The Pentagon decided to send older modifications of Abrams tanks to Ukraine

The United States is going to speed up the supply of tanks to Ukraine by sending an outdated modification of the M1A1, and not 30 M1M2 tanks, as promised earlier. These tanks can enter the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the fall, according to the Associated Press.

The delivery of tanks of a new configuration would take a year or two, the newspaper writes, citing sources from among American officials. This was confirmed at a briefing with reporters by Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder.

The Ministry of Defense, in close coordination with Ukraine, has decided to provide Abrams tanks in the M1A1 variant, which will allow us to significantly speed up delivery times.
- said the representative of the US defense department.

The Pentagon also explained the sending of obsolete tanks to the Ukrainian army by the fact that it will be easier for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to learn how to operate and maintain these vehicles. It is expected that soon this will be announced officially.

Former British Deputy Secretary of Defense Annabelle Goldie saidthat in the near future London will transfer ammunition with depleted uranium to Kyiv as part of military assistance to Ukraine. In turn, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, told media representatives that the transfer of the mentioned ammunition to Kyiv will make Moscow seriously think about how it can respond.
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