
            31 March 2023 11: 18
            Russian military correspondents and others. they count and show them, and I just comment and quietly go nuts from it.
            1. +1
              31 March 2023 16: 53
              You seem to be some kind of troll if you write about Russian military correspondents who count and show "phenomenal losses in the battles for the forester's house." Arestovich was just talking about this: "they spend thousands of people on the capture of each opornik."
              1. -2
                31 March 2023 20: 03
                Or recall the words of military officer Sladkov in November 2022? Or is he not a military officer and not Russian? Or do you think that attempts to totally ban real information will work 100% and the people are so stupid and blind not to understand what the price really is "liberation" of Ukraine?
                1. +1
                  31 March 2023 22: 55
                  Well, he named what? Prior to this, Peskov called the losses large. The war played out in earnest. Of course, the losses are great. Or do I not understand something and the losses should be scanty? Do you know what the losses of the parties were in the Iran-Iraq war, and in the Korean? Or is the Ukrainian army comparable to the Mozambican one, and therefore the losses on the Russian side should have been negligible? You have such a low opinion of the "warriors of light"? As for freedom of speech, even Butusov said that there was no such freedom of speech as during the NVO in Russia even under Yeltsin. Yes, we have losses and many problems. Everyone knows about this, and not like in Ukraine - solid peremohi and no losses.
                  1. -1
                    April 1 2023 02: 35
                    That’s it, did you manage to change your shoes in the air and fall into demagogy? Or give you more time so that you continue to carry your nonsense?
                    1. 0
                      April 1 2023 02: 49
                      You spread demagoguery, trying to convince me of the great losses of the Russians. But even without you, I perfectly understand that they are big. And do not distort with the war of 12 years. The Iran-Iraq war is the closest to us in terms of time and intensity of hostilities, when sides of equal strength butted heads. All that happened after this war was the beating of babies, when one side had a huge technological superiority over the other.
                      1. -2
                        April 1 2023 14: 36
                        Equal?! What are you talking about, mister demagogue changer? What is so: Kyiv has already become an equal opponent, and 1.5 years ago, in 3-4 days, they were going to take it with all of Ukraine together. Yes, how could I even think of trying to convince such a ... well, a very smart guy like Brom4eg (Brom4eg).
                        And I’m not distorting, but by way of an allegory since 1812, I pointed to your banal congress into absolutely worthless and ridiculous comparisons to either the village or the city. This is called demagogy - your comparison opuses. And you, like, have 80 levels on it .
                        1. 0
                          April 1 2023 20: 11
                          I did not find a comment in which I would initially talk about the small losses of the Russians. I just challenged your claim about the huge losses for the foresters' cabins. Only and everything. None of the official Russian representatives promised Kyiv in three days. This was discussed by Western experts who never lie. Therefore, in Russia, no one clearly outlined the goals of the special operation, but vaguely outlined them depending on the course of hostilities. Apparently, everything was assumed. It is not clear to me why some are so interested in the losses of the Russians, when Ukraine has a problem with losses. That's why I dunked you in manure with the failures and difficulties of Ukraine, and you immediately moved out and started delusional arguments that the losses of the advancing Wagner could not be less than those of the defending Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, if the losses of the attackers are always higher than those of the defenders, then why is your demagogy about the great losses of the advancing Russians, if they are, as it were, natural in such situations? Ah, Captain Obvious? And my comparisons would be worthless and ridiculous if I compared the slow capture of Artyomovsk with the slow rotation of the galaxy. But I compared the war with the war closest to us in terms of time and balance of power.
                        2. The comment was deleted.
                        3. The comment was deleted.
                        4. The comment was deleted.
                        5. The comment was deleted.
                        6. The comment was deleted.
                        7. The comment was deleted.
        2. +1
          31 March 2023 09: 12
          Interesting discussion. For starters, how many waves of mobilization have already passed on the outskirts? And why did European countries suddenly become concerned about the issue of mobilization among Ukrainian refugees? And why suddenly, with such "small" losses of the Armed Forces, did the Armed Forces suddenly have problems with armored vehicles? What are you? Have you already drunk the previous one or sold it "to the left"? Or do the crews in them, like in computer ones, have several lives and quick recovery cheats? lol

          It is a pity that really thinking and attentive people

          How self-critical! wassat
          1. +1
            April 2 2023 03: 10
            Horon (Kharon Erebovich), not at all. As there was one wave, it remained. It just never ended, but only either weakened or intensified.

            And why suddenly, with such "small" losses

            - and where did I personally write about the small losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Personally, I don’t know them for sure. I don’t even know approximate ones. I can guess, but no more. about a dozen) who are fighting in Ukraine and the RF Armed Forces, the losses are also not very small. They can’t be low a priori when fortified areas built over the years are stormed for months, while WITHOUT any serious advantages both in technology and weapons, and in l / s. If you think that air superiority is for the Russian Federation, it’s a myth - neither the Ukrainian Air Force nor its air defense were destroyed! with attached vogs or f1 / rgd / rgn, etc.), and attack aircraft and fire support helicopters often strike from a nose-up - they are afraid to enter the zone of possible air defense damage - the probability of a quick downing is very high. As was the problem of drones, etc., so it remained. And say thank you to your volunteers, because the RF Ministry of Defense still DOES NOT understand that mini-blas are consumables that are constantly needed, and not 10 pieces for life. And if not for the volunteers, then the situation would be It would be completely sad. And so bad, but not trashy. Only a YEAR later (Karl, a year!) They sometimes began to use loitering aerial bombs.
            And if someone thinks that at times the RF Armed Forces have more artillery and this is a big advantage, then I will disappoint: the quantity and quality are different things. With such a huge intensity of fire, there is a huge wear on the barrels, etc.. Reconnaissance, guidance systems , accuracy, etc. Russian artillery is lame and much inferior, especially to Western artillery systems. The Armed Forces of Ukraine massively use guided projectiles of the Excalibur type, which is better than the same Krasnopol, occasionally used by the RF Armed Forces. then in the APU very often and a lot they use different Switchblades.
            It can also be noted how more efficiently the Armed Forces of Ukraine use programs with AI and automated combat control systems. I no longer touch on other already serious problems of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the complete lag behind the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
            And the fact that ancient T55 or Btr50p tanks are being removed from conservation in the Russian Federation is not a problem with armored vehicles? That is, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine need armored vehicles, this is a problem, but junk from the conservation of the RF Armed Forces is not, right?
            1. 0
              April 4 2023 02: 57
              I don't understand why you write these opuses? Military correspondents and bloggers constantly write about this. Yes, there are a lot of problems. But if everything is so sad, then why the Armed Forces of Ukraine, quantitatively and qualitatively superior to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, have not yet won? Yes, the Aerospace Forces often shoot from a pitch, but they also often use LMUs, and air defense does not allow Ukrainian planes and helicopters to fly high and far. Although I read in the cart that shooting from a roll-up does not always mean low hit accuracy. Rockets for this are somehow modified. Well, okay. Attack UAVs such as Forpost and Orion are used. How often is hard to say. Maybe rarely, or maybe just no one reports to the public. With copters, the situation is difficult, but much better than at the beginning of the CBO. There are problems with long-range artillery. As for reconnaissance and guidance, I have no idea, but judging by the choked counteroffensive at the end of August last year, they still hit someone. There are Tornado S, Tornado G and Iskanders for throwing long-range artillery. Tanks T54 and T55, as previously T62, may well be used for firing from closed positions like artillery. Krasnopoli are inferior in range and method of targeting, but I don’t know how often they are used. AI programs and automated combat control systems do not even know what it is. But judging by the standing of the LBS with the quantitative and technological superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this does not help them much. Here's the thing, here's the thing. If the counter-offensive is successful, then the RF Armed Forces can be justified by the technological lag, but if the counter-offensive fails, then it is not clear how the Armed Forces of Ukraine will justify themselves. The success of the Kharkov offensive was formed from two components: a significant numerical superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the weakness of the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, where the defense lines were held by reservists of the LPR and the National Guard, which was not at all intended for battles against the regular army. That is, there was a banal use of MO errors. Even telegram channels warned of a large concentration of enemy forces. But if you have to win victories, taking advantage of the mistakes of the enemy, then what kind of technological superiority can we talk about? Will the MO make mistakes next time so that they can be exploited? Or the main thing is to go on a counterattack, and there, how will the card fall? Near Kherson in August, somehow they did it. The backward RF Armed Forces did a good job there. Were there any mistakes on the part of the APU? So AI and automated systems leave much to be desired and you should not rely on them.
              Man, but you're really the captain here. You write things that are obvious to everyone, about which military correspondents have been writing since the first days of the SVO. Yes, somewhere the RF Armed Forces are lagging behind, and somewhere they are superior. That's why no one can take over. Let's see what will happen next.
      3. +2
        31 March 2023 15: 52
        Pembo, it has already been explained in detail and with facts - YES, at such a gigantic speed (and also a sickly and extremely cunning non-special warhead) - the destruction at a depth of 120 m X47M2 is POSSIBLE.
        And the most encouraging thing is that the VKS now has hundreds of them, production has been increased tenfold.
        1. 0
          31 March 2023 15: 58
          Quote: Sarmat Sanych
          at such a gigantic speed (and plus a sickly and extremely cunning non-special warhead) - destruction at a depth of 120 m X47M2 is POSSIBLE to carry out.

          Hmm, so the Americans have / will have something similar.
          And the question of the reliability of the silo near Krasnoyarsk begins to raise doubts ...
    9. +1
      30 March 2023 20: 31
      There is no smoke without fire. There is something, the news itself is good. Well, as news, I’m reading it for the third time, now the Greeks.
    10. -6
      30 March 2023 22: 00
      what a funny fantasy. I didn’t think before that the Greeks were such dreamers.

      In addition, Pronews believes that the losses incurred as a result of the missile attack will also have an impact on the defense of Artemovsk.

      - have already had an impact - cheered up the l / s of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut for a few minutes - the guys neighed and continued the fierce defense of the city.
      1. +4
        31 March 2023 05: 01
        Are your guys APU? Then this resource is not yours, go to Bakhmut to your guys ...
        1. -4
          31 March 2023 11: 26
          you don’t need to tell me what to do. You also don’t scribble your scribbles from the trench
      2. +2
        31 March 2023 07: 48
        I don’t think that with such monstrous losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artyomovsk, they can cheer them up even for a few seconds.
        1. -2
          31 March 2023 11: 28
          do you think that the upcoming Wagner and K have less? Very unlikely!
          1. -1
            31 March 2023 16: 39
            Wagner has been advancing for almost 8 months now and advancing with his 20-40 thousand. And after Kharkov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been marking time for 6 months and are only now preparing for a new bloody offensive. I suppose after Kharkov they ran out of steam.
            1. -2
              31 March 2023 20: 13
              how much Wagner is actually advancing there, and so on, only the General Staff and Wagner himself, and the Almighty know. , it seems, there is very much on the spot - the winter campaign of the RF Armed Forces was almost completely disrupted and minimal acquisitions for a high price - Soledar and part of Bakhmut. Small villages in three houses are generally on the verge of a statistical error. The time factor was clearly won by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. the war will go on even for Shamanov not for 5-10 years, but for 30 years (pah-pah, so as not to croak!).
              1. 0
                31 March 2023 23: 01
                A lot of reasoning about the cost of taking Soledar and Artemovsk. About the price, which is not known to anyone except the General Staff and Wagner himself. But the price of trying to keep Soledar and Artemovsk is of no interest to anyone. Apparently because Ukraine has a human unlimited and there is no such thing as an unacceptable level of losses for Zelensky. Even the Americans advise him to leave Artemovsk and not destroy the forces needed for the offensive.
              2. +1
                April 1 2023 01: 15
                Ukraine will not survive either 5-10 or 30 years. Soderzhanka. And Russia will survive. We'll deal with everyone.
                1. -3
                  April 1 2023 02: 46
                  In addition to Ukraine, there are also the resources of Europe and the USA. When you control the printing of the world reserve currency $ or euro, the content of Ukraine is cheap.
      3. +1
        31 March 2023 09: 00
        cheered up the l / s of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut for a few minutes - the guys neighed

        Well, yes, it looks like they were laughing that they had given up. The rest are still looking for a suitable place for their own grave. There is no order to move away, which means Artyomovsk is the end of their life path.
      4. +1
        31 March 2023 12: 44
        (dude23) Yeah, the strikes at the beginning of March cheered up the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they ran to the US Embassy in Kyiv together to rejoice. Yes, there is nothing to answer the American ambassador, to recognize his officers buried in the bunker of Kyiv, it means to recognize participation in the NWO. So the leaders of the junta and the Armed Forces of Ukraine rejoiced as they walked in circles, because the next batch of expensive Daggers may also be an expected gift for them.
        1. -1
          31 March 2023 20: 18
          If your logic turned on at least a little and everything would be so simple, then the commander of the Dry Troops of Ukraine, Syrsky, would not freely come to the semi-encircled Bakhmut 4 times. above this.
          1. 0
            31 March 2023 23: 05
            Prigozhin, as it were, is not what comes to Artyomovsk. He is there all the time, or at least very often. But there were no attempts to kill him either. There and Michael Kofman was also alive and well. This is not because Artyomovsk is not semi-encircled, but because the rules of conspiracy are observed.
    11. +1
      31 March 2023 06: 17
      Quote: Vladimir80
      Greek portal Pronews

      usually Italian or Chinese noodles ... and this, judging by the source, is Greek noodles

      Let's just say that a dagger is a rather specific product and is used quite rarely, including because of the price. And then they launched several at once.
      Fick knows what is going on with the NATO bunker, but it is obvious that there were quite "tasty" and protected targets, since they did not regret it.
    12. +1
      31 March 2023 13: 27
      If this information is really true, then welcome to visit Bandera to all these officers of the North Atlantic Alliance.
    13. +1
      April 1 2023 14: 58
      Dagger, Bunker, NATO corpses....
      I have only one question - it seems that everyone has switched to remote work since covid times .. so why should NATO officers go to Kyiv and crawl 120 meters underground ?? to rummage around the bunker and give honor to each other? It seems that everyone works remotely ... well, at least you can settle in Poland ... at least daggers don’t fall on your head there ... this message looks like an ill-conceived lie.