Prigogine called the reason for the "shell hunger"

The head of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, explained the lack of supplies of ammunition to his company. In an interview with RIA FAN, he expressed the opinion that the reason for this was the unwillingness of the unit to take Artemovsk, and problems with the bureaucracy.

Shells are produced in the country, but for some reason they do not get into PMCs, Prigozhin confirmed. And the main reason, in his opinion, is the difference between Wagner as the most effective unit that achieves success on the front line.
This is ensured by good communication between the rank and file and the command, when the commander of a platoon or detachment can communicate with the soldiers himself and directly learn the real situation on the spot. Another advantage of PMCs is the complete absence of bureaucracy, unlike government structures, which allows you to make decisions quickly.
The ideological component plays an equally important role.

All this together allows the "Wagnerites" to show success on the front line, while in other places "these successes are not what we would like." Hence the "shell hunger".

And therefore, the task is simple - PMC "Wagner" in no case should take Bakhmut, because Soledar has already eaten, the whole country supported PMC "Wagner", so Bakhmut PMC "Wagner" should not take under any circumstances
Prigogine explained.

The businessman explained this position by a misunderstanding in high circles that "war is a very serious job."

Childhood in ** opera, you can not deal with childhood. War is a very serious job ... I said: the first problem is management, the second problem is we must blow off all the bubbles ... Bubbles must be blown off, and until we blow the bubbles, then those who do not blow them will be bad, but we'll be fine. And that's why they cut us in shells and in everything else, as long as we do nothing, so that we are all the same as the rest
concluded the businessman.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian command is being prepared to the spring military campaign - a large-scale counteroffensive in several directions. This is evidenced by the operational situation in the LBS and what is happening in the near and deep rear of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Photos used: screenshot from FAN news agency video
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  1. goland72 Offline goland72
    goland72 (Andrei) 15 March 2023 13: 16
    Seeing how this whole bureaucratic machine of the Ministry of Defense works, I won’t be surprised if Prigozhin turns out to be right.
  2. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 15 March 2023 16: 56
    Isn't some fan of Stefanchik Bandera entrenched in Moscow again!? It’s time for the FSB to deal with the fans of foreign states who got lost on the territory of the Russian Federation to failure ... you can’t put them legally, so let them go missing ... As Zhiglov said - A thief should be in prison ... everything else is empty talk ...
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 March 2023 23: 53
      (Alexander) There are more embezzlers and corrupt officials united in one system. They took fat places from the military budget and are sawing, therefore, much is not enough for the RF Armed Forces, from underpants to "Armat". A shift is possible by removing the main patrons of this corrupt system - the minister, the NHS, a few more responsible ones.
  3. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 16 March 2023 23: 54
    Prigozhin, of course, is more visible. True, he does not see from his height the whole situation at the front. Shells were not enough for everyone in all wars. It's like with money - they are also always lacking for everyone. On the other hand, everyone is talking about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And that shells are not needed to repel this offensive ?.
    1. Andrey Kamenotesov (Andrey Kamenotesov) 20 March 2023 23: 06
      The best defense is an attack, and you can sit and wait for a mythical counteroffensive until the end of the century.