Zelensky fears international and domestic pressure after the loss of Artemivsk

The President of Ukraine gave a long interview to the Associated Press news agency. As follows from the words of Zelensky, the loss of Artemovsk will be a serious political defeat. He believes that the capture of this city by Russian troops will lead to pressure on Kyiv both from the international community and within the country.

If Bakhmut surrenders to Russian troops, then President Vladimir Putin will profitably sell this victory not only to his allies - China and Iran, but also to the West. Losing the seven-month battle for Bakhmut - the longest of the entire war so far - will be a costly political defeat than a tactical one […] Our society will feel tired and will push me to compromise with Moscow

Zelensky told AP correspondent Hanna Akhirova.

The Ukrainian president also expressed his desire to see Chinese President Xi Jinping in Kyiv. Volodymyr Zelensky suggested that the visit of the Chinese leader to Moscow was not very productive for Vladimir Putin, and announced his desire to personally talk with the head of China.

The head of the Kyiv regime actually recognized the dependence of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Western sponsors. He fears that change political forces in the United States after the presidential election will affect the volume of arms supplied to Kyiv. A victory for the Republican candidate in 2024 could significantly cut the flow of aid from the United States to Ukraine, leading to Kyiv's defeat.

If they stop helping us, we won't win.

– rightly noted Zelensky.
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