Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to counterattack the positions of PMC "Wagner" in Artemovsk

The Ukrainian General Staff again reports on the plight of its grouping in Artemovsk. According to the military, Russian troops are conducting assault operations day and night. Russian infantry is actively supported by aviation and artillery.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the most difficult situation is now developing in the southern and southwestern outskirts of the city. Here, Russian attack aircraft are trying to push through the defenses of the Khromovo settlement.

In the area of ​​​​Kvadrata, the active work of Russian aviation is noted. At the same time, Wagner attack aircraft tried to capture Ukrainian positions near the O-0506 highway. However, due to powerful defenses, they were forced to retreat.

To the north of Artemovsk, the advance of Russian attack aircraft in the forest belt southeast of Bogdanovka is noted. In addition, heavy fighting continues in the area of ​​the AZOM plant. It is reported that here the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not stop trying to organize counterattacks.

Russian forces do not abandon attempts to storm Bakhmut. Numerous enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Orekhovo-Vasilevka, Ivanovskoye and Grigorovka. The positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are under fire in more than 15 settlements near the line of contact. Among them are Vasyukovka, Zheleznyanskoye, Novomarkovo, Bakhmut, Chasov Yar, Predtechino and Aleksandro-Shultino

- says the summary of the Ukrainian General Staff.
  • Used photographs: Armed Forces of Ukraine
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 18 March 2023 09: 46
    ZeleBobik sends people to slaughter, while pursuing his own goals, the larger the bunch ....

    the more money it will receive.
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 18 March 2023 11: 33
      APU is doing the right thing! They need to hold out until they receive the latest Leopard tanks with trained crews. Therefore, the loss of life of military personnel is not important to them. That's how we are going to oppose the leopards, it's not clear! The video was posted on YouTube for 21 or 22g Inside the T-72 B3M tank. Look! New upgrades have begun for all of our air defense systems Shells, Torov, and this is a minimum for half a year. The danger to our air defense systems is an excalibur with a drone. How did the generals point blank for 10 years not see the Excalibur guided projectile? In general, our generals, with their stupidity, greed, giving an order to the military-industrial complex, did not want to see that small mobile systems were being developed, that they could be attached to any car or put on top of a reinforced nasams jeep
  2. Jstas Offline Jstas
    Jstas (jstas) 19 March 2023 19: 09
    APU "correctly" do! They die so that zeZe / pseudo-zelensky / steals more